Obama: No answer to how much Americans should pay for gas

March 13, 2012 at 12:16 am

WFTV anchor Greg Warmoth spoke one-on-one with President Barack Obama on Monday in Washington, D.C.

“The bigger driver of these gas prices is speculation of war in the Middle East, which is why we’ve been trying to reduce loose talk about a war there,” Obama said.

Republicans on the campaign trail see gas prices as a political opening against Obama.

‘Your opponents say they can get gas to the $2.50 range. What do you think Americans should be OK with?” Warmoth asked.

“First of all, nobody believes that. They know that’s just politics. Anybody who says we can get gas down to two bucks a gallon just isn’t telling the truth,” Obama said.

Obama did not give Warmoth an answer as to how much Americans should pay for gas.

However, Obama said his energy advisor did not rule out tapping the country’s oil reserves.

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  1. Charles Slack says:

    As usual, Obama is either lying or deluded. He claims that speculation is the culprit, but denies that domestic drilling will have any effect.

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