College transcripts replace birth certificate for Obama detractors

May 29, 2012 at 9:36 am

Now that the issue of the president’s birth certificate has been laid to rest (mostly), some conservatives are turning their attention to a new obsession: Barack Obama‘s college transcripts.

Last week, a website that already had offered a $10,000 reward for Obama’s transcripts from Occidental College,Columbia University and Harvard Law School, increased the bounty to $20,000.

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  1. gadfly32 says:

    If we can IMPEACH  Obama on appling for funds as a non-american student, we would be impeaching him on not being a “natural born citizen”. which would make null and void his executive orders and maybe all laws signed by him and appoinmrnts to the supreme court.  Giving The next president the poer to appoint 2 Supreme court members.

  2. AmericaAwakens says:

    Yes Gadfly32, it would be fraud to collect funds posing as a foreign student; equally, if not more dangerous, posing as a natural born citizen and transforming the country into a heavy-handed government that dictates what citizens should and should not do/have.  Our founders  left European countries because of their socialized policies, hordes of others followed. 
    That being said, we have too many career politicians in Congress. rather than “rock the boat”, risking the loss of their power, these pigs at the trough go with the flow.  Another words, there is no one willing to impeach the Golfer-in-Chief for fear of retribution. 
    Similarly, Eric Holder will not be arrested or jailed for his antics regarding his contempt of Congress…we need to clean house and control OUR representatives as they work for US; we are not serfs to be manipulated by their personal opinions and whims.  Their job is to do the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!  Not special interest groups who represent a VERY SMALL percentage of our population.
    Mercy!  I get all worked up about the direction our country is headed…it can be corrected with the right people doing the right thing for the country in general.

  3. Politichicks, please Google “Mike Zullo” and then interview this courageous law enforcement investigator with 30 years of experience. Mike Zullo is the tough detective who won’t back down over Obama’s forged identity documents, stating, “We absolutely can prove in a court of law these documents are fraudulent.” At least interview him for your own information or just watch the video. Less than an hour of your time to find out whether our president is a felon or not. History in the making.

  4. Don Bender says:

    Birth Certificate Laid to Rest? How can anyone say this after what Sheriff Joe Arpao has brought out about that Birth Certificate?

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