Here Come the Closet Black Conservatives

July 21, 2012 at 2:32 pm
Runaway Slave

Rev. C.L. Bryant is making waves with his new documentary, Runaway Slave.  I had the opportunity to preview the film in Bossier City, Louisiana, and I found the documentary thoroughly compelling.

Runaway Slave was conceived by Rev. Bryant and supported by private donations and FreedomWorks.  It has been well-received in private screenings so far, often receiving standing ovations, and is poised to open in select theaters across the country next week.  While at Regal Cinema 9 in Bossier City, it was the highest grossing film there.

Herman Cain caught a great deal of flak for his comment on the campaign trail that he “had left the Democratic plantation,” but he’s not the only one saying it.  Indeed, C.L. Bryant has now joined the ranks of a number of  black closet conservatives who are speaking out against big government, which is what they perceive to be the new plantation.   And the list of black conservatives finding the courage to speak out is growing.

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  1. maggie says:

    After what has been proven, I do hope you followers of Obama have decided he doesn’t deserve, or even is eligible to run for that office EVER again.

  2. Barbara D says:

    I have often wondered why Blacks prefer to vote for Democrats when none of that party of politicians have helped improve the status or situation of the Black family in past decades. They don’t remember which party passed important legislation that DID aid the Black race. Short memory span seems to be the problem. Jackson, Sharpton and their ilk are nothing but vultures picking the bones of their own race for monetary gain. Disgraceful that they should be titled “Reverends”!! I’m surprised more Blacks haven’t wised up about those two but continue to “worship” those leeches of society.

  3. Loran says:

    Take a look at what is happening in Lucas Valley California with the Lukas Films property there. The residents there, called the whitest and most liberal community in California, prevented John Lucas from Building a film studio on his property. So now he has donated land to build Affordable housing for the poor. You should see and hear his community neighbors now. More African Americans should really take a good look who is worth their attention. What we conservatives offer will only help raise the black community up to where it should be. Not offer them free stuff to keep them pinned down.

  4. John Watts says:

    Most people know that Martin Luther King was a Great Leader and they also know, that usurpers JJ and Al Sharpton defile his memory. Whereas MKL respectfully asked for equality in the Christian American way, JJ and Al demand and threaten for their personal gain. Whereas MLK was fast gaining acceptance by Christian methods, JJ and Al have created hate and division. Whereas obama could have picked up the Christian flag where MLK fell, he has made every effort to destroy America and to destroy Christianity. If Good Black Americans rise up and vote obama down, I firmly believe that MLK’s prayers will soon be answered.

  5. Diubleace says:

    African Americans have been voting for Democrats since they got the vote, and they are still poor. It’s time for African Americans to give the other side a chance.

    • It was the Repubicans who freed the slaves!!! The Democrats were the wealthy plantation owners & slave owners & fought tooth & nail against freeing the slaves! Blacks have gotten a bad education & indoctrination in our liberal oriented public schools so they dont even know their OWN history!!!

  6. Good for them! It is very brave for them to do so now in our present racially charged atmosphere!!! It wasnt this bad before bo took office as I recall!!!

  7. rocco1234 says:

    the democrats came in after the civil rights legislaion passed that they tried not to pass because the southern white democrats were segregationist’s, they wanted no parts of civil rights but after it did pass , the democrats approached blacks and gave away the store. the democrats were smart. they knew , if you give people subsidized housing and subsidized heat and power and free food you have built in voter base forever.
    martin luther king was against this giveaway philosophy and sided with the republicans. he not only sided with them, he was a republican and so was his father. obama isn’t stupid either, he is playing the same give away game , he knows times are hard and is relying on the downtrodden , those out of work , to take the hand out the gov’t is giving. he is trying to buy their vote.
    i am hoping that most can see through this ruse

  8. MarieJ27 says:

    Barbara. I appreciated what you said. When President Obama took away school vouchers from American black children in DC, I thought surely someone would protest. The president’s allegiance to the NEA was more important.

  9. Ted Smith says:

    Bryant is right. Democrats have enslaved blacks all over again. Look at history. Thomas Jefferson was the founder of the Democrat’s
    Party. To this day,
    Democrats have “Jefferson Day Dinners” to commemorate Jefferson as the founder
    of their party.

    Jefferson owned about 200 slaves. He inherited about 100 from each of his
    parents. And, he fathered children by
    Sally Hemmings, a light skinned “house slave.”

    Democrats created the laws of segregation and Democrats founded the white supremist organization called the Ku Klux Klan which became the Democrat Party’s terrorist arm, terrorizing, burning and lynching blacks to keep them under control.
    Now, Democrats, ashamed of their history, are trying to
    impart their history to Republicans. They call the southern slave owners and segregationists like Orvul Faubus
    and George Wallace “conservatives” to deflect people from the fact that they
    were Democrat conservatives. They call
    Abraham Lincoln a “liberal” or “progressive” to make people think he was a
    Democrat. However, he was a
    “progressive” Republican as to slavery and a “conservative” Republican as to
    preserving the Union.

    Bottom line, the Democrats just can’t handle their own history and, they are liars.

  10. reggiec says:

    One of the most egregious forms of the control of information is the rewriting of history. The Democrats have the Nobel Prize in this category. In the early beginnings of the Democratic Party, racism was rampant and they continue to be race baiters to the present day.
    It was the Southern Democrats who created the Ku Klux Klan. It was Democratic Party members who fought desegregation. The likes of Bull Connor, George Wallace and Orval Faubus were Democrat figure heads following the party line that segregation had to be kept in place. Since that time somehow the left has convinced a vast majority of minorities that the Republican Party and Conservatives are the racists in our society. I guess this proves that if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it as the truth. The Democrats and others who make a living from racial controversies continue the falsehood by promoting race baiting, false charges of racism and class warfare. If awards were given for history’s greatest myths; the Democrats would get the Nobel Prize for transferring racism from themselves to the Republican Party.
    What should be done is to celebrate those of any race that have prospered using their talent and individual drive to succeed and then encourage all others to do the same. Those who have made a career out of promoting racial victimhood somehow neglect or refuse to recognize that throwing off the victim label allows success. They have the ideology that a minority person who does not actively promote the victimhood mantra is a race traitor.

  11. Chuck H. says:

    National Parks has signs that say “Don’t frrd the animals”. Their reason is that it makes them dependent on being feed and they won’t be able to fend for themselves. Any other questions?

  12. bobbylang says:

    And It’s about time!!
    I never realized the real number of thinking “Black” (forgive the generality) folks, until I went to my first “Tea Party” get together!
    They were as numerous as the whites and percentage-wise more representative than the “majority” of this country!
    Not only were they present, but they frequently were the leaders of the spontaneous commentary!! these folks spoke effectively and convincingly, of the threat of this pandering, enveloping and demoralizing, Federal Socialism!
    Those folks have been targeted for the “Plantation” treatment, for years, and had seen first hand, the rapacious effects of “Big Brother” and his “Stash”!!
    Welcome Back! Welcome Home! Welcome to FREEDOM!
    Thank YOU for the courage to stand up against this “Now or Never” Soros “Push”!

  13. liberty49 says:

    I spoke to a black friend about why most of them vote democrat and she said because the Republicans of today were the Democrats of yesterday and vice-versa. I said SERIOUSLY? She said that is what she was taught!

  14. Jackson and sharpton are reverends so they dont have to pay taxes. Blacks are the most illiterate race on the planet. 87% have a 5th grade and lower intellect. They cant read or spell. Still cant speak english. If it wasnt for close caption i would have no idea what their saying. They vote black period. Bunch of free loaders born and raised to live on welfare. Their only legacy are ghetto’s, prisons and graffiti. Yet their black and proud ! Poor ignorant sobs.

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