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The Jonathan Gruber Scandal—Worse Than We Thought

Most of us who are Fox News viewers know who Jonathan Gruber is. However, as I learned this week, there are some on the Left who do not know him...
Posted On Nov 20 2014


Daniel Greenfield: Super-Amnesty Will Turn Every City into Detroit‏

After another bloody weekend in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel branded the shootings unacceptable and the city’s top cop demanded more gun control...


Nice Discipline or Lousy Parent – You Decide

In case you were wondering, you’re a lousy parent. You may have already known this but just in case you didn’t, I’ll save you...
Posted On Nov 01 2014


Roman Catholic Church Sends Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse to work with Kids

Once again the Roman Catholic Church finds its Bishop of Bruge at the center of controversy surrounding a priest accused of sexually assaulting...