Obama = Communist Propaganda – A Bumper Sticker Designed by Victoria Jackson

February 27, 2012 at 6:12 pm
Communist Propaganda Video

Victoria Jackson designed a bumper sticker to educate and enlighten Americans who are being subliminally influenced into voting for Obama by the power of propaganda art, that “Pepsi” symbol – a tactic used by Hitler in the 30′s. Victoria wants to send her daughter to college in the fall and does not want the government, Obama or taxpayers to pay for her daughter’s tuition. Victoria wants the free enterprise system, capitalism, to send her daughter to college. Thank you for your contribution. Yay Capitalism!


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  1. cheryl_s says:

    So Funny, So Simple… True!!!!!

  2. GrandmaAmerica says:

    Victoria…. Your Americas sweetheart, keep up the good work!

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