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PolitiChicks SCOOP: “Patriot, not Politician” Next Gov of Calif?

November 29, 2012 at 10:00 am



33rd Assembly District


The Presidential Election is over and Assemblyman TIM DONNELLY is the FIRST Candidate to announce he is running an exploratory campaign for GOVERNOR of CALIFORNIA. To hear why he feels he must enter the Gubernatorial race listen to his announcement filmed by PolitiChicks’ Ann-Marie Murrell:

Los Angeles Assemblyman Tim Donnelly was re-elected Tuesday to represent the 33rd Assembly District.  Today Tim told PolitiChicks video reporter Ann-Marie Murrell some compelling reasons why he feels he MUST run for Governor of California in 2014:

“I have decided to open an exploratory committee to run for governor of California because there’s nobody out there fighting for us.”

“Businesses are fleeing—entire generation of Californians are leaving California to find a better life.”

“What I believe in is grass roots…one of the best ways that I can build support is travel the state, go from town to town, talk to business leaders, talk to community leaders, talk to individuals at their doorstep, at a rally…do a lot of listening.  A lot of times people have solutions that politicians never thought of that will actually work; there’s a lot of common sense out there.  The Founders trusted the people.”

“California needs a champion; California needs somebody who’s willing to stand up and fight…somebody who believes that this state is the greatest state in the union and that we can be the Golden State again—the land of opportunity.”

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Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly owned his own business for 20 years before coming to the Assembly. He and his wife, Rowena live in the scenic San Bernardino Mountains with three of their five sons.  Tim was on “Good Day L.A.” this morning.


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  1. A very good way is seen in this video for folks all over America to start a new wave of local, state and national political leaders. We have for far too long continued to vote the same old candidates in, and like that old adage about doing the same thing over and over, expecting new results, well, you know what that is called. I might even be talked into running for something, but it would have to be something that I really believed in, like saving the Constitution! I don’t know if this will reach the right target groups, but pass it on to the California voters if you have friends and/or family out that way.

  2. rj says:

    I feel his pain. I know what he is trying to do and I think it is a wonderful thing but what he is attempting to do he’s fighting an up hill battle against the corporations who are the ones who say they stay or they don’t stay. I wish him all the luck in the world and if I lived in California. He cretainly would have my vote. God Bless America!!

  3. Yes! We can be encouraged and in fact – we ARE encouraged by this news. Will the people of California elect a man of integrity, honor and courage? Time will tell. If Tim IS elected, California may have a fighting chance after all!

  4. Yes they have lost a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ with an OPENLY HOSTILE business atmosphere!

  5. drut says:

    If you will look at what just happened with this election , you will see that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right , satan has his hand in this and he is roaring like a lion

    we have seen murder by our highest officials with no recourse , everything religious has been taken away from us and they are trying to replace it with the muslim faith , my bible says there will be no other god or gods , my bible has been here from the beginning , my bible teaches peace and love , so tell me what is right when your bible tells you to kill those who do not conform to your beliefs ? why does your bible condone telling you you will be met with virgins when you die for them [ sounds like wishful thinking to me ] , don’t back the christains to far into a corner they still know how to fight .

    Arnold was led around by the nose by a democrat and never had a chance to govern on his own , it was like having the devil in bed with you , I hope and pray tim will have success

    we need something good to happen somewhere before it’s to late to recover

  6. guest says:

    He’s a conservative in a liberal, no, THE liberal state of the nation. He doesn’t stand a chance.

  7. JennieWalsh says:

    He would have my vote if I lived in California. He is up against the entire Kingdom of Satan but Almighty God is on his side.

  8. db cooper says:

    a conservative? a republican? governer of california! ha! that is a joke isn’t it? the nimrod calif voters have no intention of cutting back on their lifestyle as long as it’s paid for by someone else; the welfare recipients including illegals will never ever vote against a donkey party dolt who issue them their ration of bread and butter, and the same for the myriad of simple servants and their unions who demand more taxes to feed their overpaid salaries and luxurious retirement pensions and benefits. calif is what’s down the road for the rest of the u.s. under obozo . . . and we are therefore and without question doomed. john galt has moved.

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