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BREAKING: Famous Immigration Mayor Resigns Following DUI

Alan Long, Mayor of Murrieta, CA, has resigned after a serious accident Thursday night. Murrieta is the small town 70 miles north of the...


Ten Minutes Into Obama Rally—Mass Exodus

On Sunday, October 19, a huge crowd showed up to greet Barack Hussein Obama stumping for Maryland’s Democrat candidate for governor, Anthony...


Ask Dr. Gina: “My 13-year old daughter has been drinking…”

Dear Dr. Gina: I learned that my daughter has been drinking when I read her diary.  I haven’t said anything to her or to my husband,...


Marriage Has Made Me Weak!

When I was dating my husband I wouldn’t let him hold the door open for me. I refused to let him do some of the nice things that a gentleman does...
Posted On Oct 16 2014