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You’ll Never Guess Why Liberals Are Attacking This Business!

Washington D.C.’s Gun Ban Lift: A Major Victory for Gun-Rights Activists

EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Joe Addresses Immigration Crisis & Impact of Murrieta Residents

If You’re In Favor of Border Security, You’ll be labeled “Racist Bigot” or a Member of the KKK

Stay Calm and Stop Common Core

Stay Calm and Stop Common Core & Data Collection!

Finally! A Little Transparency from the White House Re. Impeachment

N.O.W is fighting mad about Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision

Rep. Gowdy gets Rowdy About the IRS

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 8.50.57 AM

Common Core Alert for Parents: Do YOU Know Where Your Children’s Private Info Is Going?

1st Amendment Case Wins at North Carolina University

Have You Abandoned the GOP?

#WomenAgainstFeminism Gains Momentum on Twitter

Disease, Illegals, and Obama

Melinda Gates Has Truthful “Biden Moment” Re. Common Core

Common Core Indoctrination: Control the Children, Control the Nation

Veteran: “I never imagined America could have the worst leader in the free world…”

Hunting Kendall Jones

Progressive “Good Intentions” or Detriment to America?

The New Civil Rights Movement and Change Agent for the New Communist America

VIDEO: Mom Talks About Secretive Common Core Testing


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge July 23, 2014 Warning

ISIS Propaganda Video: Stop Depression. Join the Jihad. You’re Going to Die Anyway.

Common Core

Following Oklahoma’s Lead: A Video to Help YOUR STATE Repeal Common Core!

US Flags on Brooklyn Bridge Replaced With Mysterious White “Surrender” Flags

“Never Leave A Soldier Behind” Forgotten by Obama Admin