Gun groups up in arms about Google’s new anti-firearms policy

July 4, 2012 at 5:56 pm

Google’s latest policy change covering its online shopping center has Second Amendment groups up in arms, and has stirred up the historically tense relationship between Google and the political right.

The search engine giant announced at the end of May that it would change how it lists certain items in search results through Google Shopping. The policy change included a prohibition on listing sites that promote and facilitate weapons sales — a move Google said it made in order to “comply with local laws and regulations.”

Google is undertaking a broader effort to transition its Shopping engine into a commercial site akin to Amazon and eBay, by bringing the service in line withpolicies it already enforces for its AdWords paid advertising program.

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  1. Jfriday says:

    dont use goggle !!

  2. 1LCSteve says:

    This really saddens me – Google has repeatedly shown itself to be extremely pro-radical left…  Don’t know how many noticed, besides this blatant attack on the 2nd Amendment, Google recently sponsored & strongly supported a “gay” google event.  As though someone one’s sexual orientation deserves a special event…
    Problem is: what’s the alternative to Google?  I’ve long used gmail, I like Chrome, and Google search works.  Still, it does bother me to participate with a company that’s so opposed to so many basic American values…

  3. jammer says:

    Google is part of obama bin laden’s spy network, so this mandate is no surprise. In a dictatorship, only a small select group set policy, and anyone who opposes it, disappears in the middle of the night, never to be heard from again. Millions vanished under Hitler’s rule, and it is going to begin to happen here soon.

  4. Ed says:

    Our firm uses (or should I say “did” use) google for any number of activities associated with our server.  I will change that right away – I will also no longer use any google application and will make sure “all” of my friends (who happen to be avid hunters as well as professionals) know of this move by google – so long !

  5. I am confused as to why this policy change is causing such a stir. Seems like an over reaction to me. They are not banning gun sales, just changing the way they are listed.Remember, extremists and criminals will always be able to procure guns, no matter what Google does, so rest easy…

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