Guantanamo upgrade: US to spend $40 mil on renovation

July 6, 2012 at 1:28 pm

Despite promises to close Guantanamo Bay, Washington is now preparing to invest tens of millions into renovating the controversial facility’s infrastructure.

The Pentagon is planning to install a $40-million fiber optic cable at Guantanamo, and the base’s commanders say such a long term investment in infrastructure makes sense only if the US intends to continue operating the base.

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  1. antiliberalcryptonite says:

    Close Gitmo!  One bullet per prisoner, case closed.

  2. Clbsprint says:

    Just some more of O’Bama’s waste of taxpayer money, at a time when it could be used more constructively.

    • guest says:

      What else is new? Where will they spend more money before it runs out?

      • jammer says:

         It won’t run out. As in the past, obama bin laden just orders the Mint, “fire up the presses”.

    • pennys ca says:

      It’s like they don’t understand the priorities of our country. Just like them giving Brazil millions to drill for oil instead of us for jobs or oil. It keeps me thinking he Obama really does want our beloved country to fail.

      • Nwrkjoel says:

        pennys ca-Ya think?

      • Ed in Florida says:

        Just so you and others will know, the millions sent to Brazil is for drilling for oil by George Soros.  This is Obama’s pay back for Soro’s financing and support for Obama’s election and re-election. Obama don’t want George Soros to spend any of his billions.  What are political friends for anyway? 

      • Brightmeadows says:

         Duh.   Obama HATES the United States.  That’s what his fundamental transformation was/is all about. Impoverish us all and make us dependent on the government for subsistence… JUST LIKE NORTH KOREA!

  3. Don Maggard says:

    The post below says one bullit per guest. I am not the only person who thinks this.   GOD LOOSES NOTHING

  4. The House is Republican controlled, and they are responsible for funding every project.  Why would they not BLOCK this expenditure?    Wasted money, unless they plan on GITMO remaining there for another 10 years or more. 

    • mesaman says:

      Not quite, Marvin. The house sends on to the senate (which is still dungbeetle controlled) each bill they pass, and it must be voted on and passed by the senate.

  5. RC says:

    He’s a liar.

    And will never be anything else.

  6. Ed in Florida says:

    If the U S keeps doing what it’s doing in Guantanamo Bay, the murderous, blood thirsty, Islamic following, Muslims will not be able to adjust to their living standards back home when they get released from prison.  They will not be able to adapt to the food and living standards back home. They will have to be granted asylum so they can stay in America and teach hatred for America at some Muslim Mosque.  I think Muslims have a need for such people at the new Mosque in Murfreesboro,Tennessee.

  7. muf69 says:

    They should receive the same conditions that they would if in their homeland. Save the money and spend it on our military members that have suffered due to the Islamic desire to rule the world with their hatered for western values.

  8. giley1 says:

    If these renovations prevent any of these prisoners from being shipped to the US for trial, it’s well worth it. The Obama administration we know wants these combatants to be treated like civilians in a court room. Personally, we’re too  nice and always get the short end of the stick.

  9. mesaman says:

    Renovation of Guantanamo,                   $40 000 000
    Obama payoff to Cuba,                          $100 000 000 Annual operating expense       
                                                               $139 000 000   ($880 000 per terrorist)
    Cost of 5.56 ammunition per round,                            .30. x 171= $  513.
    Number of detainees NoMobamma would release, if he had his way, 171.

    You do the math, which of these conditions is quicker, cheaper, and more acceptable to the majority of American citizens? (Legal citizens, that is) 

  10. Mcbee55 says:

    It must be that Obama foresees his life at an offshore location after we get the goods on him.
    It couldn’t happen to a “nicer guy!”

  11. Rawdibob says:

    Obama is not bothered by executing an AMERICAN on foreign soil without a trial, Obama is not bothered executing SUSPECTED terrorists in Middle Eastern countries without a trial.  Why in the world are we detaining KNOWN Terrorists at GITMO?  EXECUTE them! 

    I volunteer for their firing squad.  I’ll bring my M1 and lots of ammo.

  12. jhforsythe says:

    This is ridiculous!   These people are terrorists, and should be executed, not coddled.

    • Madman says:

      Only a dips**t would spend 40 million on a facility they are going to close maybe he’s doing it for his

  13. Knowing “Washington” they’re probably doing it so they can hand it over to Cuba soon!

  14. AL, Orange Park, FL says:

    Guess the “camps” spread out all over the USA isn’t good enough for us Freedom Loving people the mighty stink’n BO calls terrorists.

  15. Arthur Ross says:

    That 40 million could have housed a lot of homeless kids,but instead the big “O” turd chooses to waste it on lowlife scum.Maybe he is buying their votes…

  16. capa760 says:

    Could the possibility be that Obama has plans for his political enemies, when he declares that He is the New World leader for the USA, as the United Nations AGENDA 21 brings together the One World Govern-ment into Power? And where have the American taxpayers seen any audits and accountability to know EXACTLY where the money goes…….There are ‘missing and wasted’ Trillions of ‘unaccounted for’ dollars. We keep asking for an audit of The Federal Reserve,all Congress Pension Funds, Gold Reserves, the Social Security, Medicare accountings, All Foreign Aid totals and to which countries,(friends and enemies.), all perks totals, medical, retirement, misc for The Civil Serivce classifications, including The Senate, The House, Speakers, Supreme Court members, Appointees, including all expenses reports, etc. How much is the budget for Guantamano Bay for upkeep, security, amenities for the prisoners,etc. when we thought that the sentence for “TREASON to America” was a firing squad, for foreign and citizens of our Government.” Corporations have their Financial Reports, where is there a Financial Report for America, year by year?

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