4 Dead Americans, a “Waste of Time & Money”

April 25, 2013 at 10:00 pm / by

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Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia, back on January 18 of this year introduced House Resolution 36, to establish a 19-member select committee to investigate and report on the attack that killed 4 Americans Sept. 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.  It went largely unnoticed during January and February, but finally more Representatives have co-sponsored the resolution and as of today, there are over 117 fellow representatives who have signed on.

Fast forward to this past Monday, April 22.  House Speaker, John Boehner defended the way he has handled the investigation into last year’s attack, insisting a select committee is not needed to investigate further.

“The five committees that have jurisdiction over this matter are working closely together,” Boehner said. “They’re getting the job done.”  Boehner, defending his handling so far, said it would be a “waste of time and money”, which has been echoed by members of the five committees.

Let’s get this straight.  There are people in our government who don’t believe a bipartisan committee, which would be able to have subpoena power, is a waste of time and money?  Really, John Boehner?  While for the past few months we have seen our representatives wasting time on unconstitutional anti-2nd Amendment measures, a new and improved amnesty bill, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act and legislation to institute an online sales tax among others, the families of 4 dead Americans could have learned the truth of why their sons, brothers and dads died when the government did nothing.

A waste of money?  I repeat–really, John Boehner? Seems we’ve found $152,000 to study “voice therapy” for trans genders, saying it is incumbent to being “accepted as one’s preferred gender.”  You’ve also found hundreds of thousands of dollars to study the size and shape of the reproductive organs of ducks, 1.5 million dollars to study why so many lesbians are overweight, $60,000 for the IRS to make a really bad spoof of Star Trek, more money for lesbians, this time 2.7 million on why they drink a lot.  Not to mention 1.4 Billion- yeah, that’s with a B on the Obamas.  Oh and hey, let’s not forget the F-16s and tanks you sent over to Egypt. Surely they cost more than a few bucks.

All sarcasm aside, this is a poor, pitiful and downright pathetic excuse to forget about the truth of what happened in Benghazi. After all, like Hillary Clinton said, “What difference at this point does it make?”  And John Kerry, our current Secretary of State echoed the sentiment recently when questioned about Benghazi, basically replied, “We’ve got more important things to move onto and get done.”   And, “Let’s put this behind us. We’ve got serious, major, big, current important vital to our national security issues to be debating.”  Yes, because in John Kerry’s opinion, 4 dead Americans are not serious, major bit or current.  They are so yesterday.

Mr. Boehner, you and many of your colleagues, and the Obama administration may believe that the truth may not be worth pursuing, that it’s a waste of time to answer so many unanswered questions, but let me assure you, the more than 700 retired Special Ops Heroes who signed this letter believe it’s important.  Charles Woods, the father of murdered former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods believes it’s important.  So far, 117 of your fellow Congress people and more are coming on board because they and their employers- your employers, We the People believe it is important!   For once we believe an issue, this issue is important enough to spend both time and money on Mr. Speaker.

We the People are extremely angry at the policies and actions, and cover ups of gross negligence by Obama and his administration and those in both houses of congress who have done nothing. We are disgusted, we are outraged and we are sickened.  Our own government knew that attacks were likely and news reports have shown that the White House and other security knew about it real time and did nothing.  Ambassador Stevens and others in Libya begged the government for more security and were denied.  The compound became a hell hole, while our people were being attacked, the couple of brave men who were there trying to fight asked repeatedly for help, which was standing by and ready, yet NOTHING was done!

This is a travesty.  We the People don’t think it’s a waste of time!  The families of 4 DEAD AMERICANS deserve better and I can guarantee you, they do not believe it is a waste of time or money either!

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Carolyn Elkins

Carolyn Elkins' PolitiChicks articles have been shared by Mark Levin, NewsBusters and New Media Journal. She writes about everything from military issues, the Middle East, Islam, politics to the Founding Fathers. Carolyn is a guest writer on The Right Scoop and PolitiBrew under the name American Duckie. Born in Canada, but now a proud U.S. citizen, Florida PolitiChick Carolyn is an unapologetic Christian and Constitutional Conservative. She studies the Founders and their writings, and uses what she learns to try and educate others. Carolyn is the founder of the Constitutional Freedom Party, a completely grass roots organization whose foundation is on God and the Founders’ intent for a Constitutional Republic. Carolyn is married with one child and has taught American Government and Constitution to her home school co-op group of 12- 14 year olds. You can visit her via the Constitutional Freedom Party blog or on twitter @ABiCduckie and @CFP4US

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  1. Wolfie says:

    Excellent as always Carolyn!

  2. keyesforpres says:

    Very good Duckie!!
    It was certainly a travesty and treason.

    • Thank you Keyes! Yes it is and it can not stand!!

      • I am also an AmericanborninCanada!!! I hate what is happening in America with our current resident of the WH!!! The liberal/progressives are ruining every country they are in…..including Canada!!! I couldnt live there again either!!!Europe is failing because of these fools!!! Margaret Thatcher was correct……”pretty soon you run out of other people’s money”!!! That’s where we are headed!!!

        • Welcome fellow sister! I agree, and it’s the last stand here for freedom!! I pray more Americans realize that, for if America’s liberties go, there’s no where else to run to. :-( Thank you for reading!

  3. NYGino says:

    All in the name of politics. To help towards the impostors re-election so he can push his socialist agenda along and at the same time protect and aid his Muslim connections.

    • Thank you East Coast. Now I have a job for you to do. I’ll take this coast, you take yours and lets get as many congress people we can to sign onto Rep. Wolf’s resolution! Between the two of us we could shake Florida- what d’ya say?!

    • You are absolutely one hundred percent right about,Muslim Dictator Obama!!!Former Secretary of State Clinton saying “What Does it Matter”,how totally disgusting!!!Four hero’s were tragically killed by Obama’s Muslim,buddies!!As always he acted like he cared and told,the families that.The murders were going to be caught and this was going,to be under.Investigation that was 7 months ago going on 8 the families,still do not.What happened to there loved ones and never will!!All this Muslim Dictator has done since day,one is LIE to the American people!!!Kerry says that there are more important matters,then finding!!The truth out about Bengazhi!!!

      • NYGino says:

        Obama is going to get to the bottom of the White House leaks
        Obama is going to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious
        Obama is going to get to the bottom of Benghazi
        Obama is going to get to the bottom of this and that

        The only thing approaching the bottom is his credibility and the nations morale under his regime.

        • Boccagalupe says:

          Gino,… He has done all of those things, and done them all. And he must do as POGO, and say “The enemy are us”. Unlike POGO, he won’t fess up.

        • Honorary says:

          NYGino: You’re right, obama did get into the bottom of Eric Asshole-der or Eric got into his bottom, where else gay men did get into?
          obama did get into the bottom of John Boehner, he is now lean all over to obama, did Boehner has a wife? Now, Boehner doesn’t have any problem with constipation.
          obama did belong to Gay Spa Club where he and Rahm Emmanuel did get into the bottom of each other for years..
          obama is a creep.
          We have the video of Benghazi when the Muslim terrorists dragged the body of the Ambassador which obama claimed they were taking him to hospital. If it was not such a tragedy, I would laugh at his stupid comments. Before the election, he promised Woods’ mother that he will find the terrorists for justice. Now, he already was re-elected, ugh!

  4. Thank you Wolfie !! If your congress people haven’t signed onto Rep. Wolf’s resolution, please e mail them and get them on there!! This is so important!! Thank you Wolfie!!

  5. Babsan says:

    This is an example of what /how this Muslin/Marxist administration value the voters and the citizens in/of America.Billary could not have said it better

  6. stage9 says:


  7. James Maxwell says:

    No don’t confuse the left with actual facts, they are to buzy lying to the world in an
    attempt to get her back in the White House and continue the charade of socialist
    politics and crowning a wannab emperor for life. Facts only give them headaches
    and make them want to party at planned (murder) no parenthood.

  8. lara says:

    i am ashamed of Hilary Clinton and the Washington elite who back her up..President Obama you should be ashamed for letting her get away with thisor is he covering your butt??

  9. Mary Kay says:

    I received a mailer requesting my imput from John Boehner and a donation. I answered the questions but also demanded he do his job and investigate Bemghazi. Not to do so would put him in the middle of a cover-up!

    • Jillian says:

      I once donated quite a bit to the Conservatives, Tea Party, etc., but no more since John McCain and his Gang of Eight roll belly up to Obama on immigration. And I tell the callers that. I now tell them that I will donate again when I see impeachment charges brought against Obama. That won’t happen because no one has the guts. I hope John McCain is happy with his crumbs from Obama’s table.

      • DRLJR says:

        John McCain and his Gang of Eight and most of the Republicans are Progressives i -i.e. Socialist – or Democrat-lite. Don’t confuse them with Conservatives or the Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already Party). A Conservative believes in minimal government while a Progressive believes in the idea of the State being Supreme. The Left and their media allies are constantly calling people like McCain conservative when they are really left of center. To the Left-wing media a real Conservative is called a radical right wing person. And it is also important to not confuse behavior with non-behavior.

  10. HongryHawg says:

    #1; for any government stool to cry “Waste of $” is an oxymoron at best. #2; if half the energy went into discovery of these 4 deaths as went into the 4 (was it 4? No matter) in Boston, they would have already gotten their answers, for whatever good it will do, considering how many traitors are in charge.

  11. Charles says:

    I was a very involved Democrat for many years. Even got an invitation to Johnsons Inaugural. Met Bob kennedy, was vice chairman of the town democratic Committee. A very. very active democrat!! Then the skinny one in the White House rode into town. I then changed registration to Republican. Now, for obvious reasons, I’m an Independent. It’s now so obvious that the fools in Washington are dragging America down to ruination—soon to become a dirty communist nation!!

  12. sjmom says:

    Carolyn, can you tweet this to Boehner’s office to let him know it is on Politichicks? Until these people understand we’re very very serious they will continue to trample upon our wishes.
    Great job as always on the article. We need the truth on Benghazi.

  13. NYGino says:

    Just four bumps in the road, isn’t that what you said Mr. impostor?

  14. A very intelligent assessment of the Dereliction of Benghazi mess. Me thinks a kidnapping/hostage swap gone fowl.

  15. Pizzed Off says:

    What difference??? It might help persuade people with honor to keep you from being able to do any more damage to America and Americans than you (and that philanderer you’re married to) out of office and in prison for the rest of your (un)natural lives.
    THAT’S the difference!

  16. hiskid1964 says:

    lets give John Boehner a call

  17. cheryl spiegel says:

    Is Hillary Clinton a narcissist? In observing her behaviors regarding Benghazi, one would have to conclude that life, excluding, of course her own, is very cheap, an expendable commodity.

    How else could she have vomited out those lies about the Benghazi massacre?

    Ms. Clinton, along with the president and the rest of the people watching it happen in real time, did NOTHING to save those innocent people. They have some serious blood on their hands.
    Any normal American, could NEVER have uttered the words “what difference does it make” and not be very troubled of mind by the ignominy of that statement but, NOT HILLARY!

    She has conducted herself contrary to the tenets of this nation and in my opinion is a traitor to the very nation that gave her a life of wealth and fame unimaginable to most.

  18. Vicki Travis says:

    It does make a difference, you will never get my vote. Vicki

  19. don says:

    John Boehner needs to go John Boehner has got to go John Boehner is a worthless mountain of Elephant Dung that has no interest in what he promised We the People when he was elected

  20. BarrackHussein says:

    Boehner now owns it too

  21. ReconVeteran says:

    I hear a lot, on here about treason, crimes against the Constitution and the people and certain politicians need to be impeached and thrown out of office and put in prison. That is fine, but who is going to do it? The House of Representatives have over 70 members in the Congressional Progressive Caucus, they would not impeach any fellow Socialist or Democrat, and the Senate is controlled by the Democrats and they won’t convict anyone except someone who is in their way. So people who is going to impeach and convict anyone of anything? The supreme Court is very undependable. Most Judges were appointed by Socialist leaning presidents. Anyone???

  22. Caapt America says:

    I long ago quit sending “donations” to Boehner and the GOP. They are all RINOs and not deserving of another vote !!! I sent the dun notice back saying when Boehner grows balls and McConnell gets a spine I may come back to the fold :)

  23. Jillian says:

    Excellent article, and John Boehner should be thrown out with the rest of the Obama trash. I hope the Behghazi travesty is not allowed to be swept under the rug like the rest of Obama’s doings.

  24. colliemum says:

    Very very good – reading it made my blood boil, and I could feel that yours was boiling as well.
    I hope this essay gets lots of publicity!

  25. Que Dub says:

    What the H3LL, isn’t this investigation about SEVEN MONTHS LATE ???? !!!!!!!!
    WHY NOT BEFORE nobamma’s MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD election LAST NOVEMBER ???? !!!!!!!!!!!

  26. giley says:

    The biggest American Hoax continues to perpetrated upon the citizens of this country. There is no accountability coming from anywhere in the White House. Obama is supposed to still have some 42% support? I guess the ones that are receiving their freebies do not care what happens to the country as long as they are taken care of. Our federal agencies that are supposed to protect us are all in a confussion mode. Evil doers bombers are allowed to go and get training in a foreign country then return to use that training against innocents?

  27. PineconeK says:

    North Carolina House members, we expect better from you.

  28. Boccagalupe says:

    the epitome of “A waste of time” is our having Boehner as the house majority leader.

  29. Nolan Ashman says:

    Just think, 2016, Hillary “cochinilla” Clinton will be the democrat candidate for president. The masses will suffer obama-induced amnesia and will have forgotten her facticious, malingering, lying, and otherwise, despicable behavior as secretary of state. Those patriots, who died in vain in Benghazi, will have been forgotten and their memory clouded by the most recent fraudulent executive privilege taken by the imposter-in-chief of the USA.

    • We can’t let them forget. Any time anyone mentions her, say what difference does it make! Then tell them.

      • NYGino says:

        Won’t happen ABC. Do you remember a conversation that we had in October , before the second disastrous election, we were talking about an October surprise and we said that Benghazi would be it?

        Well they were successful if delaying the fallout before the election but it is catching up with them now. I do believe the you know what is going to finally hit the fan, big time.

      • Que Dub says:

        Let’s not forget: (and we know who this is)
        Massive voter fraud
        fraudulent birth certificate
        hidden birth records
        foreign student aid
        fast & furious
        sealed records
        our tax $$$ to support of mushlum brooterhood
        bengazi cover up(witnesses hushed up)
        foreign passports
        numerous SS numbers
        current SS number is illegal
        bypassing congress repeatedly

  30. ibelieveinfreedom2 says:

    I wonder if it would make a difference if the four people that were slaughtered had the last names of obama, clinton, holder,and boehner? Would their efforts to get to the bottom of this be just a wee bit more serious?

  31. mari says:

    Why doesn’t she ask the families of those killed that repugnant question? It just might matter to them. Then Boehner could sum up for the families why it’s a waste of money and time to find out the facts of the situation. Or they could just flip them the bird and go back to their ivory palaces and pretend to be working for the people. (By that I mean covering their own a$$e$$ and wallets. Oh yea, and medical care).

  32. redgreen says:

    Fire John Boenher.

  33. Willy Rho says:

    Preferred Gender. I Like Women and prefer them for all purposes. Do I get any money for that?

  34. Willy Rho says:

    I don’t know who forced her to consume that Turdel, but it will haunt her the rest of her Political Career and Doom her chance for POTUS. Unless that is, the Hagels and Other Voter fraud creators really get Radical.

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