Mitt Romney eyes gains among Jewish voters

July 28, 2012 at 2:17 pm

It has become a predictable quadrennial ritual: Republicans claim this is the presidential election that their pro-Israel credentials will translate into crucial gains among Jewish voters.

What actually could make this White House campaign different, the first one in the post-Citizens United era, is just how hard-fought and expensive the battle for what is only three percent of the electorate ultimately could be.

Even though Republicans haven’t cracked 25 percent of the Jewish vote since 1988, GOP backers of Mitt Romney — who arrives in Israel Saturday — are mounting what likely will be the most aggressive effort yet in dollars and cents to woo one of Ohio and Florida’s most pivotal constituencies.

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  1. ROY says:

    I cannot understand why any self respecting person of Jewish faith or citizenship would even consider voting for a “President” who has systematically turned his back on Israel time and time again, while giving comfort to her enemies. He hasn’t even bothered to visit Israel during his “Presidency” and snubbed Israel Prime Minister Netanayu when he came to Washington. Israel is our number one ally and many of us feel a strong loyalty to her and will fight for her survival.

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