Obama’s Goose Is Cooked

July 7, 2012 at 6:34 am

Obama needed a filet mignon in the June employment report. Instead he got a rubber chicken.

Only 80,000 new jobs were created last month, way below Wall Street expectations. It’s the fourth consecutive monthly disappointment. For a few months last winter, jobs were rising at an average of 225,000 a month. But that has sloped way down to only 75,000. The unemployment rate continues at 8.2 percent, which is the forty-first straight month above 8 percent. The U6 unemployment rate, which includes discouraged workers, is just under 15 percent.

As voters finalize their election impressions this summer, all of this is bad news for the Chicago incumbent.

At a campaign stop in Ohio on Friday, Obama actually said we’re still “heading in the right direction.” Is he kidding? As a stagnant GDP drops below 2 percent, employment falters, retail sales decline, and the ISM index for manufacturing drops below 50 (signaling contraction)? No objective observer can deny that the economy is headed in the wrong direction.

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  1. JohnnyC says:

    The direction Obama should head….is to KENYA,  where he can be president of the BLACK MUSLIM Brotherhood.

  2. rosemarienoa says:

    The sooner he is GONE the better it will be for America!!!!

  3. Indiana_James says:

    Hes a fraud AND a Userper,…what did you expect from a socialist/communist sympathizer?

  4. John Sweet says:

    It is the right direction for Obama’s goal to ruin the nation, making us a less than third world nation. 

  5. Fred says:

    Why did the clueless and gullible give a Communist and Muslim Sympathizer the keys to the Whitehouse and a blank checkbook.  It will probably as difficult to get him out as it is a unhappy renter.  Come on folks, eviction is going to be necessary because he probably wont go without putting up a huge ruckus.  

    • ort says:

      Fred: I’d be more than happy to move him from the white house, to a nice 6×6 prison cell; followed, of course, by a trial, conviction, and execution.

  6. jammer says:

    Don’t oppose the dictator. You may have a knock on your door in the middle of the night and you will never be heard from again.

  7. Chuckslate says:

    Obama has been trying, since day one of his election, to dismantle the very framwork of the existance of the United States. Since he stated that over and over in his pre-election rhetoric how can the American people be so naive? You know the old saying, “We found the enemy and it is US!”

  8. Al Mick says:

    The anemic patient’s bone marrow is “going in the right direction” by making 80,000 new red blood cells monthly.  However, to relieve the anemic unemployment numbers, the employment bone marrow would have to create over 200,000 new jobs just to absorb the population growth of those entering the job market.  Though the bone marrow is “going in the right direction,” the patient will still die of anemia soon.

  9. Of course, everything is going as he planned. Since we all know that he is a socialist (communist, fascist, freak, liar, etc.) and that he hates everything that the United States stands for, all his plans to destroy the United States as we knew it are right on schedule.

  10. We have to get rid of the Communist, racist, America-hating illegal alien.

  11. Bob Marshall says:

    it seem not too many paid attention when Obama’s former “Greens job” czar, Van Jones said in an UpRising Radio interview in Chicago that the purpose of the push for green jobs by the Obama administration was to bring capitalism down. The father of “green energy’ was Karl Marx. While at Occidental college young Obama was a Marxist Revolutionary. It is never too late to do your own research and stop listening to and watching the corporate controlled news media.

  12. Darby2 says:

    there goes the neighborhood! I bet Mitt and the gang won’tr want to live in the WH till it;s been completly re done

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