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More CPS Abuse: Fight For Teenager Isaiah Rider – His Mother Committed “Cardinal Sin” Of Questioning Doctors

It’s the nightmare that they just can’t wake up from. 17-year-old Isaiah Rider is still in foster care and cannot go home to his mom, all because...


Will Work for…Beer? Germany’s Latest Social Experiment

Imagine after a long week of back breaking work you head into pick up your paycheck. You step up to the manager and say, “That will be 4 six...


Nice Discipline or Lousy Parent – You Decide

In case you were wondering, you’re a lousy parent. You may have already known this but just in case you didn’t, I’ll save you...
Posted On Nov 01 2014


A Christian Warning from the Past

To begin with such a clearly incendiary title may be just the beginning needed to send the unbelievers screaming from the website and to the...