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PolitiChicks Exclusive: Sr. Intelligence Officer Tells Pres. Obama, “Don’t throw us under the bus”

The President recently completed an interview in which he claimed the failures to understand ISIS were tied to “inaccurate intelligence...


Exclusive From Belgium: Sharia4Belgium on Trial for Terrorism Thanks to Father of Jihadist

The trial of 46 defendants in Antwerp, Belgium began on Monday as all 46 were charged with being members of a terrorist group. According to court...


What Defines a “Parenting Expert”?

When my editor assigned me the “Parenting” beat on PolitiChicks, I had to laugh. After all, I quit teaching parenting classes over twenty years...


Guest Writer James Patrick Riley: Fearless, Wine-drinking Warriors for Christ

Anno Domini: King Jesus Something went terribly wrong with the Christian faith in the 19th century, and we’re paying the price for it...