Army under fire for denying veterans health benefits

July 24, 2012 at 12:52 pm

The U.S. Army is coming under fire from veterans across the country for failing to provide adequate health insurance benefits for those meeting standards as outlined by the Department of the Army.

More than 30 cases have been filed against the Department of the Army for veterans who met the criteria to receive disability benefits under the Traumatic Injury Protection Under Servicemembers’ Group Life Insure (TSGLI) for activities of daily living.

The vets listed in the cases served in combat as far back as Operation Desert Storm.

“There has been a declaration of intent by Congress and by the VA that this coverage should be provided if the service members meet the standards and that the coverage should be provided judiciously,” said Dan Rector, lead counsel representing soldiers in several of the cases.

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  1. John Sweet says:

    This is occurring under who’s administration? all in a effort to save money to put into the government Union employees at the cost to our veterans

  2. liberty49 says:

    My husband served 20 years in the Air Force. During that time we witnessed almost every promise that was made to him when he entered the Air Force was broken due to Congress changing the laws. I took this to be equal to going out for football only to see them change the rules and continually move the goalpost after the game has begun! Nothing is fair and no politician can be trusted! My heart goes out to all the brave young men and women who have given so much for our nation to protect people all over the world. They are the ones who should be rewarded with the best healthcare in the world and salaries to match, instead of all the holier than thou Congressmen with their cushy salaries, healthcare and retirement plans. Make THEM have to live on the kind of money paid to our military, with the same healthcare and the same retirement pay!!!

  3. joehultquist says:

    It should not be news that federal civilians, in all pay grades, receive better salary and benefits. Two biggest reasons are that they are a democrat voting bloc and they are unionized. I am retired army and all of the health care promised in 1959 has long since vanished. If I chose to use tricare, thanks to Bill Clinton’s administration, I pay the same costs as a social security retiree and get exactly the same coverage. The cards are almost identical. The dental care i was promised in 1959 was pulled by 1973.

  4. This is most likely on orders from Obama.

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