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Feminist Attacks PolitiChicks & Phyllis Schlafly for Defending Women’s Rights

Monday morning I received multiple tweets regarding a “hit piece” about PolitiChicks on written by Amanda Marcotte. The article, titled...


Is It Time for the President to Use the “N” Word (aka NUKE)?

In a recent vote by Congress, both the House and then the Senate, President Obama gained the necessary votes to go forward with his plan to deal...


Guest Writer Daniel Greenfield: “Americans Alone”

For the first time in American statistical history, the majority of American adults are single. 124 million or 50.2% of Americans are single....


Dr. Gina: Why The Left is Removing God From American Culture

Lea Carawan is the Exec. Director of the Congressional Prayer Caucus and discusses why the left is removing God from American culture –...