Lew won’t confirm or deny whether President Barack Obama involved in Fast and Furious cover up, maintains claims this admin ‘most transparent ever’

July 2, 2012 at 1:10 pm

White House chief of staff Jack Lew on Sunday would neither confirm nor deny whether President Barack Obama himself is involved in the Operation Fast and Furious cover-up.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Lew refused to answer when asked if Fast and Furious documents now protected by Obama’s executive order detail consultations with the president himself.

“There has to be the ability for a president to get confidential advice,” Lew told Crowley. “There has to be an ability for Congress to use its speech and debate clause.”

Crowley followed up by pushing Lew about the level of the president’s involvement in Fast and Furious.

“Were there things in the documents that involved consultation with the president?” she asked Lew. “Is that why you invoked executive privilege?”

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  1. Bsfurg says:

    The whole dam bunch of the Demowits are n othing but a bunch of hate filled filthy  liars for the ppl of the USA and the constitution and our Military.. the only 2 things that have made American what it is  … a FREE country  the right to vote and the right to fire the ppl who are destroying it… and we will show the Demowits in Nov that we have that right to get the communist out of the WH.

  2. mesaman says:

    The WHINOs are wading through one great big stinky, criminal mess. Lew is just hiding behind the robes of the King and isn’t programmed to speak anything other than the verbal gruel his master throws to him.

  3. Stephen_Benedict says:

    Why would Obama claim executive priviledge? What’s he hiding? Janet Napolitano, head of DHS, announced in a public news conference referred to “walking guns” operations in March 2009. We already know that gps tracking was not placed on the 2,200 guns, that gun shops were forced to sell guns to cartel gun runners, that 2 U.S. agents were killed by Fast & Furious guns, and hundreds of Mexicans were killed. We know that the Mexican government neither was informed of this program or approved of it (unlike the “Wide Receiver” program under Bush which resulted in 1,400 arrests.)  We know that these guns are unaccounted for and in the hands of the drug cartels. I mean the bad news is out.

    What we don’t know is what was Eric Holder’s and Obama’s involvement with the program, or the coverup, or the going after whistleblowers in the ATF. Or the reason for such a hopelessly ineffective program. Were the motivations political, e.g., more gun control, or what? The purpose was definitely not to trace the weapons. So, why the he11 did they do this?

  4. bsfurg says:

    Its time for the Congress tell Lew to eithr put up or shut up and then tell him to get out.. we dont need ppl in our gorvenment that wont work to make it a better and sa f er country.. Obama has got to go as he is making our UDS into a 3 rd country that wont be abel to protect our selv.. he took a oath to protect American and to keep it safe from other terrorist countrys and hes not that hes making in unsafe and othre coutnrys know that.. Obam asho9uld never have been voted in as he lied and is not doing what he promsied… he has to go.He is not taking car of the USA in any way..

  5. mr_bad_example says:

    Obama’s paw prints are all over Fast and Furious, that’s why he scooped it under his skirt when the House demanded those documents…. IMPEACH NOW!

  6. John Sweet says:

    The way I see it if Rahm Emanuel reports that he knew about the operations while he was at the White House,Then Obama knew about it as well.
    They released Not only high caliber weapons but conversion kits to make
    semiautomatic weapons full auto, and explosives as well and the
    makings for grenades and an uncounted number of rocket launchers.
    Operation Gunrunner–in which the
    government authorized the sale of weapons with the intent of letting
    these weapons fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, which were
    used to Kill an American border agent.
    Operation Castaway–in which the government authorized the
    sale of weapons knowing they would fall into the hands of Honduran
    gangs, such as MS13 and the Mara Salvatrucha and the rival Mara 18,
    An estimated 20,590 people died violently here in the last five
    years, according to the Madrid-based nonprofit Observers of Violence
    in massive shoot outs to control the drug industry.
    Project Gangwalker the ATF and the DOF allowed the straw
    purchases of weapons which eventually ended up in the hands of United
    States gang members in Indiana” Operation Community Shield,”
    individuals are from El Salvador, three are from Mexico, one is from
    Honduras and one is from Haiti. ICE said the individuals are members
    or associates of the following street gangs: MS-13, Sur-13, and Zoe
    Pound. Charged in connection with the shooting of an
    Indianapolis police officer last week are gang members, the Marion
    County Prosecutor’s Office Gonzalez-Ramirez is a member of the Puros
    Vatos Locos street gang, and Taboada-Perez is a member of the SCT-13
    gang. Both have tattoos that express allegiance to those gangs,
    authorities said. and other weapons have been found at crime scenes
    in that state and surely have spread out from there to other gangs.
    Now picture gang bangers in armed flash mobs, And just where did
    that army that Obama formed disappear to?

  7. reggiec says:

    This administration is about as transparent as four inch thick steel armor plating and about as difficult to penetrate for evidence of corruption. But it also seems that Republicans in many cases are afraid to bring out the heavy artillery necessary to put a hole in it.

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