Roberts to the rescue for Romney

June 29, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Traitor! Turncoat! Benedict Arnold!

Those contemptuous epithets and more were hurled by Republicans and conservatives at Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. moments after he single-handedly saved Obamacare, joining liberals on the bench to break a 4-4 tie.

The Supreme Court has abandoned us,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared. “Simply disappointing,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott moaned. “Activist court,” Rep. Michele Bachmann cried.

Even Ari Fleischer, the former spokesman for George W. Bush, who appointed Chief Justice Roberts to the court, joined in. “I miss Justice Harriet Miers,” he whined.

But they all miss the point, and, more, by looking purely at the political, miss the forest for the trees.

In voting to uphold Mr. Obama’s disastrous health-care overhaul, the chief justice took away the president’s main line of attack that surely would have been deployed had the court voted 5-4, along party lines. The Divider in Chief, already bent on stoking cultural warfare — upper-middle class vs. lower-middle class, white against black against Hispanic, gay against straight, believers against non-believers — had no doubt hoped to win one more target for his bilious bifurcation.

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  1. Dybech says:

    I agree—while I was hoping for Obamacare to be ruled unconstitutional and still believe that it is–the SCOTUS has ruled and made the election easier so that the issue is whether government should make all our important decisions or we should have the freedoms of religion and the pursuit of happiness on which our country was founded—personal reponsbility providing opportunty for everyone but recognizing that we all have to work for that freedom and opportunity

    • Suzyshopper49 says:

      It won’t be so easy if we lose,remember all of us put too much faith in the American public the first time,and we see how that worked out!!!

  2. Charles says:

    Roberts needs to go back to law school.  Maybe we should blame this decision on Bush.  The Dems blame everything else on him.  They should quit downing Bush.

  3. Caronl65 says:

    I think we need to take a more open minded look at what the Chief Justice said and consider his statement as giving ”  We the People” a second chance, to correct the mistake we made in 2008 and change our President and our Congress to more responsible people

  4. giley1 says:

    While it has taken some of the political ammo away from Obama as far as blaming the GOP as the elitetist, that would have faded out in time. Now we have this monstrocity of a health plan that is going to screw up the good medical system that we currently have. Not perfect by any means , but why is it that so many people from other countries come here to have special procedures done because of the long wait from socialized medicine. In November, the American people will have a choice of hammer and cickle or stars and stripes and they should think about their children and grand children.

    • I’m really sick of hearing that our current health cre system is not perfect. It is like American Democracy…not the best possible, but the best there is. So stop trying to appease the far left by repeating it’s not perfect. That is what allowed Omarxist to get rid of it with the new health care law that was written not by Congress but by the head of the SEIU, a union.

    • Jim McClarin says:

      What country are you from, Great Britain by chance?  I know they spell things differently than we in America do.  I gather that, in whatever country you’re from,
      elitist = elitetist
      monstrosity = monstrocity 
      sickle = cickle

      Oh yeah, great point about the medical refugees that visit the US for their treatments.

      • Plumbbob says:

        peeble -plze lrn to spel check so pbl lik Misteer gym mcwhatever duznt mak fin of u.

        • jennifer says:

          I think it is so small and petty of people to make fun of others spelling or etc…nitpickers.
          As long as you understand what they mean, what is the difference.

      • Deein Pa says:

        We don’t need no steenking spelling critics here !
        Stick to the issues.

  5. Ebowers3 says:

    What the Chief Justice was basically saying was that the court can’t protect dumb asses who vote for dumb ass politcians, and come this November, the dumb asses should wakeup and throw the dumb ass (Obama) out of Office. This is the only way we can hope to regain our sovereignty, honor, and integrity as a great nation. You can not have progress without change, but change does not always mean there is progress (Reference the Obama Administration). Obama hss produced radical change, but where is there progress or hope? This can be corrected..   

    • Pat78 says:

      Some people think Obama is evil.  I do too!

    • voterid says:

      I totally agree with you. Obama took every chance to insult and belittle the justices every chance he got and I would like to believe that Chief Justice Roberts took a long shot hoping the “sensible” voters would read between the lines of his remarks and know what to do…well baby, we know what to do!

    • Catherine Lu says:

      I also thought Roberts doing this said wake up people you made this mess by voting for this guy. Election time you have a second chance of getting it right. My only fear now is that Congress can now tax us into buying smart cars. solar energy etc. How are we going to afford this Congress (Democrates)

  6. Anyone says:

    I disagree with the article – we had the WHOLE THING thrown out – 4 Justices said that the whole law was unconstitutional – and Roberts kept it alive – for WHAT?  To make himself look good…do they have something on him?  His 4 closest alies said throw the whole thing out – and he didn’t – he is wrong and I’ll leave it at that.

    • Vanessa says:

      You may have a point there!  But we have to accept the SCOTUS decision and now go to Plan B!  As my bumper sticket says, “OMG Obama Must Go 2012″.

  7. How in the hell is chopping the heart out of the US Constitution and conservatism, good for conservatism? Idiot!

  8. Katy says:

    You mean John Roberts acted like Pontius Pilate, and not like Queen Esther. You can read their stories in the Bible. Pilate had Jesus right in front of him for judgment, knew Jesus was innocent, and could have set Him free. Instead, the cowardly Pilate washed his hands and turned Jesus over to the people to do with as they pleased. Justice Roberts did a very similar thing. Four SCOTUS Justices were prepared to overturn Obamacare. All of it. The cowardly Roberts washed his hands of the hard decision he was put in office to render, and like Pilate, he gave the problem back to the people to fix. Gutless. Appalling. Cowardly. Queen Esther put her life on the line, not just her reputation with leftists. She stood up for the truth, and saved the Jewish people in ancient Persia. If John Roberts had been there instead of Esther, the Jewish people would have been dead. John Roberts gave us a lawless, gutless, typical lawyerly decision: convoluted and full of parsed legalese and arcane reasoning. Just what we have come to expect from many lawyers and judges. Our U.S. Constitution has been set on fire, and Roberts lit the match. We expect this sort of betrayal from Obama, not from John Roberts. On the other hand, even Jesus was betrayed by those He trusted. We have been Stupak’d by Roberts, and Judas’d by John.

  9. Tooncesgail says:

    Yeah the left would have said Republicans deprived Americans of their healthcare, period.

  10. Recardo says:

    In my opinion the real “health care crisis” is the fact that we have an open border and allow uncounted thousands of people to come into this country and use our medical system for their benefit with no intention or ability to pay for services. Border hospitals have lost millions of dollars taking care of these people and it is simply unsustainable for it to continue.  Close the border and deport or restrict non-citizens from taking advantage of this country as they have done.   

    • Vanessa says:

      I could not agree more!!!!

    • Vanessa says:

      Totally right!!!!!  And I’ll one more thing to that, we need to discontinue the automatic citizenship for children born here to non-citizen parents.

      If we get our spending and budget under control, then and only then, might we be able to pull ourselves out of the quicksand!

  11. bcrich33 says:

    I would ask Obama a single question…the one question that nobody every answered…..point to a single instance – anywhere in the world….where socialized medicine provides the best care….in fact…the Canadian Prime minister bypassed their medicial queues…to come to where…yes…the USA for treatment…..they charge 60% income tax to pay for that bad system……

  12. giant33 says:

    I don’t think Roberts did us a favor. When the court makes a ruling it stays forever (roe vs wade) what about his Az. ruling. Their is somthing wrong with this guy, I love the line I miss Harriet Miers.

  13. Johnsnare says:

    Have to say, I agree with most political pundits.  This is positive for Romney.  He can now campaign on  the repeal of Obama care, and point out to America, just how flawed this bill is.  Romney, should romp in November, and bring some sanity back to America.

  14. Cafenora says:

    Unbelievable.    We all have to work to get him out of office…….why don’t they tell us what else is in this deceptive “healthcare” bill.     Reform is one thing……we all know we need reform to healthcare……….     If you ask me, this was never about healthcare…..remember his words…..”we are 5 days away from fundamentally changing the United States”?    That comment made me sick then and does now.    He wants this country to be what HE wants it to be……..don’t know why he wants to change it…..worked for him.    VOTE VOTE VOTE

  15. Bgardner says:

    In addition this will energize the opposition aka Tea Party to a level higher than 2010. Roberts has just taken away most of BO’s campaigning strategy and set the Democrats up to receive a “shellacking”  worse than 2010.

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