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Washington Post Shocked to Discover Obama’s Approach Not Balanced

November 29, 2012 at 5:42 am

One of the major reasons Obama earned the Washington Post‘s 2012 endorsement was his “balanced approach” to deficit reduction. Now that he’s won, the Post is alarmed to discover he is pushing for tax increases while offering no cuts to entitlements whatsoever.

Just how out of balance is the President’s balanced approach? Enough that theWashington Post has written not one but two editorials demanding that entitlement reform be included the mix. The first piece, two weeks ago, was unequivocal: “Any serious debt-reduction plan has to include revenue and defense cuts. But no serious one can exclude entitlements.”

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  1. KJ says:

    Balanced approach?
    And now talk of a wealth tax?

    Sounds like the first footsteps of… A Communist.

  2. I dropped the Washington Post for the absolute idiocy of their coverage of the election. One group gave Obama 4 “Pinocchios” then ran at least two articles lauding Obama for the same statements he received the “Pinocchios” Balanced is not in Obama’s game plan – lets just all hold hands and go over that cliff. This way we either fix it or let it break down. We will be like Greece with a whole lot more weapons. People are sick of the lack of competency of the Obama government.

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