Witnesses: FBI Raids Home of Petraeus Mistress

November 13, 2012 at 5:54 am

FBI agents raided the Dilworth, North Carolina home of Paula Broadwell, the woman accused of having an affair with former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus Monday night. Petraeus resigned last Friday, citing his infidelity.

Local stations WSOC, WCNC, and WBTV reported the FBI confirmed its agents were inside Broadwell’s home, but nearly a dozen agents on scene “would not confirm what they were looking for” as they were “carrying boxes and taking photographs inside the home.” Several reporters relayed what they saw at the home through Twitter as it happened.

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  1. Atillathehun says:

    I think that i must be missing something. Since the failed counter insurgency tactics used in Iraq have been a failure and since similar tactics developed and written by Petraeus have also failed in Afghanistan, I am confused as to what exactly this political General has accomplished that qualifies him for the alleged “hero” status and being mentioned in the same sentence as Patton, Stillwell or even MacArthur.
    I would suggest the Army General Officer Corps is populated with political hacks that have never spoken truth to power and have allowed political correctness to permeate the last bastion of sanity in the US. Proof of that is the fact that the Islamic terrorist is a “workp[lace violence” perpetrator. Are you kidding me. I suspect treasonous activity at the highest levels of government including both Patraeus and Panetta. Honor is a casualty of Marxist ideology.

    • Msg 1st Sgt Cox says:

      Go brother you got the truth flowing, and this also applies to other Generals and high up employees of our Defense separtment , lets cut the Defense Department 10% and leave the military cut at 10% also and move on.

  2. Ronald Homan says:

    So Petraeus had an affair, so what. The press and Feds will continue to go after Paula Broadwell, until she commits suicide or the “progressives” will demand she gets stoned to death.

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