Obama has declared ‘war on religion’

August 9, 2012 at 1:29 pm

The day after the Obama campaign used noted contraception activist Sandra Fluke to reignite conversation about the alleged Republican “war on women,” Mitt Romney is accusing the Obama administration of declaring “war on religion.”

A new Romney ad, titled “Be Not Afraid,” points to the president’s health care law as a threat to religious liberty and focuses on Romney’s July 31 trip to Poland, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II.

“Who shares your values?” the narrator asks over text citing an op-ed titled “Obama Insurance Decision Declares War on Religion.”

“President Obama used his health care plan to declare war on religion, forcing religious institutions to go against their faith,” says the ad.

“Mitt Romney believes that’s wrong,” the ad’s narrator continues, followed by video of Romney’s speech in Warsaw, Poland.

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  1. Gym says:

    I not sure if there any Muslim run hospitals in America. If there are, are they going to be forced to perform abortions? Are Muslim doctor’s going to be forced to do abortions? I doubt it, especially if the woman happens to be a muslim. Of course ,if the women isn’t a Muslim, I’m sure there are some who would be glad to kill the infidel’s The only religion this Muslim Obama protect is his own.

    • Jillian says:

      I once didn’t believe in abortion, but in the case of Obama, Pelosi and Reid it would have been a blessing had their mothers aborted them.

  2. Eddie says:

    He excludes his muslim turban head brothers. Ali towel head bama. Needs to face the death penalty for treason. To be hanged by the cloth of his own turban

  3. swann2012 says:

    If you doubt where Obama, Soetoro, Davis, whatever his real name, or who his real father is, stands on race and whether he is a race uniter or just another hater, read his book. It is chock full of negative references to White people. The problem with Barry is I don’t think he ever reconciled the fact he is only half Black and seems to hate that part of himself that was White, including throwing his mother under the bus in order to establish his “Black Credentials”. He repeatedly refers to a man named “Frank” as his mentor whom investigators have indentified as Frank Davis an avowed Communist. Frank Davis was also a photograhper who Anne Dunham posed for in the Nude, leading to speculation that Anne Dunham and Davis were also intimate and may even be Obama’s real father. We do know by Obama’s own admission that he was allowed to spend a great deal of time with the man known as Frank in his book. It may be possible that Obama himself may not know who his real father is. What we do know for sure is Obama will never be the man to unite the races and put an end once and for all to discrimination and racial hatred, he has to many chips on his shoulder for that. Add to the fact that not once has he taken responsiblity for anything during his time in office, a second term doesn’t bode well for the Country. Obama and Holder seem bent on fanning the flames of racial animosity and for that reason alone, people of good will on both sides of the racial divide should vote against another Obama term in office.

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