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Rep. Bridenstine Says Stay Focused on the “Other News”

Whenever there is one story that consumes the media’s attention, you can bet there is something being swept under the rug. Fortunately, while...
Posted On Nov 28 2014


Guest Daniel Greenfield: Amnesty for UnAmerica

Obama’s excuse for his illegal amnesty will be that the immigration system is “broken” forcing him to act. But when Obama says that the system is...


Kids and Technology

When my kids were growing up, we were a pretty tech-savvy family for that time period, the 1990’s into the 2000’s, but the amount of tech in our...


Rise Up, America – This Nation Is Still Worth It

As the world seems to be going mad all around us, we need to take a moment to focus, and remember who we are and what really matters. Injustice...