Climate Debate: What’s the Point of Breathing Clean Air if Your Head is Chopped Off?

Leonardo DiCaprio, star of Titanic and Wolf of Wall Street star has just been named the messenger of peace by the United Nations. What an honor...
Posted On Sep 20 2014


Congress Opens the Purse Wide, Funds Obamacare and More Terrorists

How many people remember November 2010 when a new Congress was elected by a landslide for the purpose of repealing Obamacare? Here we are four...


Guest Writer Daniel Greenfield: “Americans Alone”

For the first time in American statistical history, the majority of American adults are single. 124 million or 50.2% of Americans are single....


NEW Religion Section’s Tina Drake: Back to the Future, Spiritually

For generations, Sunday mornings were filled with bustling households, searching their closets for their “Sunday best”, while...
Posted On Sep 21 2014