$1000/Hr: Obama Books World’s Top Golf Pro for Vacation

February 16, 2013 at 5:15 pm
obama golfer

Economic growth is in the negative, unemployment is on the rise, Walmart’s forecasting a disastrous February for retail sales, poverty’s up, gas prices are up, the cost of health care premiums are up, middle class incomes are falling, consumer confidence is at a two year low, our deficit is unsustainable, and Barack Obama has just signed up for private golf lessons with two of the top teachers in the country.

You might want to go back and read that last part again.

Safely re-elected and with no concerns whatsoever that the media will take issue with his elitist behavior (hell, the media won’t even make an issue of the economy), what would certainly be the kind of optics the media would bludgeon a Republican with will likely go unnoticed, because the narrative’s been set that Obama can do no wrong.

The only other possibility is that the media will tell us that Obama hiring the number-one golf teacher in the world represents Obama “creating a job.”

The President’s golfing weekend at The Floridian GC in Palm City, Fla., will include more than golf on a Tom Fazio course or an afternoon of ball beating at the Harmon School of Golf on campus. The Harmons, Butch and son Claude III, are flying in to work with President Obama[.]

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  1. dotherightthing4 says:

    Our troops in Afghanistan are no longer receiving hot breakfasts due to cutbacks—so…where is Obama’s “shared sacrifice?”….when will he do his “fair share?”
    Talk is cheap. We have our own Marie Antoinette….Ghetto style.

  2. hongryhawg says:

    Now don’t jump to conclusions. I’m sure that $1K includes more holes than 18.

  3. RICARDO36 says:

    NI GHER $$$$!

  4. marineh2ominer says:

    Spare NO expense to keep him out of the White House and away from his communist advisers .

  5. MUF69 says:

    Well its like this. If he is paying for this out of his own pocket then it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are paying for everything associated with it, travel, security and God knows what else. If we are paying for it then it is income and must be claimed as such on his tax returns. Although everyone know that will not happen. Let Donald Trump do it and watch the libs go crazy. No we are at fault. As Americans we are allowing this to happen. We are allowing the President and his family to walk all over the taxpayer. The spend as if it was theirs. Its not!
    I have just had my co-pay for medication go uo again. Two years in a row we have had increases. Remember the first two years of his reign, no increase in Soc Sec payments or retired military pay. remember how we have been told there is no inflation! I am retired military and I do not receive free medical as promised but our politicians do.
    Wake Up America! Its your country not the politicians. Tax them as we are taxed. If they receive anything above their pay not dealing with their work like golf leason or sending their family member on vacation then its their responsibility to pay for it not the tax payers. And they also need to claim and pay taxes on income just like you and I do.
    WE THE PEOPLE must take back OUR America.

    • quincyman says:

      The only problem(if you will) is printing stories like this on these types of web sites and blogs. Is that they are preaching to the choir. even if the Libs read any of this stuff they’d simply say it was BS and lies. To hear the potus is spending our money on frivolous bullshit is not surprising at all. To hear when he speaks he never )anymore) addresses the economy is again, no surprise. It’s business as usual on his second term. without any fear because he can’t run anymore. We just have these sorry democrat liberals allowing this to happen day after day after day and they just swallow it saying” Thank Mr. President may I have another”. will they never wake up and realize what is happening to this country? I hope so. We can only hope that “WE” the people with our eyes open, will be able to select ourselves a good candidate that the country can truly believe in and make some converts, put him in office and get this all turned around. Take back AMERICA. I’m all for it, but we’re fighting a losing battle without the right ammo and leadership. The republican party MUST come together in unity. When 2016 comes around we have to not make each other (the candidates) look bad and then say after losing the primary say “Oh yeah they’re OK
      I’m voting for him now” Ii don’t really know the answer. But hopefully someone out there does and they better start putting it to work before someone puts their hand on the flush handle and pushes it.

    • U.S.Patriot says:

      I take exception on the first part regarding him using his own money. The reason is that it really is not his money! Bare in mind we the tax payers pay his salary and in any normal business as part of management he would have been fired for lying at work, not following written procedures ,, (Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc), racism, not being a team player, slamming the company publicly, taking excessive time off, spending excessive money on business trips, unable to balance a department budget, nepotism, going around the teams back, poor judgement and administrative skills, failure to react responsively and effectively,etc. I have seen executives terminated for a fraction of the management style failures of this guy named sartoro.
      He would not have lasted a month in any real job for any company and we the tax payers would have saved trillions of dollars .

    • Magnolia says:

      The question is HOW DO WE STOP HIM???

      • henrypeter says:

        That is a good question and wonder about this question myself. How is he funding the “free phones” and other goodies? On the immigration issue, he will be securing more votes from those illegals further securing his base. People can’t resist “goodies.” Obviously we all want him to be impeached. But the RINO’s in office now only talk. This sequestration going on now, will not happen. The RINO’s in the end will capitulate once again. They have no courage and once replaced, that will be enough to keep him at bay. It must be remembered that he didn’t win the last election by that much. Many Americans are waiting for others to vote but not them this time because they are “too busy.” We could have won the election had more people show up at the polls. Then I can’t forget about voter fraud. We have to join groups of likeminded people. It will be a long rocess, but this is how I think it will evolve for us.

  6. rosemarienoa says:

    Does he think it will improve his game???? I have my doubts, & WE are paying for the whole thing!!!

  7. brianjconway says:

    This guy is a disgrace. He has been since day 1. Now, with no reelection campaign to concern him, he no longer even tries to hide his obsessive Idi Amin like desire for what he percieves to be gloriosity. My old Irish grandmother had a saying “Put a beggar on horseback and he’ll ride to h e l l everytime.

  8. perfectlyaged says:

    Obama is spending the h~~~ out of the taxpayer’s money flying to Florida to take professional golf lessons at the taxpayers expense…Moochelle and the girls are on a sking trip at the taxpayer’s expense. I suppose Air Force One and Air Force Two fly at a rate of $181,757 for gasoline per hour at the taxpayer’s expense!!!!! I get so MAD everytime I see the picture of Obama with his head tilted back and looking down his nose at the American people as if to say “stop me if you can!”
    One word of caution to Obama, you have awakened the sleeping giant! The American people are brimming over with revolutionary fervor!!!

    • scarletdove says:

      Someone told me a couple of years ago that there was going to be a civil uprising in the US, with us accomidating this dictator and the MSM licking his boots,I really wonder ifwe will rebel!

  9. littlepat says:

    That SOB better be paying for that out of his own pocket! I’m having trouble paying for groceries. Who made that idiot King?

    • Magnolai says:

      If you votes for him, you did. It’s the welfare recipients and free phone grabbers who made him king.

      • scarletdove says:

        And Obama made them what they are for just this reason since this is what adictator does tocontrol his ignorant followers. He does not respect any of these people, he has used their ignorance to control them!

  10. Magnolia says:

    He will,find a way for we taxpayers to foot the bill.

  11. mary says:

    I find it just a little ironic that just two days ago he was talking about how he wished he had a “dad” around when he was growing up, “but” he always seems to be somewhere else when Michelle and the girls are vacationing in another part of the country, you’d think he would want to be around his girls while they were growing up???mary711

  12. scarlerdove says:

    This is the stuff of a dictator, andhe can take both his golf balls and clubs and put them where the sun does not shine!

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