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California PolitiChick Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

It is being discovered that Boston Jihadi Mom collected over $100,000.00 in benefit money from the state of Massachusetts. I am wondering why America feels the need to give rewards to bloodsucking leeches—or more appropriately, Jihadist terrorists–versus the rewards of being a hardworking honest taxpayer. I am baffled.

What follows are some distinct differences between “American Mom” (based on my own life) and “Jihadist Mom”.

American Mom:

American Mom evotes her own time, money, and energy into raising a good respectful, high- functioning young man with his own thought processes.  Her son graduates high school with 4.5 GPA in Honors classes. Her son is given nothing.

American Mom pays over $20,000.00 in taxes each year for 21 years.

American Mom is “Team Mom”, too. She helps with all the productive sports her son is in, donating time, money, food, and energy.  American Mom teaches her son to give and assist–to be biblically a blessing.

Altogether, American Mom has paid $80,000.00 in tuition to educate her child and despite the fact that he was an honor student he is not ethnically able to receive free education.

American Mom’s belief in Jesus and Christianity—and the fact that she is pro-life–places her on the “terror watch list”.  She wears her cross, pays her way and is never given one red cent.

American Mom volunteers at her local sheriff’s department.

American Mom has not had a vacation since 2005.

American Mom is looking forward to her son’s college graduation, and she managed to do it without the government’s money or handouts

American Mom is exhausted from the rhetoric that puts hard working, generous citizens in harm’s way.

American Mom’s cousin was on the USS Cole when the Jihadist attacked the ship.  She is tired of being told she is the reason for Jihadists blowing up American citizens…

Boston Terrorist momJihadist Mom:

Grabs every penny she can from the American welfare system.

Jihadist Mom “raises” both her sons in complete absentia—perhaps because she is too busy ripping off Lord and Taylor.

Jihadist Mom is driving a better car than American Mom.

Jihadist Mom’s sons college tuition is likely footed by the state of Massachusetts and if folks dig deeper, Jihadist Mom probably also gets heat and electricity subsidies.

Jihadist Mom teaches her sons to hate and take, and teaches them nothing about being productive, self-supporting members of American society.

Jihadist Mom is allegedly an actual terror watch list, yet our government agencies look the other way—or rather look at “potential right wing terrorists” like American Mom.

Jihadist Mom literally yells “Allah Akbar” and the media finds this perfectly fine.

Jihadist Mom is angry at America for “stealing her sons”, and for “framing the bombing” on them.

Jihadist Mom has the funds to travel internationally, as do her sons.

(American Mom wagers that the pressure cooker was bought with an EBT card…)

If American Mom had seen anything suspicious regarding this Jihadist Family and had reported her suspicions to government agencies, would anyone have listened to her? Would she have been told she was “prejudiced” or “intolerant”?  Would it have made a difference?

Note to the U.S. Government:  We Americans are not the problem. Your ludicrous policies and byzantine agencies have dropped the ball.  You cannot keep an eye on all the actual terrorists if you are too busy watching American Mom because of her religion and personal beliefs.  Jihadist Mom never should have been allowed here; her two Jihadist sons would not have been here to terrorize our citizens on our own shores if you had listened to Russian Intelligence agencies.

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Lisa Marie Allen

California PolitiChick Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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  1. Peggy Joseph says:


  2. mcbee555 says:

    What happened with “Jihadist Mom” and her jihadist sons is only a part of the present regime’s policy of being aloof of all common sense in its egg-headed quest to establish its arrogance over an entire people. Arrogance to such a degree that it didn’t heed the advance warnings from a Russian intelligence source that has dealt with Muslim fanaticism for as long as there’s been a United States. They didn’t have to be our bosom buddies to warn us, curtailing Jihad is in their interests too, so they reached out. A word to the wise should have been sufficient, these Jihadis are ugly people, they’re aren’t going to change into being as compassionate as our type of democracy requires. They want the spirit of America dead, and the President doesn’t feel America therefore he does the only things he knows… dither and obfuscate. He’ll never change because he knows how perfect he is.

    • rugvendor says:

      Absolutely correct. This administration is too busy keeping an eye on law abiding Christians to pay any attention to followers of the “Religion of Peace.”

      • antiliberalcryptonite says:

        Islam – the so-called “religion” of pieces.

      • No one has taken the time to explain publicly how BH Obama has managed to not only avoid, but be dismissive of the Islamic response to those who leave Islam – apostates – as he claims to be. For those with some knowledge of Islam: taqiyya is Arabic, meaning Divine deceit to advance Allah’s cause. Deceit and extreme brutality are Islam’s greatest strengths – and they have few other legitimate claims to anythng; they even took their “Arabic” alphabet from Asyrian Christians.

    • Mitchina says:

      IMHO… THIS president and liberal administration are actually cultivating jihad moms and sons on purpose. Actively ignoring and many times actually defending them and the threat they pose and act on. I believe regardless of his/their spoken words and minimal actions against jihad and the “Muslim” ways, deep down inside he/they support it.

      • mcbee555 says:

        His words mean nothing, they’re just uttered to hear his own voice and the pleasure of his belief that we believe him. He does exact self-satisfaction from the ignoramuses who DO believe him and that encourages him.
        It’s all about him and who HE thinks he is. As for Muslims, their actions speak much louder than their words, even those who don’t plant bombs.
        They support the bombers in one way or another. Those two illegal alien Kazakhstanis who dumped Tsarnaev’s computer activity did so voluntarily in order to aid and abet that terrorist.
        If sent to an American prison, they’ll be getting off easy….A Russian prison would be the mortal end of them.

  3. gregsmom says:

    Great article! From one American mom to another, we don’t need “no stinking government” to raise our kids to be productive members of society. Unfortunately they end up paying taxes to support “Jihadist” mom. Ship those animals back to their home countries!!!

    • lara says:

      I agree with you 100%..i am an american mom of 4 and american grandma of 10..get these animals out of our more muslims allowed in..

    • Muslims are required, under threat of death and eternal hell-fire to follow Sunna: to obey and imitate Muhammed in all things for all time. The Muslim mother and her children were simply honoring Sunna. Among those who deviate from Sunna are best illustrated by “Honor killings.” If the reaponsible male cannot correct a devient in his charge and does not kill them, the umma (Muslim community) will send them both to hell. “Honor”?

  4. Hal Hoffman says:

    GOD BLESS YOU!!! …………….12 OR 15 MILLION MORE LIKE YOU, AND WE WOULD NEVER HAVE THE IDIOTS WE HAVE RUNNING THE SENATE AND THE PRESIDENCY!!! It was “US” who elected people like old wine em, dine em, do em, and dunk em (alias Ted Kennedy) and his like, over and over and over again in States like MA, NY, CA, CT, RI, ME, VT, DE, MY, IL, NJ and a few others that have allowed all this “Bovine Scatology” to happen!!! And their willing accomplices in the Media are just as much, if not more to blame for letting their ideology cloud their reporting instead of truth and common sense.



  5. Meeha says:

    I think the article says it all. Very well said and written. The perspective of an American Mother can never be “set aside” and taken as someone who is “quibbling” over nothing. Because what she is referring to is becoming quite the common dialog all over America by so called American whiners, who are also cast members of a conservative Christian movement, holding some sort of an anti – real American values idiology. Which when given over to the main stream media these types of moms are now portrayed as a part of the American paranoid, homophobic, schizoid group of gun owners as well. BUT here is the saddest news of all, THEY are the only AMERICANS who are GOLD STAR MOTHERS. A member of a Sacred Society, that no father or mother wants to be included in. BUT have been for a very long time, and they proudly display it in their front windows as my great, great grandmother, grandmother, great aunts, my aunts and my great cousins, and my cousins, mom’s have. So when did we turn our backs on our mom’s, or own mother’s, for the sake of political correctness to ensure that some other mother could use her sons or daughters to kill and maim the children of some other American mom’s children? America has set aside its values and principles for the sake of compliance with some world idiology that has no merit or fact based on American Democracy whose instincts, born to those who are born here immediately separate them from other societies, Democracy is in our genes and yet we set them aside to be plundered by those who use to dream of our society and now seek to destroy it. People who have lived under fascists and communists dictators they get Democracy and its core values and principles. This who have grown up under kings and queens do not! They have been subdued and subjugated for so long they carry in their genes a desire to take and want and to be given their fair share. Those who have lived under the umbrella of a mythic idiocy ideology based upon supisitions of
    a moral code are never going to have any gene that does not scream out destroy for the good of ignorance.

  6. Macky says:

    This administration could not even do a background check on the Bostom bombers-do you really believe it will do background checks on 11 million illegals as stated in the new immigration law? Not going to happen. Let your reps. in Gov. know you are against the new immigration law. We have no idea who is included in the 11 million.

  7. muf69 says:

    Reality is cruel. But when the government supports this way of life by ignoring the majority in favor of the minority it is what we get. As a American Dad I have also worked hard paid my taxes and only asked to live with the protected freedoms our Constitution has given us. I gave my best years in military service to protect those freedoms. Now I watch those who critisize and condem American receive more from the government in aid and assistance then I do. I am told how we must give more for our government but then watch our government give it away to those who wish us harm.I am unable to understand this madness within America. Why are we so supportive of this. We have givenaway OUR freedoms to just a few that want a different life. Look if you don’t like it leave but don’t ask Americans to change and pay for it because you are selfish. Yes selfish, this is what has allowed this to happen. So much for the individual, instead of the whole we are dying off in small parts one at a time and soon it will be dead.
    For God sake America, wake up, there are people willing to give up everything to change American and it won’t be better. We the People of America must take back OUR country OUR government and OUR freedoms.
    For God and Country may God bless us and protect us.

  8. TexRanger says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is a MUSLIM to all his policies are designed to aid and protect ALL Muslims in his effort to destroy America.

    • antiliberalcryptonite says:

      Yep. Muslim-In-Chief.

    • Go to town-hall meetings? Perhaps we could get our elected officials to explain how Obama seems immune from the penelty required from all those who leave islam: apostates, as Obama claims to be? Also, why are we helping the Muslim Brotherhood complete it’s near century-old mission statement: bringing back the Islamic caliphate, deposing and killing those Muslim leaders uwilling to subhordiante themselves to a Caliph. What office is Obama running for?

    • DoorDoctor says:

      You are dead on Tex!

  9. MyTwentySense says:

    Great article and interesting comments. Please don’t allow yourself to assume
    that this is the result of just one incompetent administration, although I’ll be
    the first to admit that the present one seems the most incompetent. While the
    leadership is first to tout it’s abilities to protect us from these
    “terrorists,” they are actually impotent to do so. The bureaucracy is so large
    and unwieldy that it couldn’t find it’s way out of a wet paper bag. Managers peg
    their accomplishments upon gaining annual budget increases. Their stated
    missions are secondary to anything else.

    Just look at the list of failures. In the 80′s there were embassy bumbings
    and the marine barracks in Lebanon. In 93 there was the WTC bumbing. BTW in 95 I
    was on a business trip in NYC and when passing the WTC in a Taxi the driver
    stated, “…they tried to bring those buildings down in 93, but couldn’t get the
    truck parked in the right spot. They will keep trying until they do …” Then
    of course we saw the USS Cole bumbing and then 911. The shoe bomber failed only
    by the grace of God. The under ware bomber was reported to US govt officials and
    he wasn’t prevented from getting on that plane. The Times square bumb just
    didn’t work, again by the grace of God. Now, The Russians tip off the FBI
    regarding the Boston bombers. My question is, Do they need their information
    handed to them on a silver platter?

  10. TheDuck says:

    Oh the ‘H’ this can be all blamed upon Old Bummer’s adminstration. Been going on since Truman and the Korean police action from 1949. Well Old Bummer has out done every talking head we have had in D.C. by miles of incompetence, that is true. We turned our faces away from what was going on in D.C. for years because we had a very good life style and we were comfortable. Sort of like the fly who spent the winter under a cow pie.

    Well now we are paying for our complacency. Sort of a very rude awakening isn’t it? I’m very glad Old Obummer has arrived. He has done one very good service not many have even noticed. He has set off the alarm that complacency is dangerous to freedom, and an honest constitutional republic.

    Old Bummer has turned everyone who hates loose upon law abiding, charitable and caring citizens who would watch out for their neighbors welfare and comfort. Yes these jehadists want us dead because we would live biblical style lives even if we are athiests or Bible thumping Christians.
    What is strange to my thinking is why an athiest would sacrifice the principles of the Bible for living to do whatever feels good with no respect for law and order as taught in the Bible which is fundamental to our constitution.
    Now is not the time to sleep either we have a lotofundoing to get done.

  11. jaydee says:

    This presidency has been an eye opener for a lot of us. Yes, complacency is a huge part of the trouble that we are in now. Political Correctness has been the water slowly brought to a boil to kill us. Sometimes I see no way out as long as the progressives have the loudest voice and their hand on the knob turning up the heat. How do we stop the hand or moderate the voices. Once this man was put into office those who have wanted to fundamentally change America have crawled out of the primordial muck and are trying to turn us into their utopian dream of equality of outcome. The jihadists have nothing on these people. Now that we are awake how do we stop this?

  12. sunnynomore says:

    I don’t agree with everything that is said……my daughter was and is an honor student who has been on the Dean’s List for 4 years. She got a full scholarship which she deserved and I do not consider to be a handout. I am a white single American Mom who has worked hard all of my life, paid for daycare, preschool, etc.with no assistance and have certainly paid my fair share of taxes, but I do not consider it a badge of honor to say no one ever helped me. I do agree that both legal and illegal immigrants should be self-supportive and all illegals should be deported in my opinion. They should NEVER be supported on the taxpayer’s dollar. But it is unreasonable and incorrect to state that only minorities benefit from scholarships and/or financial aid for education. Most college students have loans and many have some financial aid which is not at all a free ride. Sure, there are others that get tuition assistance based on race, but not all. So, if a point is to be made here, it should be that Americans should always come first!

    • ra44mr2 says:

      YOu dont get a scholarship for nothing. That takes ridiculous amounts of work. It also helps the college because it brings up the overall gpa and standing of the college, that is why they offer them in the first place. Its a mutually beneficial situation.

  13. libsarescum says:

    And the muslim kenyan is bringing this muslim filth by the thousands, as “refugees”. And they get priority and more government handouts over anyone in the country, including the illegals.

  14. Durangokid1 says:

    A Muslim grandfather was showing another Muslim grandfather friend pictures of his grandchildren and remarking how much they had changed in just a few short years.
    His friend said, “Yes, they do blow up so quickly”.

  15. Hmm .. ‘Jihadist Mom’ and liberal mom sound a lot alike.

  16. reggiec says:

    A Jihadist is nothing but a more overt Muslim. A “moderate Muslim is only one that has not yet been caught using violence to promote Islam.

  17. Kelly says:

    I feel dumber for having read this drivel.

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