22 Christians Arrested for Praying in Front of WH

October 1, 2012 at 12:51 am / by

About Karen O'Day

State Director of PolitiChicks West Virginia Karen O’Day is a Christian, homeschooling mom and concerned parent turned political activist; she can be found on Facebook on Twitter.

The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees two things: the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. It’s pretty simple. Unless you live under a rock, you most likely know that the First Amendment reads as such:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

This is the premise and the basis for all the other amendments and rights our Constitution provides.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I’m glad you asked. It seems that yesterday, Saturday, September 29th, 22 people were arrested for praying – yes, praying – in front of the White House.  According to the Christian News Wire, “A Religious Freedom Rally and Rosary Service are being held in response to President Obama’s HHS Mandate which forces people of faith and conscience to violate their core beliefs and values.” As a result of the peaceful assembly, free exercise of religion, and freedom of speech – 22 peaceful activists were arrested standing up for religious freedom.

What have we come to in this country? With a ‘new flag’ and new ‘executive orders’ and exorbitant, excessive powers being abused by Obama – we have come to a very Orwellian era where we are not free to think or speak or pray where we please, even if done in a peaceful, non-threatening way. Is this Obama’s America?

Dave Tombers reports, “Brandi Swindell, National Director of Generation Life, a pro-life group dedicated to mobilizing activists, students, artists, musicians and young professionals to end abortion and spread the message of sexual integrity, [said] that she had a “divine appointment” in Washington today…

“I stood in Tiananmen Square holding a banner that said, ‘Jesus Christ is King’ and was arrested,” Swindell said. “I never imagined that just four years later I’d be standing in front of the White House risking the very same thing.” She [said] that she intended to hold the same banner declaring “Jesus Christ is King” in front of the White House Sunday afternoon, and fully expected to be arrested for it.

Our religious freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution. As a (supposed) Constitutional Law Professor, one would assume that Obama might have read that first amendment at one time or another. It seems that in Obama’s America, the First Amendment only applies when it doesn’t violate his mandates and conscience. It’s sickening where we’re headed. We no longer have a Presidency – it seems that we’re headed toward a dictatorship.

November is coming – YOUR RIGHTS are in danger. Will you remember this? Will you take a stand for religious freedom? Will you vote to stop Obama and his near-dictatorship? Our very Constitution – the one that has governed our country nearly since the beginning – is at stake!







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Karen O'Day

State Director of PolitiChicks West Virginia Karen O’Day is a Christian, homeschooling mom and concerned parent turned political activist; she can be found on Facebook on Twitter.

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  1. jbthe4th says:

    Had they instead been kneeling on prayer mats facing Mecca, they would have been left alone….no doubt.

  2. The US Military will NOT stand idly by while the alleged Commander in Chief ruins the 3 most sacred American traditions: Constitution, Flag & Country. We will not roll over so easy, Mr O should be careful not to awaken the sleeping giant that is these United States Citizens who like the country as it has been for the last 236 years, under US Constitutional Law as originally written.

  3. Rex says:

    The only problem is that Romney will not change anything. Ron Paul was the only real Republican Candidate that would have stood up for our God given freedoms. Even though he was not nominated, he has NOT suspended his campaign. Write him in. Or Vote Gary Johnson. Either way you can’t go wrong. I call on all God fearing, freedom loving Americans to vote for Real Change. Vote for Liberty.

    • retiredsgmusarmy says:

      Every living American needs to get out and vote on November 6th. Vote for either one of the presidental canidates, but don’t vote for a third party, to vote for a thrid party will be a vote for obama. To vote for a thrid party will be like throwing your vote into the obama camp. Your vote is important, don’t throw it away by voting for the non-american in the Whitehouse.
      Rex, you don’t know what Romney will or won’t do after he is elected as our next president. Do you have the ability to for see the future? You just think you no what will happen after he is elected as our next president. I suspect that you are but one of many Americans that are bitter because Ron Paul didn’t get the nomination and figure to get you pay back by voting for obama by not voting for Mitt Romney.
      You need to put your anger aside and vote the azzhole out of office and shoot for the 2016 election year, if Ron is still alive, then maybe, just maybe he can run for the office of the presidency again.

      • Blah says:

        It’s only a wasted vote if you vote for someone you don’t believe in just because you think the other one is worse. Gary Johnson is not a wasted vote if you agree with his ideas and views. And I don’t see how NOT voting for Obama is giving a vote to Obama…What you said is just idiotic….

        • Don’t you guys get it? It’s a WASTED vote if it goes to a third party because the third party won’t get elected, which takes away a vote from Romney and …. BOZO Hussein will get in again to finish destroying us!

          • Alice says:

            I agree with you. There are people with no brain posting here. Duh! wake brain dead! Vote for someone who has a chance win not someone who has NO chance.

        • Alice says:

          No, you are the idiot. Not voting for Romney is giving the vote to Obama by default. That is wicked.

      • magus says:

        Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil

        • Max says:

          But in life there are many times when we have to choose the lesser of two evils. Ex: Which holiday do we spend with which in-laws? Do I take the medication and risk dependence or do I live with the pain? Do I speed and risk getting a ticket or do I show up late and risk getting written up at work? Life is full of these kinds of decisions. Having to pick the lesser of two evils is no excuse for not making a decision as we do it every day.

      • doodls says:

        I think Romney’s record as governor is a pretty accurate depiction of how he will act in the White House.

      • ebayjim says:

        Actually all registered Democrats are to vote on November 7th. Let’s get this right.

      • Alice says:

        I hope all the Demoncrats are sick in bed with the flu on election day. They are out to destroy the country via their stupidity. I hope they don’t vote but you know dead people will be voting Demoncratic on that day.

      • Alan Zapota says:

        You really believe all that, don’t you? Good god, I don’t even know where to begin. The only vote for Obama is a vote for Obama. Stop telling people what they think and how to vote; we will not be bullied and/or fooled by youir kind anymore. And yeah, we do have some idea what Romney would do, because we listened to what he SAID. He said he would’ve signed NDAA as written by Obama. He said this on NATIONAL TELEVISION. He’s said some other stuff too; much of it is hilarious, but some of it is quite frightening, and none of it is any better than the crap his Goldmann Sachs buddy Obama is spewing. How ’bout I base my vote on facts rather than b.s.? Would that be all right with you?! Bitter? Try bitterly disappointed in people like you and in our likely future as a result of your willful ignorance and insistence on spreading it.

      • Adrian Rush says:

        So basically, vote for whoever you want, as long as it isn’t a vote for the guy I don’t like. Wake up — there’s no difference between Obama and Romney on the issues that really matter. Not the crap the media makes up to keep people distracted and divided, but things like endless war, out-of-control spending, and intrusions on civil liberties.

        Am I supposed to vote for one of them just because one of them is going to win? What kind of sense does that make? If your favorite football team is in the basement, do you stop rooting for them because they have no chance of winning the Super Bowl? Or to bring it back to politics, what if Hitler and Stalin were the front-runners in an election, and I decided to vote for, say, Barry Goldwater, even though he “had no chance”? Should I just ignore my principles, ignore the candidate who supports liberty, and vote for Hitler or Stalin even though I find their political beliefs repugnant?

        Our government gets worse and worse because we keep voting in these horrible candidates, either because one group of people so desperately wants to block the opposing candidate that they don’t even bother to offer a worthwhile candidate, or because they perpetuate the self-fulfilling prophecy that third parties can’t win anyway. Well, of course they can’t, with that attitude. Every election cycle in my lifetime, I’ve heard how THIS election is too important to “throw away your vote.” In 2004, it was the left bellyaching that Bush was going to destroy the country, so we absolutely had to vote for Kerry — not because Kerry offered anything to anybody, but because he wasn’t Bush. Now the right is doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING. Don’t you ever get tired of playing this game?

        Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Republicans don’t fix the mess Democrats leave behind, and vice versa. Go ahead and keep voting for people with no respect for our liberties, but don’t complain when we’re in a worse mess four years from now than we are now. I’m going to follow John Qunicy Adams’ advice and vote on principle, even if I vote alone.

    • Joe White says:

      rex you are a nut without his shell! if you vote for anyone but romney you vote for odamnUSA??? please stay away from anything to do with America! we have enough traitor’s running around destroying America!

      • kotekote says:

        u dont have to be rude to someone whose opinion you differ with. I thought this was a fight for religious freedom. I see you dont have the fear of God in. Nevertheless, Jesus still loves you. Make a stand for Jesus today!

      • Elizabeth says:

        A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson. Stop falling for that fallacious argument. Besides, Ross Perot stopped Clinton winning by a landslide, stop spewing that old lie about a vote for one person is a a vote for another.

      • Alan Zapota says:

        Yes, and two of their names are OBAMA and ROMNEY. Wake up, they’re on the same team, and it’s not ours. Take a look at their top donors FFS.

    • RightUnite says:

      Write him in, and you’re voting for Obama…. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that….

    • I googled Gary Johnson and immigration and didn’t like what I read. We need someone that will help enforce our immigrations laws and Gary Johnson doesn’t have a clue. I don’t want more of the same. Romney knows the best way to deal with the problem is self deportation. When Jan Brewer made them feel unwelcome, many packed their bags and left. We will never get 100% to leave but we could get it back to manageable numbers by taking up the welcome mat.

      • Alan Zapota says:

        That strategy amounts to doing basically nothing and hoping they just go away. By the way, these are HUMAN BEINGS we’re talking about here. Seems like you might’ve forgotten that. The main problem Romney needs to deal with is not self-deportation, it’s self-EDITING. Anyone who supports him must not have heard him talk much.

    • Richard says:

      So basically you’re voting for Obama. You know that Rand Paul endorses Romney because he knows his dad is done. RP had his fun, but now it’s time for him to retire and enjoy life. However, he won’t enjoy it as much as a senior under the Obama administration. Romney’s not perfect…..but he’s a good family man that knows money and business. That’s what we need in the WH. Don’t agree with your opinion, but none the less do respect it.

  4. retiredsgmusarmy says:

    Freedoms just another word to lose when there is nothing left to lose. Does the book “1984″ ring any bells with anyone out there?

  5. we shouldn’t have to wait til November… If anyone in congress had any spine, they would impeach the traitor…

  6. I watched the video and one thing that is wrong with it is there is caution tape around the area that they are in. When there is caution tape you are not allowed to cross it. They most definitely crossed it and that is why they were arrest. This had very little to do with the fact they where praying. They crossed the tape. Anyone having crossed the caution tape would have gotten arrested.

    • Punish_Traitors says:

      It’s not illegal to cross “Caution” Tape. Caution means caution not “Do not Cross”
      Police tape is another story, however.

    • Bev Hines says:


  7. Bev Hines says:


    • JesusChristSuperStar says:

      Video explaining what happened:

      • EPIC FAIL on your part, really? tinyurl? thats worse than 4chan! for those that dont know, dont click the link cause its a very disturbing thing. gauranteed. Its not the “video” you’re looking for. Just another liberal trying to fool everyone here.

        • 9gag3r_4_lyf3 says:

          TinyURL is nothing like 4chan, actually. You must be one of those dumb “Conservative” types who prides themselves on anti-intellectualism, over spending, and McDonald’s. Read a book.

        • Alice says:

          I am wondering why no one monitors this board and has not removed LINKS POSTED BY SICKOS!

      • AnaLorenaVictor says:

        I feel sorry for you.

    • Romney is not a Christian! He’s a Mormon! Christians believe that the bible is 100% of GODS word,Mormons supplemented GODS word with the “Book of Mormon” which did not come from GOD!

      • Christians are believers and followers of Christ. Mormons are Christians.

      • dlh8 says:

        The Bible is a compilation of many writers, many said do not add or take away from their books. Do you realize how many times the Bible was added to and changed through human error over the course of hundreds of years. Which version do you believe is true? The Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ. A record of the people of the Americas, which was buried and preserved for our use; not to not take anything away from the Bible, but to clarify Christ’s mission and Atonement. You many not call member’s of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints “Christians,” but our church bears His name and everything we do is in His name.

        • Alice says:

          Excellent point! Better to vote for a Christian than a Muslim. The Mormons didn’t attack the World Trade Centers on 911. How can any American forget that?????

        • Anna says:

          Fact – Mormons take from and add to the book of mormon every year and they also believe that other Gods exist. I don’t care – I don’t read the BoM and I don’t practice mormonism. But I am voting for Romney, because he is a step closer to what this country needs.

      • Alice says:

        I am not a Mormon but have known a few of them. They are overall better than most Christians!!!! The Book of Mormon may have come from God, who knows? BUT by THEIR EXAMPLE they behave the way Christians are supposed to behave. The Bible says you will know them by “their fruits” and I interprets this to mean “BY THEIR WAYS” …plenty of so called Chrisitans today are very indulgent smoking and drinking like fiends from hell.

    • Alice says:

      I wish I could click this as a like to appear to appear on Facebook. this forum has allowed a very gross link to be here so it is NOT monitored very well at all.

    • Alan Zapota says:

      Not sure what the caps accomplish, other than making SURE no one can miss the stupidity. Who cares what god he worships?! He AND Obama both think it’s okay for the president to toss your butt in jail with no trial, no cause, no due process at all. They both think we should keep spending money we don’t have and waging wars we can’t afford. They both answer to Goldmann Sachs rather than the U.S. Constitution. Does that really seem less important to you than this bull?!?!?? FFS

  8. trollxyz says:

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  9. trollxyz says:

    Video to explain what happened:

  10. trollxyz says:

    Video explaining what happened:

  11. Source please. I don’t buy this, arrested while praying does not equal arrested for praying. What was to official reason given?

  12. immabeliever says:

    The protesters were stagin their protest in a restricted area- ANYONE who does so there is arrested, regardless of personal politics or beliefs. THAT is WHY people protest there, it gets them coverage they wouldn’t get sitting down on the Mall by getting them arrested!

    • John Dicken says:

      Just out of curiosity…was this “restricted area” in front of a building that was paid for by our tax dollars? And was in located IN America? We they causing a undue hardship on anybody? or impeding traffic in some way? Then leave them alone, and let them exercise their rights of peaceful assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of religion!

      • Imgertrude says:

        People cannot be allowed to break the law no matter how peaceful is their assembly. Jesus taught respect for the law. No one told these people they could not pray, only that they could not challenge the law of the land by pushing the envelope.

        • I agree. People cannot be permitted to break the law. The law is what matters most in this country. Now, how long till Obama mobilizes INS and deports all the illegal aliens since he is so concerned with the law?

          • Kelly says:

            I guess they should all learn English too…because that’s the only common sense thing to do. Come to another country and learn their language….oh wait…maybe we’re all arrogant pricks who think that we’re so awesome because we live in America and all those dirty illegal aliens/hispanics ought to go back to their own country. Get a grip…

      • Alice says:

        Good point

    • IAMME says:

      Isn’t the WH lawn a restricted area? I seem to remember the Muslims holding a ‘day of prayer’ there not too long ago. On a daily basis, in fact, several times a day, it’s OK for Muslims to exercise their religious rights and are permitted pray while actually causing obstructions throughout the NY metropolitan area. Last Friday, the Muslims demonstrate against the US Constitution in an ‘anti-Free Speech rally in Dearborn, MA, God and everything associated with Christianity has been removed from every aspect of the American way of life in the name of policital correctness’.. Christians are not permitted to pray, or even voice their opinion outside the White House or outside any house even though they are not causing any disturbance, distress, obstruction, or harm to anyone. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?? I do! Our Muslim leader is enforcing Muhammad’s satanical deeds on the rest of world. In my opinion, he needs to be gone – preferably back to Kenya – and take the rest of his commicrats and Muslim contingency with him.

  13. Factchecker says:

    I find it very telling that this article fails to point out the reason they were arrested was because in 1974 a bill was passed restricting protesting from certain federal areas, including the one in which they were protesting. These arrests have nothing to do with praying. This law was passed long before Obama came into office. This article leads its readers to a false premise by excluding very relevant facts.

      • Factchecker says:

        They were protesting by assembling and voicing their disagreement with the HHA. The fact that they were praying is secondary, only the manner in which they were protesting. So the arrests were based on the protest, not the prayer. Side note, Obama signed the bill…but this bill was passed by a Republican House and Senate, so explain how voting Republican changes the fact that they would have gotten arrested?

        • Fed Up says:

          The Constitution gives us FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY..if the Wall Street Rioters were there with Muslims they wouldn’t have been bothered

          • FactChecker says:

            Frankly that statement is not true. Any person protesting in a restricted zone as designated by Title 18 of the United States Code will be arrested if they refuse to move. All modern systems of law recognize that some freedoms must be abridged for safety purposes. Freedom of assembly is restricted from public roadways in order to protect those assembling and those attempting to travel along the roadway without running over some one. You can’t falsely yell fire in a crowded theater without being arrested. Putting that in all caps won’t change the law. When assembly is done on public property then the government has the right to place reasonable restrictions on that right. There is no such thing as an absolute, unabridged right in America given by the Constitution.

          • Jim Britt says:

            You don’t need a permit (government permission) to utilize your freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, or your right to bear arms!

            ALL of these permit requirements are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and I ignore unconstitutional laws!

            Funny how liberals ignore clear rights like these yet support stuff like “abortion rights” which is NOT in the Constitution!

      • Nancy L. Rattign says:

        That’s exactly what I thought. People just jump on anything that seems to be anti Christian. I live in Maryland and fully understand why there are special exceptions for the White House. We have to protect the president and his family.

    • diamond dust says:


      Thousands of Muslims rally, pray at CapitolAbout
      3,000 Muslims gathered Friday for a first-ever prayer service in the
      shadow of the U.S. Capitol in what turned out to be a peaceful assembly
      despite the taunts of Christian evangelists on the surrounding

      If they can do it so can we. Who said our Christians were protesting. They are on their knees praying . Factchecker please get your facts straight!

  14. Gerald Dickinson says:{EBF33011-FD52-4ADB-B05D-FC595BDE729D}&notoc=1 Happened under the Bush administration too.

  15. I would feel better about being outraged if the article had mentioned the charge. I don’t think they were charged for being Christian so were they out in the street blocking traffic?

    • I don’t even care about the charge.. if they were in a restricted area, then they should simply have been asked to move. Being arrested smacks of communism. The government is making it known who controls this country and if we, the people, don’t abide, well, they’ll just round us up and lock us away….or worse.
      How about all the hollow-point bullets the government is buying and stashing away? Hollow points aren’t meant to tickle and get your attention. They KILL!!
      If we don’t get these radicals out of the White House, that’s what we can look forward to; a total dictatorship, living under Sharia law.
      AND, that’s what voting for a third party, instead of banding together to get him out of the WH, will get all of us.

  16. Pull your head out says:

    Gents and Ladies this president undermines the constitution with executive orders and czar’s. That is all you need to know on why you need to vote for Romney this election. I would even go so far as to say that if it were a race between Jimmy Carter and Obama Jimmy Carter would be the only good choice by far and that is because he did not bend or break the core sytem of this country. LOOK CLOSER PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A CHOICE THIS ELECTION. It is our founding principles or a sytem that Obama is taking us to that is not fully in line with our constitution. Many people through time have not seen the writing on the wall until it was too late. A leader that shows his color early will only get worse.
    Being liberal is one thing but to not respect the constitution is another. WHAT WOULD JFK ( John Kennedy) say if he were alive today? Go back and look at his talks , speachees and decisions and he would come off as the most conservative in this election! THINK ABOUT THAT!

  17. Donna says:

    Thats because they are not Muslims !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. We must rally all catholics to vote this election…we will not allow that islamist to keep on containing our freedom,just so that he gets re-elected on the job,he never know how to do….get that idiot out of the WHITE HOUSE

    • Fellow Catholic says:

      I am Catholic I will not be voting for Romney. My religious basis is never a means for my vote…I 100% support separation of church and state, even if he were an Islamist, despite that not being true. I don’t have a single freedom that has been restricted in the last four years.

      • PATRIOT 2012 says:

        If You’re A Catholic, and you for Obama, you just sold your uterus and vaginal canal to a Muslim, I hope you’re as good for him he’s as you THINK He is For You! And You Better Hope that Obama Care Covers All those xanax pills you’ll need to ease your conscience And Drown The Cries Of The Babies From the “Live Partial Birth” Abortions That YOU’LL Pay For With Your Tax Dollars! There Are Not Enough “Hail Mary’s” Or Our Fathers”: That Will Ever Clear Your Conscience (Providing you have a conscience ) Of That Decision !

      • your not a catholic or christian…it is either you are a negro,a muslim,a homo, or an illegal alien ….but you are not christian… so stop lying ,cause OBAMA WILL LOOSE !!

  19. todd says:

    NOW for the rest of the story. H.R.
    347 (also known as the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds
    Improvement Act of 2011) which restricted people from entering or
    blocking public areas that have been closed off by Secret Service
    law, which passed the House with a vote of 399-3, extends the original
    law by adding more protected areas within Washington D.C, and removing
    the word “willfully,” from the paragraph stating that protesters can be
    prosecuted if they enter the area “willfully and knowingly.”

    • John Dicken says:

      Was the area “blocked off” by the Secret Service? Was a sign or other notice posted? Never been to DC, I’m just curious how were they advised? And were they asked to move on? Or just scooped up and arrested?

      • Willow says:

        In order to protest, you have to get a permit from the city. This insures that police are aware of the gathering and can have enough people patrolling to insure everyone’s protection if either a protester or a passer-by became violent. When applying for the permit, you have to give the exact location where the protest will be held. If this group had attempted to get a legal permit for the location, they would’ve been instructed about the law and denied.

  20. FreeThinker75 says:

    A vote for a third-party candidate is exactly that – a vote for a third party candidate. I am not going to vote for someone I don’t like just to get someone else I don’t like out of office. That is ridiculous.

    Politicians must earn our vote.

    As far as this article – more hyperbole. Those arrested were doing so as part of civil disobedience – they knew beforehand that they would be arrested because they were on restricted federal property. As far as “freedom of speech” – the way our First Amendment is worded:
    “Congress shall make no law… …abridging the freedom of speech”
    For the record – there is nothing stating that what we say is free from consequence (there are libel laws, for example – and you can be prosecuted for falsely yelling “fire” in a crowded theater)

    The GOP and its supporters continue to water-down their once core beliefs and fall for such hysterical tactics… as a conservative, I find it pathetic.

  21. What a silly slanted article

  22. davidg says:

    Ms. O’Day, leaving out the truth about
    why these praying Christians were arrested is kind of a big folly don’t you
    think. I have to admit that when I read the headline it made me mad, then I did
    a bit of research. This is a democrat tactic. Please keep the integrity of the
    Christian right intact


  23. Fed Up says:

    This is why we have a 2nd amendment: to DEFEND OUR RIGHTS

  24. Alice says:

    There is a very trashy nasty photo that has been posted here by a NON-Christian. the link needs to be removed please. Its by someone who is very sick.

  25. Nancy Rattigan says:

    I need more information. Where were these Christians gathered? What was their purpose? Was it a way of disrupting traffic or closing down a business? We have the right to pray, worship as we choose and we are entitled to freedom of speech. However, sometimes that requires a permit if it obstructs business or the flow of traffic. Was a permit needed? If so, why didn’t they simply get a permit? I feel this is an inflammatory photo designed to make religious people feel as if their rights are being trampled, when in fact, it may have NOTHING whatsoever to do with that. Much like Nazi’s marching in parades, sometimes we have to have a permit to keep things civil. Without the details, this photo tells me NOTHING.

    • Nancy L. Rattign says:

      I see this was in front of the White House. I would assume they WOULD require a permit.

    • DoSomeResearch says:

      A permit was required, and they were also in a restricted area. This is nothing but an inflammatory post designed to fuel the fire with Christians against the Obama administration.

  26. does the muslims have the same right to pray to in front of white house?

  27. religious freedom should be protected, but religious things should never be in a public setting.

  28. Joseph Powers says:

    Not to pile on, but some quick numbers (from your own source) about executive orders. Think before you perpetuate misinformation.

    Nothing “new” about executive orders.

    George W. Bush (2 terms): 291

    Bill Clinton (2 terms): 363

    George H. W. Bush (1 term): 165

    Ronald Reagan (2 terms): 380

    FDR (3 terms): a whopping 3,728

    Barack Obama (< 1 term): 139

    Nothing new or special about them and the President isn't using them any more than other Presidents in the modern era.

    Truth was 1 click away from your cited source:

  29. Daily Kenn says:

    Were they arrested for praying? Or being in a restricted area?

  30. theteapartytruther says:

    Romney and Obama committed vote fraud by blocking out the Ron Paul Delegates at the RNC in Tampa. “RNC Sham” and “RNC Teleprompter” on YT. The Bangor Daily also reported on the Fraud against the Ron Paul delegates! Oh, who says conspiracy theorists are wrong?

  31. Marty Seay says:

    I had this dream on Sept 9th about praying outside, then a week later another dream
    called ‘ The Rapture is Coming The Angel Said’ then a week later another dream
    called ‘ What the Angel Said’ something is coming that God is sending out his
    warning for us all.

  32. pianista17 says:

    Remember that in this country, you have to apply in order to protest. You know, because you might want to ask permission from your overlords before you are about to express your discontent with them. That’s one of the thousands of reasons why “the land of the Free” is such a laughable cliche now. That’s probably why they were arrested people, because they didn’t ask for permission to express themselves. Alles in ordnung in the new, modern regimes folks.

  33. John3:16 says:

    Standard police procedure – you’re not allowed to stop moving while protesting within 10 feet of the centerline of the view of the White House. Happens to environmentalists and sexual orientation protestors too. Literally has nothing to do with the act of prayer any more than getting a ticket for obstructing a highway would be oppression of religious freedom were you to pray in the middle of a roadway.

  34. justsaying says:

    God didn’t judge America over the millions of natives that were raped and murdered and had their land stolen. God didn’t judge America over the millions of Africans that had boulders tied to their legs and were raped, murdered and enslaved for centuries. And God didn’t judge America over not taking care of the needs of the homeless, hungry, sick and dying poor. But now God will judge America over abortion and gay marriage…OK….got it.

  35. Having done open air preaching in front of the White House many times, without a permit, it is clear they are on government property, not public property. Had they gone one more foot from where the man with the green shirt is kneeling, they would have been on the road that is open to protesting, which this act is. It’s not speech, and it’s not a religion problem. And as a devout Christian, having earnestly prayed in public, this type of praying is clearly to be seen by others and to make a statement.

  36. AnaLorenaVictor says:

    If these would have been Muslims nothing would have happened because we have a Muslim president and disguise Muslim judges in our courts.

  37. mcbee555 says:

    How dare those Christians? Didn’t they see that sign declaring “This area reserved for members of Muslim Brotherhood?”

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