Anti-Obama Movie Becomes Box Office Hit

August 27, 2012 at 2:00 pm

An anti-President Obama documentary burned up the box office this weekend, becoming the highest-grossing new film and coming in eighth overall out of all films showing.

“2016: Obama’s America” grossed $6.3 million in a limited theater release. Its take made it the highest grossing conservative political documentary of all time and the sixth biggest political documentary of all time, behind features by liberal favorites Michael Moore and Al Gore, according to Deadline Hollywood, an industry blog.

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  1. manfromthemountain says:

    Maybe Americans are finding out the truth about Obama, thank goodness!

    • I saw it .. great movie .. very well produced .. I have offered to take any of my friends or my son’s friends (20 somethings to 30) to see it .. my treat .. hopefully some will take me up on it.

  2. The sheep won’t watch this movie only because they love our trecherouse leader so much! He needs to be locked up for spilling secrets from the White House for political gain. One example is telling the world way too soon after OBL dead! There were years worth of intel found in his home. We did’nt get the time we needed to digest and seek out other terrorists who were names in those documents.

  3. conservative says:

    This needs to be on “prime time” television. Maybe some of the idots that don’t watch Fox or read newspapers will learn something.

    • If it comes out on DVD before the election .. I am buying them and sending to some people .. they watch the MSM … they need the TRUTH. I don’t live near them or I would take them to see it in the theater .. I have offered to take those near me … my treat. This is a take someone who needs to see it with you movie.

      • mazzepa says:

        If the republicans had any brains, they would send the DVD gratis, to every household in the country. It is probably a better advertising investment than some of the ones we have seen.

    • AD says:

      Coz no-one watching Fox also reads… at all.

  4. US Citizen says:

    It’s about time!!!!

  5. Kit says:

    This movie is a real eye opener to what actually makes BO tick. Everyone should watch this movie and get an insight to what will happen to the USA if he gets another 4 years. Actually the whole world should see this movie because his vision is the vision of the UN.

  6. Bob Marshall says:

    It is a shame it had to take a movie about Obama and his ties to Marxist, Socialist, Communist, the Muslim brotherhood and other extremist groups to wake millions of Americans up. G. Edward Griffin; “If America is to survive as a free nation, its citizens must become far more politically educated than they are at present. the movie was very informative, but i read The Audacity of Hope, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, THE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT, Core of CORRUPTION and THE ROOTS OF OBAMA’S RAGE as soon as they came out. Unfortunately, millions still get their information from the corporate controlled news media.

  7. mike says:

    Why is it referred to as an “anti Obama movie? It’s not slanted in any way, it just presents the truth sometimes using his own words in his own voice to explain what/why his goals are.

  8. Jolly_Imam says:

    With all this being said, I urge you, Fellow Comrades, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE! This is not your typical Michael Moore documentary that we all know, love and trust! This is REICHWING racist propaganda that has been released suspiciously close to election! Please! Find something else to do instead of watching this movie. Maybe count the days the Senate hasn’t passed a budget or something…

  9. look at this anti-Christ profile ;;he is a mean sick being. it will be shown on many channels in a month or so.

  10. Keith Best says:

    Real investigative journalsim died in 2008, when the mainstream media ignored all the info in this film.

  11. GunslingerSRV says:

    This is one movie that everyone in America needs to go see. 2 or 3 times, if necessary. Maybe then we can see the real IDIOT that they elected. And, make every attempt to keep him out of the White House for the next four years.

  12. Dan Williams says:

    It will take alot of money to get it on prime time major network TV.

  13. Dan Williams says:

    I saw the movie. It was the best $3.25 that I ever spent!

  14. manuela says:

    why on earth do we have tons of morons/idiots in America!!!?? They would wake up one day and wonder “one happened”? It’s the economic you idiots!!! Sit still and once in your lives watch, listen and absorb what’s going on in our country!!! You are the future of America!! Wake up youth, you are the future of America or are you? Don’t be blinded by this “dictator” who’s power hungry and a puppet of a few radical liberal democrat!!! WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY. If you can afford to watch about vampires, robots,violence in the movies, why can’t you for God’s sake!!!!

  15. I I am so happy to hear this & is success…

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