DNC Chair Pretty ‘Happy’ With Friday’s Awful Jobs Numbers

July 9, 2012 at 10:32 am

Can’t you see why I’m conflicted about her reported post-election departurefrom her DNC post — even if she is off to bigger and “better” things?  This comment comes straight on the heels of another pathetic jobs report, in which (a) fewer jobs were created than economists expected, (b) far fewer jobs were created compared to the numbers we need to see just to keep pace with population growth, (c) and the “real” unemployment number climbed back to within a hair of 15 percent.  Worse still, the last three months’ worth of data represents theworst jobs quarter in two years, suggesting that the US economy is slowing back down.  Using the word “happy” — or giving any indication that you’re pleased with the country’s economic stagnation is the definition of political tone-deafness.  In DWS’ defense, she’s parroting put-on-a-brave-face talking points originating from the very top:

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  1. rank says:

    Hmmm…. Bigger and better things?  Is she about to become the Poster child of something like Mad Magazine!

  2. oldsoldier41 says:

    maybe PORN star.  Nah, she couldn’t make it there either.

  3. SomewhereInTexas says:

    this libtard is the queen of Planet Stupid.  think she’s the illegitimate (in every way!) daughter of Nancy Moonbat Pelosi.  Both open their mouths and massive stupidity flows……

  4. rosemarienoa says:

    She’s a libtard empty headed skank that is just saying what odumbo tells her to say. Never has an original thought of her own.

  5. jhforsythe says:

    Only an airhead would be “pretty happy” with the dismal jobs numbers.

  6. Scott says:

    YEA! What rosemarienoa said!!  DWS is just a volcano of moronic rhetoric!

  7. donzplace says:

    Is she Pelosi and Reed’s kid. What a nut-job

  8. donoesau3674m says:

    She is just talking to the brainless idiots that make up the base of the democratic party who dont have the smarts to think rationally.

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