How to bring back Mayberry values

July 4, 2012 at 5:45 pm

We lost our power last week. Notice I didn’t say we lost “electricity.” Power, for a variety of reasons, is more telling.

Life without electricity can be difficult. But it can also be a teachable moment. Ours went out last Friday night, when the DC-area was hit with a storm. A few interesting things happened Saturday morning. First, we started talking to our neighbors (you know, the people we normally just wave to as we’re ducking in our door with bags full of groceries?) They were outside in the cool(er) air, and doing work, such as picking up tree branches and such left over from the storm. Because they were already outside, it was easy to talk to them, without bothering them. All of a sudden, despite the hardship, we were all more friendly and talkative and neighborly.

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    II Chronicles 7:14

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