President Obama Lies to Univision About Operation Fast and Furious

September 21, 2012 at 12:49 pm

Yesterday, Univision reporter Jorge Ramos did the job the American press won’t do by asking Barack Obama tough questions, including questions on the topic of Fast and Furious. Obama of course tried to dodge the question by falsely citing Fast and Furious as starting under the Bush Administration. In reality, Fast and Furious was initiated in September 2009 and was carried out starting in October 2009, well into President Obama’s first term. From the Univision interview:

Ramos: Shouldn’t Attonrey General Eric have known about that and if he didn’t shouldn’t you fire him?

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  1. aschark says:

    Yes, Bush started it, as Operation Wide Receiver, but terminated it, due to its faults. The ATF, in the next Administration, thought it could do the same thing (find where the good firepower goes), but iron out the faults of Wide Receiver. It was named F & F, because if it was successful, Bush might get the credit, and that’s a no-no.
    As you now know, due to the death of Brian Terry, that the ATF didn’t iron out the faults of Wide Receiver, and thousands of firepower walked (Wide Receiver lost 400 arms before it was terminated), and the higher-ups knew nothing about F & F (Sgt. Shultz). Some of the higher-ups have fell on their swords (more than likely pushed on the sword), and Obama’s Executive Order regarding ATF’s communication with the DoJ comes into play, by not producing the communications.
    It’s that old (very old) saying, if you have nothing to hide, then let them look. With Obama’s promise of a transparent government, his sealing of College records (along with Elizabeth Warren’s of MA), and DoJ’s communications, speaks volumes of Obama’s character.

    • Gene Freidus says:

      You’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts. The Bush program, involving small arms that were actually tagged electronically was a failure and ended in 2007.Fast & Furious started in 2009 under the current Attorney General. The report of the IG contradicts the story of Holder to Congress.The lies are far from over.Further, the President blocked the Congress from reviewing material from the White House pursuant to Executive Privilege.The problem is that the Supreme Court has made clear that Executive Privilege is not available unless there’s a secret that could be harmful to the nation.Revealing that Holder and /or Obama is a liar would only benefit our country.This issue too will have to be resolved by the judiciary.Hopefully, with a new President, the matter will be easier for Congress to resolve.

  2. dntmkmecomoverther says:

    Can’t wait to see this jackass fired in November…my version of ‘fired n fast’.

  3. Patricia McGehee says:

    Obama is the original flim flam man. I hope many Americans will wake up and see him for he is. His plans for the US are scary. Just knowing how he goes around Congress and works against the Constitution should tell people he cannot be trusted to sit in the highest seat in this land.

  4. Iwareagle says:

    This man cannot open his mouth without a lie coming out.

    • rockcut says:

      Prisident Obama did not lie the F & F was an extention devised within the field offices and not from Washington during the Bush Admin. and continues under ObAMA. It wasd suht down when it came to the attention of Holder. How ever the GOP Congressman Issa has used this F & F incident in a partisan political GOP way. The independent report shows Holder had no knowsledge of the program and did not lie……so stop the nonsense.

  5. 44rd11 says:

    ANY time Obama opens his mouth – he lies. He is full of Deceit.

  6. williaml says:

    I am sure he did. Not the first either.

  7. What The Univision Crowd Came Away With Nothing But A “Spin Sermon” By The Birther-In-Chief Obamacare Who Could Tell You A Story About “Fast And Furious” That Would Make You Change Your Vote From Demo-Rats To The GOP Nov 2012. The Person That Furnished The Weapons To The Mexican Cartel Pres Barry Soetoro AKA Barry Obama With His Partner In Crime Eric “Coyote” Holder, Yikeess, What Appears To Be A Victory For Mr Issa, Against The Four “Coyotes” Obama/Holder/Clinton/Sharpiro With New Evidence Has Surfaced Indicating That Not Only Was “Hillary” And Her Trusted “Andrew J,. Sharpiro” The Real Masterminds Behind F&F, Accepting 10 Million Stimulus Dollars From Pres Barack Obama, Follow The Money “Audit The Feds Now” The Answers Will Show On The Audit!!! God Bless America .

  8. RANDR2012 says:

    and? ok so he lied….they still will vote for him….talk about being zombies and kool-aid drinkers. WHEN will this wh imposter take the full reign? He doesnt have answers so he will continue to blame the previous admin. I am so frustrated with people who will vote for this man. why cant they use their mexican brains for once instead of putting their hand out.

  9. RANDR2012 says:

    we are close to the end of 2012, and for the ones who cant see its obama who sits in the wh, bush, for some people, is still is in the running for president. Get over it, obmama is the one who is at the helm. Not bush not anyone else. Blame for the present economy, failures in his policies is what has gotten us to this point. He wasnt qualified and he still doesnt know what to do.

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