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Must-See Video: Truth-Teller Geert Wilders Discusses Denial of Islamic Terrorism

It seems the entire world refuses to call Islamic terrorists our enemy, and we can add the Netherlands to that list.  On The Glazov Gang, Dr....


Should Virginians re-hire – or fire – Sen. Mark Warner (D) on November 4th?

The Old Dominion has seen a dramatic shift in the political landscape over the past 20 + years with respect to national elections, from a...


How the news about Hannah Graham raises my worst fears as a parent

Like thousands of other Virginians and across the United States, my heart skipped a beat this evening upon the news that the body of missing UVA...


Marriage Has Made Me Weak!

When I was dating my husband I wouldn’t let him hold the door open for me. I refused to let him do some of the nice things that a gentleman does...
Posted On Oct 16 2014