Republicans to Unveil National Debt Clock Inside GOP Convention Hall

August 27, 2012 at 2:13 pm

The clock’s ticking at the Republican National Convention.

Starting Monday, Republicans will have two digital debt-clock counters clicking away throughout this week’s convention in Tampa. One is already up and running and shows the cumulative debt owed by the government — an amount approaching $16 trillion.

The other will start when RNC Chairman Reince Priebus bangs the gavel during Monday afternoon’s opener. It will remain on until Priebus closes out the convention — that’s expected to happen Thursday night.

“This clock reminds every delegate and every American why we are here in Tampa – because America can and must do better,” Priebus said in an RNC press release. “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the right leaders at the right time for America. They will turn this fiscal mess around, get people back to work and set our country on a strong foundation for generations to come.”

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  1. TheGizmo51 says:

    Is God sending a messenger with a warning in the form of hurricane Isaac
    telling us and the world that the republinos must be stopped at all

    • triple t says:

      naw that’s just satan up to his tricks he likes to spread trouble for the r.n.p. he works for the liberals and socialist

      • TheGizmo51 says:

        I find it interesting that you are close enough to satan to know what he is up to. What does he have in store for the republinos and tea drinkers other than more gridlock?

  2. Don’t attribute to God the ways of this world system. That was turned over to Satan in the garden. Remember in the temptations of Christ how Satan took Him up on a tall tower and showed Him the systems of the world and said’ these will be yours if you bow down and worship me.” That was because Satan is the god of this world, while Christ is the God we worship as Christians, fulfilling the prophesies of the Old Testament. No, the hurricane is of this world, the fact that Christians prayed that Tampa would be spared and it moved off to the North instead of along the gold coast was the act of God.

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