ACLU-NJ Launches Smartphone App That Lets Users Secretly Record Police Stops

July 4, 2012 at 6:00 pm

New Jersey’s branch of the American Civil Liberties Union has taken its mission of policing the police to smartphones.

The ACLU has released an app called “Police Tape” that lets users secretly record police stops.

The ACLU’s Alexander Shalom said the app is easy to use.

“There’s really only three buttons that the user needs to deal with,” Shalom said. “There’s a know your rights button that educates the citizen about their rights when encountering police on the street, in a car, in their home or when they’re going to be placed under arrest, and there’s a button to record audio and a button to record video.”

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  1. blusportie says:

    How typical of the Atheist Crime Lovers Union to come up with something which serves only to further divide us. People would be far better served to carry a legally registered firearm to protect themselves and their families from predatory criminals rather than worrying about protecting themselves from the police.  Who among us locks his door when leaving home because he fears the police will steal his TV and computer while he’s out?  

    • the_punnisher says:

      Because the DPD has cost the City of Denver $MILLIONS in poLICE conduct cases, this app is needed if you ever go though Denver…

      The same applies to Jeffco Sheriffs. They WILL kill you over a matter of a tossed cigarette butt.

      ( that made the news several years ago. )

      My personal experience was exactly the situation when I got ripped off. I told the deputy who did it and asked them to dust the knife used to cut the wires. He laughed in my face and the Jeffco Sheriffs didn’t do a damned thing.

      The only time I let ANY LEO on my property is with a WARRANT. My property is posted NO TRESPASSING.

      You also need to look up the SCOTUS report of Castle Rock ( just south of Denver ) vs Gonzales

      . Just more proof you need this app.

  2. blusportie says:

    I have no idea what your case was about, but when you state that you asked the deputy to “dust the knife used to cut the wires”, it’s pretty clear there’s a lot more to this story.  As for me, I’ve been in Denver probably 8-10 times in my life, all but one driving, and never had any problems at all.

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