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1st Amendment Case Wins at North Carolina University

Have You Abandoned the GOP?

#WomenAgainstFeminism Gains Momentum on Twitter

Disease, Illegals, and Obama

Melinda Gates Has Truthful “Biden Moment” Re. Common Core

Common Core Indoctrination: Control the Children, Control the Nation

Veteran: “I never imagined America could have the worst leader in the free world…”

Hunting Kendall Jones

Progressive “Good Intentions” or Detriment to America?

The New Civil Rights Movement and Change Agent for the New Communist America

VIDEO: Mom Talks About Secretive Common Core Testing


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge July 23, 2014 Warning

ISIS Propaganda Video: Stop Depression. Join the Jihad. You’re Going to Die Anyway.

Common Core

Following Oklahoma’s Lead: A Video to Help YOUR STATE Repeal Common Core!

US Flags on Brooklyn Bridge Replaced With Mysterious White “Surrender” Flags

“Never Leave A Soldier Behind” Forgotten by Obama Admin

The Middle East Problem–A World Away Comes Close to Home

PolitiChick Profile: Beth Baumann, Walking the Walk

No Time To Visit The Border – Obama Heads To Martha’s Vineyard For Another Vacation

While Obama Administration Plays “Race Card,” Black Americans Slam Obama as “Worst President Ever”

IRS and Obama Administration Playing the ODDS

EXCLUSIVE: Murrieta Residents Letter to Rep. Calvert

Government Cover-Up: There’s “Political Deception…against Americans” says Former Border Patrol Officer

First Oklahoma, Now Wisconsin Saying NO to Common Core!


Breaking: Ukrainian Rebels Suspected in Downing of Malaysian Aircraft