Supreme Court healthcare ruling leaks have D.C. buzzing: Who is the culprit?

July 4, 2012 at 5:49 pm

Supreme Court observers are shocked at the leaks that are flowing from the high court’s chambers in the wake of its landmark healthcare decision.

In contrast to Congress, which leaks like a sieve, and the White House, which has dripped out tidbits of information, the court has a reputation as leak-proof, which is a key part of its above-the-fray image.

That image has been seriously tested over the past four days as unnamed sources have gone to the press with recriminations and finger-pointing over the healthcare case.
The substance of the leaks is not especially scandalous: Chief Justice John Roberts initially sided with the court’s conservative members, but changed his vote to join with the court’s liberals in a 5-4 decision upholding President Obama’s healthcare law.

But the fact that those details leaked at all has legal circles parsing every detail in an effort to guess who talked.

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  1. JMRS50 says:

    A lot of us believe someone “got to” Chief Justice Roberts. “Pay off’s”, “Bribery” and “intimidation” got us Obama Care.. Justice Roberts,is  probably not easily “bribed” or “bought” or “intimidatedf”. That leaves “fear”, “force” or “threat” to get him to change his vote. Things done in darkness will be brought into the light.

     (For some the “end” justifies what ever “means” are necessary to get there) J. Rogers, California 

  2. jaydee says:

    Check photos of “Chief Justice Rroberts” during the days leading up to the ‘whatever the hell that thing was’ that he regurgitated as a basis for the government’s impending takeover of the all facets of United States’ citizens’ actions. He looked like an animal caught in a trap. An interesting exercise would be a non-biased investigation as to who set the trap and what inducement was used. Was the ‘carrot’ so overwhelmingly attractive that resistance was futile, or the ‘stick’ so menacing that any thought of noncompliance could not dare be contemplated? Was it a “sword of Damocles?” Or the afterglow of a “WHOOPEE” occasion that was so mind bending as to preclude rational decision-making? These comments are presented “with all due respect.”

    • One More Time says:

      I read in a nother site that Roberts might have been blackmailed because of the 2 kids he adopted and was a fraid that if truth came out he would be kicked out of the Justices.Just saying.

  3. jhforsythe says:

    There was never any leaks until Obama appointed his minions. Wonder why we started having leaks after Obama’s appointments.

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