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Daniel Greenfield: Life Under the Victimocracy

In America there are two types of people; the oppressed and the oppressors. The oppressed oppress the oppressors. And everyone including the...


The Mainstream Media Thinks You’re Stupid – And Why You Should Care

Remember when 60 Minutes used to expose all kinds of corruption, winning 20 Peabody Awards for segments about abuses by government and military...
Posted On Nov 21 2014


Kids and Technology

When my kids were growing up, we were a pretty tech-savvy family for that time period, the 1990’s into the 2000’s, but the amount of tech in our...


Guest Writer Dr. JP Sloane: Our Nation’s Cathedral-Mosque—the Abomination of Desecration Has Begun!

America was founded on the premise that we are the second Israel because—like Israel—we were founded to honor the God of the Bible and His Laws....