Doc says ‘physicians have reached a tipping point’

July 21, 2012 at 2:45 pm
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A doctor representing the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons told The Daily Caller on Thursday that “physicians have reached a tipping point” under current health care laws, as they cannot both care for their patients and comply with mandated regulations.

Dr. Louis McIntyre, from Westchester County, New York, testified with three other health care experts before part of the House Small Business Committee on Thursday to explain the increasing challenges Congress and insurance companies have put on doctors who work for small or solo practices.

Rising costs of malpractice insurance and regulatory paperwork, along with shrinking reimbursements paid to doctors on behalf of Medicare patients, have all but forced doctors to become hospital employees, McIntyre said. He believes patients will see the quality and accessibility of healthcare deteriorate as more and more doctors, struggling to eek out a profit, leave their private practices for hospitals.

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  1. Loran says:

    I,ve been telling everyone I know and commenting on line about this for so long, but all I hear is how wrong I am or I’m just a lying republican. Some of these people will go to their graves not believing this or believing about death panels. I tell you folks, these things and skyrocketing premiums are coming . It will also be the largest rise in taxation we have ever seen. We are going to wish we still had COBRA and you know how much that cost.

  2. Gene Johnson says:

    OK, but I have heard of groups of people getting together and “hiring” a doctor. Is this a viable alternative?

  3. J Taylor says:

    Daniel Hemminger wrote in the Wall Street Journal 7-5-12 quoting the president,”No matter how we reform health care, we wil keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period.” The president had never read the bill called Obamacare, nor did he or anyone have any idea how people could keep their doctor. It is in my opinion a lie. Vote him out.
    This is an unbelievably expensive addition to the cost of health care and the biggest HMO ever created with lots of committees and IRS agents along the way. IRS agents? Yes, to collect the taxes he says he is not raising.
    I have only been a physician since 1983 but have seen a steady erosion of the relationship between my patients and my self by burdensome regulation from pay in full at the window when you leave using a peg board system, to the incredibly complex computer based billing systems, to increasing malpractice fees, to the unspoken yet expensive IT costs of an office, to the loss of a simple record of care (paper), the soaring cost of medical and pre med education, and finally to the loss of face time with patients due to FDA warnings, USPSTF recommendations, ePrescribe popups, “Does my insurance cover this?” questions, and especially the building expectation that health care is FREE.
    Physicians are partly to blame for this undervaluation of the practice of medicine. The first doc who hired the first “extended care provider”-PA or NP for those medicaid patients whose reimbursements were so low that the doc couldn’t stay in business with out them opened the door for the degradation of medical care.
    Patients are ignorant but responsible too, Why would you let someone with two years of training provide your medical care in place of a doctor?
    The medical organizations think they are helping physicians by assisting in the Patient Centered Medical Home model by capturing fees for good quality medical care. Well, guess what? Medicare has found there is not increase in quality of care, only improvement in quality of REPORTING care! These same organizations are allowing insurers to claim an increase in reimbursement to doctors when in fact they are only paying for reporting data, not providing better care. A physician does not have to report data to prove better care. All you have to do is ask your patients.
    I encourage all of you to ask your physician to see you on a cash basis and buy the cheapest high deductible health plan you can and save both your doc and you the loss of the relationship and expertise you expect from your doctor. Get back your face time. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam.

    • Marlowe1 says:

      Doctor my heart is saddened for you and your colleagues. I see it in my own physician who has been my and my parents doc for 30+ years and he has cut down to half-time and wants OUT.

      I will say I was shocked that more of you weren’t raising a ruckus back in 2009 before this monster could implant itself in the system. Instead the laughable AMA was trying to make it seem like all physicians were in love with socialized medicine.

      Unless this law is repealed we will go the way of Canada and the UK. Over worked, underpaid docs supplemented by I’ll trained people from who knows where.

      Most Americans are totally unaware, being so used to the best health care in the world, that the light they see ahead is an on coming train.

  4. Marlowe1 says:

    There are many urgent issues facing America, economy, illegals, gas prices but the real horror we face is with Mao’BamaCare. Why? Because at some time in your life you will need healthcare. Most likely post age 60 and that’s when the socialists will prove their evil to you when they tell you, sorry no pacemaker for you, no lense implant for this guy, no cancer treatment for you ma’am, no by-pass for you sir.

    Why? Well based on our tables you have ended your productive life, you are 72 have only 5 more years of life according to the actuarial tables so we won’t spend the money. That is the future of America under Mao’BamaCare. It is already standard practice in Canada the UK and many other countries.

  5. Govt should have the same health care that has been shoved down our throats or we all should have the same as they have….

  6. FREE777 says:

    Loran, you are correct. Those who just don’t want to “buy it” as I have been told are in for a big shock. Then it will be too late

  7. MyTwentyCents says:

    Just recently CMS announced that they were cutting reimbursements to independant Radiation Therapy Centers by 19%, and increasing reimbursements to hospital based centers . It doesn’t take a rocket scientiest to see this picture. I have read the Act and get the message that at some point all providers will be employed by a goverment agency.

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