To the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, policies like yours killed my Aunt

August 7, 2013 at 5:00 am / by

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Texas PolitiChick Deborah S. Ayer is a veteran of the US Army and a former firefighter/ Emergency Medical Technician. She resigned to take on her greatest challenge: homemaker for her husband and two… More

To: Mark Glaze, Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns

I watched your interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews which aired on August 2, 2013.  First, let me commend you for making Chris Matthews the “voice of reason” during that interview.  That is no easy feat considering Mr. Matthews’ track record of spouting the absurd.  With that said, I wish to get to the main reason for why I’m writing this open letter.

It appears that your organization was misnamed.  You’re not against illegal gun owners but legal gun owners.  Why else would your organization go on a quest to disarm legal gun owners and claim that we don’t have the right to defend ourselves using Stand Your Ground?  I have yet to hear a representative from your organization address the illegal gun trade or condemn our own federal government for its part in Operation Fast & Furious.  No, the only thing you concern yourself with right now abolishing Stand Your Ground laws and whether it’s wrong to use a gun in an axe handle fight.

I have to admit that I was rather taken aback that you refused to acknowledge that a man coming at you with an axe handle is armed.  Are you implying  you can’t kill someone with an axe handle, Mr. Glaze, or that it’s the victim’s responsibility to deescalate the situation?  It sounds as if you find the aggressor to be the true victim Mr. Glaze. Well, I’m writing this letter to prove that what you say is not only factually wrong but will cost anyone who heeds your words their lives.

Miss Marva Thompson was in her home the night of October 11, 1988 when her next door neighbor decided to break in.  Morris Parrish, a 20-year old drug dealer didn’t expect to find her at home that night.  His plan was to rob her and then sell her items so he can pay of the debt he owed to the Junior Black Mafia (JBM).  Miss Thompson wasn’t supposed to be home since she generally worked nights as a nurse.

Morris broke in through the back door and found her standing in her dining room.  Miss Thompson asked him what he was doing in her home.  Morris stood there silent.  When Miss Thompson picked up a radio speaker, that was when Morris rushed her, grabbed her arms and hit her on her neck with the speaker; knocking her to the floor.  Miss Thompson was able to get up and run to the kitchen a grab a knife.  She tried to defend herself and drive away her attacker by slashing at him with the knife but Morris succeeded in bludgeoning her to death anyway.  No, he didn’t have an axe handle Mr. Glaze; Morris Parrish used a potted plant to murder Miss Thompson.

But that wasn’t the end of the tragedy inflicted upon Miss Thompson.  Morris dragged her lifeless body up the stairs of her home, raped her, and dumped her body in a bathtub full of water.  Then Morris robbed her of her belongings and took off.  The next morning Miss Marva Thompson’s body was discovered by her sister and her niece; my mother and my sister.

Yes, Miss Marva Thompson was…is my aunt–the aunt I lost in a violent struggle nearly 25 years ago.  This 5’0”, 45-year old woman suffered a skull fracture, fractured ribs, lacerations to the face and torso, and sexual abuse by a man who is over half her age and over 6 feet tall.  There was no successfully fighting back for her.  There was no talking this man down.  Morris had an agenda.  He could either rob Miss Thompson’s home to get the drug money or face the wrath of the JBM.  There is no talking a person who owes a drug debt out of committing a crime to save their own skin.  Also, way he treated Miss Thompson’s corpse is proof enough that rational thought was non-existent with Morris Parrish.

I know what you would say–if Miss Thompson had “fled her home” she would be alive today.  I say to you that this wasn’t the first time Morris broke into my aunt’s home.  My father had to come to her home multiple times to repair the back door that Morris broke whenever he needed to rob her for more drug money.  He has been reported to the police multiple times but of course the Philadelphia Police Department’s hands were tied. Those prior times Morris Parrish robbed my aunt, she didn’t have concrete evidence that he was breaking into her house; you know, like actually being there to see him do it.  Unfortunately the night of October 11, 1988 she was there to witness the break in.

So, let’s recap:

* My aunt was unable to reason with a known drug dealer who was in fear for his life by the JBM.

* Fleeing or not being in her home only made her a continual victim of said drug dealer who needed to pay off his debt.

* Fighting back cost my aunt her life.

I’m sorry, I prefer another option.  This is one of the reasons why I am a gun owner and will not hesitate to defend my family and myself from anyone who wishes to do us harm.  You use your father’s occupation as a gun dealer as proof of your experience in the matters of gun violence and Stand Your Ground; well my experience is more personal.  I’ve experienced the loss, fear, and grief. I’ve lived through it and I don’t want any other member of my family to experience such emotions ever again.  So, as you continue to fight to disarm law abiding citizens and make us defenseless at the hands of the criminals, I shall continue to fight to make sure my right to defend my family and Stand My Ground shall not be taken away.

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Deborah S. Ayer

Texas PolitiChick Deborah S. Ayer is a veteran of the US Army and a former firefighter/ Emergency Medical Technician. She resigned to take on her greatest challenge: homemaker for her husband and two children. Deborah grew up as the lone conservative in a liberal family. She says she was a conservative long before she knew what being a conservative meant.

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  1. Phanhammer says:

    “It sounds as if you find the aggressor to be the true victim Mr. Glaze.” Turned Mr. Glaze’s argument on its head Deborah.

  2. AimToMisbehave says:

    Outstanding editorial, Mrs. Ayers. This rebuttal should be delivered to Mr. Glaze in person, and any TV producer worth his/her salt would have you on in a heartbeat to do just that.

  3. Maggie says:

    Deb, I am so sorry for your loss, and for your Aunt’s horrific final moments here on Earth … God bless her.
    I’m sure she would be proud to know her death has made you not only stronger but resolute in never being a victim of anyone or anything.

  4. credibilitygap says:

    A small (but delusional) group of residents recently tried (and failed) to get Battle Creek, MI (which is among the nation’s 10 most dangerous cities for women) to sign on with Mayors Against Perfectly Legal Guns.

    Great letter Deborah. Thank you.

    • cHUCK says:

      Hopefully, you’re saying that Battle Creek told the Mayors where to go. If local residents would boot these nuts out when they come around, the strength of the Disarm America movement would decrease drastically. These things depend on support from local and state levels to achieve national status and power. If the people of New York would withdraw support for their elected officials who actually started this group of delusional mayors, then the whole thing would vaporize. The solution is in the voting booth, folks, and power politics starts in the hicks’ sticks”!

  5. Pamela Anne says:

    Deborah – I am so sorry that your family has suffered this tragic experience and loss. As a fellow gun owner, I know all of us pray that we never have to use it to defend ourselves in our home, but had she had a gun, she could have saved her own life. The police “hands were tied”. We have every right – God given right as well as a Constitutional right to protect our lives and property. I am sharing this powerful message so that perhaps good seed will be sown out of this tragedy.

  6. americalandofthefree says:

    YEEhaaaaaaaaaaa 2 thumbs up for Deborah! people who want other people’s gun right taken away dont have a clue. Every day you read more and more stories about people defending themselves with a gun and doing the criminal in.Guns stop crime that is the bottom line.

  7. Zack says:

    While I’m deeply saddened by your loss, this doesn’t actually seem to have anything to do with the gun laws being proposed, or even the stand your ground law. Everyone has a right to defend their home and their property against an intruder, regardless of stand your ground. She could have had a gun and still could even with the new common-sense gun laws being “shot down” by the GOP and the NRA…

    • GI says:

      Really? The man made the point that you don’t have a right to shoot someone coming at you with a blunt object. What Deb’s article points out is how the victim ultimately loses in “fair” fights because aggressors tend to target the weak and have no sense of empathy for their victim. See the New Jersey case too where the aggressor beat a woman for no apparent reason even after she told him to take everything and was lying on the ground. The point is, appeasement does, not, work. There is no reasoning with mad men, and the sooner people realize this on the other side, the sooner we can stop having this conversation. Her story has everything to do with what was said.

    • AMMurrell says:

      Zack–if you click the very first link in Deborah’s article, you’ll be able to watch the (inane) interview led by Chris Matthews, talking to Mark Glaze, who is the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Listen to that before commenting further. From start to finish, including Barack Obama’s opening statements in which he insinuated that perhaps Zimmerman should be dead instead of Trayvon…every one of them are attacking our 2nd Amendment rights. As usual, they aren’t advocating victim’s rights as much as sympathizing for the criminals who might end up dead for trying to KILL, ROB & RAPE someone. If you watch the interview & listen to Mark Glaze’s comments, you might understand why Deborah wrote this piece.

      Thing is, they know they can’t take all our guns in one fell swoop—real Americans would never stand for that. Instead they want to do it slowly, in increments, and the way they do that is by fueling flames in every way possible–including botched efforts like Fast & Furious. And if you don’t believe this involves guns used for home safety, you are sadly living with your head tucked firmly in the ground.

    • Mizflame98 says:

      I have to respectfully disagree with you. Not all 50 states recognize the right to defend yourself in your own home. In fact, Wisconsin recently passed a castle doctrine law. Before then they could choose to charge you with assault or murder since there was no definite law saying you can defend yourself and/or your property in your own home.

      Also in many states, Florida and Pennsylvania being two of them; The stand your ground law is not a separate law but part of the state’s Castle Doctrine. To eliminate the stand your ground law is to eliminate the castle doctrine.
      It is especially relevant to what Mr. Glaze said because he doesn’t consider a man with an axe handle as being an armed assailant. I doubt the family of Ms. Thompson would agree with Mr. Glaze. There are many types of arms but Mr. Glaze is only concerned with firearms. More people are murdered with blunt objects or knives than firearms. So, yes this story is quite relevant to the fight that MAIG is waging on our rights. MAIG is not concerned with our safety, but disarming legal gun owners and minimizing their rights of self defense.

      • John the Libertarian says:

        Isn’t it truly amazing that they want the innocent to be more vulnerable, while doing NOTHING about the (illegal) guns they claim to be against… and it makes one wonder why they HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE ILLEGAL GUNS OF FAST AND FURIOUS that resulted in the deaths of Brian Terry (the border patrol agent) AND the almost forgotten Ice agent, Jamie Zapata …SHAME ON SLIMEBAG bloomberg for not calling out the lyin’ king AND his perjuring head of the department of INjustice for the FAST AND FURIOUS ILLEGAL GUNS… SHAME ON THEM FOR ALLOWING SALES OF GUNS TO THE DRUG LORDS TRAFFICKING IN THE POISON IN OUR STREETS—- they should get some of the narco terrorists treatment- like the throwing of live victims in vats of lye, or beheading them… after all, in fast and furious they were complicit in death

    • cardmaster1 says:

      “Common sense” is a Much overworked phrase by the Gun Hating Liberal Leftists. So sick and tired of hearing it! The only “common sense” law is the Constitution which Guarantees the RIGHT to “keep and bear arms”. Liberal gun haters don’t know the meaning of common sense!

    • slkgej6 says:

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. Your parroting Obama’s words verbatim shows that you don’t even know what’s contained in those same laws. These are designed to create databases that will be stored and coordinated with the federal government’s growing database.

      Right now, the federal government cannot have access to background checks by a state to sell a weapon. The states are not even supposed to keep the information, including fingerprint data, because it is information that is only taken and used by law enforcement when a crime is committed. Obama wants to put all of this background information into a criminal database that immediately coordinates with the data from Obamacare and tracks you everywhere you go.

      The government does not have the right to place the private information of individual law abiding citizens into criminal databases without a crime having been committed. That is not “common sense” as you claim. It is presupposition before the fact of criminal activity due to possession of an inanimate object. That is governmental intrusion on a scale writ large and places in the federal government’s hands, powers that have previously, only by constitutional mandate, belonged to states.

      Even with these unalienable rights from the constitution (the only right mentioned that comes with the strongest language “…shall not be infringed.” , the Obama administration has demonstrated repeatedly a penchant for lying, spying, lying about the spying and finally, when all else fails and the facts are staring them in the face about their ridiculous abuses, denying.

      Obama is a marxist. He was raised and fully indoctrinated at the hands of committed marxists dedicated to the overthrow and destruction of the United States. Marxism can only exist through the amassing and control of information. It can only exist through the disarming of the citizens with the consolidation of power in the hands of ONLY a central government.

      Barack Obama’s every act has been to flaunt constitutional restrictions on his power. Those “common-sense” laws you so proudly trumpet? They are not laws. They were presidential mandates, NOT allowed by the constitution. There are NO new laws from the federal government that have a prayer of making it past the House, thank God.

      It’s time for you and all leftist sheep to wake up!! Do you think for one second that a man who has done nothing but constantly attempt to weaken, demean and undo the very meaning of the document that guarantees YOUR protection from tyrannical government in his drive to establish marxist tyranny…you’re moronic enough to believe that anything that comes from that man is “common-sense”?! If you do, you deserve everything that’s going to happen to you, but remember, YOU are unarmed by choice. You won’t be able to change your mind or rethink your foolishness.

  8. Betsy Ross says:

    I am sorry for your loss Mrs. Ayers. Thank you for standing up for a woman’s right to be armed and defend herself against violent aggression.

    • cHUCK says:

      Women, as a group, are probably the most victimized of any population in the country, ethnic considerations included. If women nation-wide stood up for their own interests and rallied against those who would disarm all law abiding citizens, it would be a powerful force that just might turn the tide.

      If a majority of women said to their elected critters at all levels, “Support and defend ALL of the U.S. Constitution, specifically including the 2nd Amendment, or WE will make sure you are removed from office,” it would be impossible for politicians to ignore.

      Besides the women themselves, they would be forced to consider that the husbands, boy-friends and sons of those women would be strongly influenced to vote accordingly.

      If the “women’s libbers” around the country would focus on this issue, the tide would turn for sure. Liberty (freedom) must be defended; if those who stand to lose the most will defend their liberty, we’ll all be freer in the end.

      To Mrs. Ayers, we all owe a debt of thanks – not only for her service, but for her courage in sharing her own experience and presenting the case against gun control so eloquently.

  9. CyclingFoodmanPA says:

    Wow Deborah, so sorry for the loss of your aunt. However, you turned a horrific incident into something you are willing to fight for and that is commendable. Your aunt is looking down and saying “you go girl” which is similar to my motto “never forget and never surrender.” Also, thank you for your service defending the right to keep and bear arms. I also took that oath many, many years ago and it does NOT expire.

  10. JeromefromLayton says:

    The more accurate description of Bloomberg’s group is IMAG or ILLEGAL Mayors Against Guns. Check their records (actually “rap” sheets) and you’ll see why. Also, even if you don’t live in one of their cities, you may not be safe from them. They sent people in to “turn” Colorado into something almost un-American. They tried to do it in Nevada (gun registration law) but a Governor’s veto stopped it at the last minute due to the public becoming aware of the pending legislation.

  11. AttilaTheHun says:

    Deborah, I’m sorry for your loss. My sister was murdered 38 years ago and I still miss her constantly. Mark Glaze is human garbage and needs to be treated as such. I’m not parting with my gun under any circumstances.

  12. John the Libertarian says:

    I am TRULLY sorry for your loss, Deborah. Thank you for sharing must really be hard for you to remember

  13. POWR says:

    Deborah, my condolences on your aunt’s horrific death – the hurt never does go away, does it? You are more than sane in your argument. The person with the most to be upset and emotional about here is the one who presents the strongest, sanest case for responsible gun ownership and defending yourself and your family against two condescending and controlling fools who think you can talk a crazed criminal out of committing harm. Good column, Deborah. Really good. I’m just very sorry it’s based on a personal, true story.

  14. Richard Gibbard says:

    Of course, these sub-people who support gun restrictions won’t be around to protect you.

    • cardmaster1 says:

      No, they won’t. They will be somewhere else with THEIR ARMED SECURITY GUARDS! These anti gunners are the biggest bunch of Hypocrites the world has ever seen!! Well, if it is good for the goose, it is good for the gander!!

  15. Charles says:

    I’m sorry for your loss Mrs. Ayers, and I hope your letter will cause some people to rethink their opinion of guns. However it is very hard to reason with some idiot liberals.

  16. bahndon says:

    It is as close to impossible to convince a liberal that they are wrong as it is for an ice cube to remain frozen on a street in Tucson in the summer at 120 degrees air temperature in the sun.

  17. Doc says:

    Sadly the liberal anti-gunners will simply ignore these facts. Until they or their loved ones are beated and/or raped will they even consider the reality of monority addictive behavior. Look at Detroit. 47% of that population is functionally illiterate and it is estimated that 63% of the black population is addicted to crack. Any wonder it isn’t a city anymore? It is a cesspool of corruption and crime; and that’s just the city council and staff. Perhaps we should challenge every liberal to live in inner city Detroit to prove their belief in socialism? Think even one would accept?

  18. skyhawk says:

    Thank you Deborah. There seems to be a severe shortage of common sense utilized by anyone in politics and you shine with a new ray of hope.

  19. lizaz says:

    So the police said their “hands were tied”, even though this criminal robbed this woman numerous times before killing her….well, they must be saying it’s up to the private citizen to take this piece of garbage out themselves, during one of his acts of violence?????? These liberal morons who want to leave us defenseless should be removed from their positions at the first opportunity!!!

    • Eric Haulenbeek says:

      Whatever happened to good-guy cops? All cop’s seem to want to do anymore is write speeding tickets and mouth-off to motorists who are too surprised to return fire. If I were a cop, knowing what they knew about this monster living next door to his favorite crime scene, I’d have been doing a lot more then punching out and heading down to the local hooch. You have to want to go after scumbags like this Morris Parrish punk. Maybe I watch too much TV, but surely something different should’ve been happening.

  20. Patriot says:

    Awesome. letter. We need more people standing their ground like you

  21. interestedobserver2 says:

    Good job, Ms. Ayer. My deepest condolences on your loss. Even 25 years doesn’t lessen the pain.

  22. llardog says:

    I’m thinking more about the ideology of intolerance, the classic
    liberal. That intolerant teacher in North Carolina was a bully,
    telling her students that it was criminal to criticize Obama. You
    know, when you get right down to it, maybe one of the best ways to
    explain liberalism to the uninitiated is to simply say that it is
    intolerant. It’s a philosophy of “no.” It’s a philosophy of
    domination and “no,” and it’s not at all what people think it

    It’s not open-mindedness. It’s not tolerance. It’s not good
    intentions. It’s not sweetness and light and love and all that.
    It’s a philosophy of “no.” It is intolerant. Socialism,
    fascism, communism, all forms of liberalism dictate behavior. You
    must conform. Individuals? Private businesses? You must conform to
    what they say. And if you don’t they’ll pass laws and regulations
    that force you to. And in order to have uniformity, there must be an
    enforcement mechanism, because people are not the same.

    People don’t want the same things. They don’t believe the same
    things. But if you are going to have uniformity — which is what
    liberalism wants, ’cause that’s equality to them: Everybody being
    the same. Outcomes especially. Being the same. Nobody richer than
    anybody else. If you are to have that, you must have an enforcement
    mechanism that shuts down what? Creativity, choice, and innovation.
    You have to shut down all the things that differentiate people.

  23. pudintain says:

    Guess this arse-clown’s brain is Glazed over…

  24. Arationofreason says:

    if the husband and wife in our family had been armed they would be listed below
    instead of being shot defenseless in their bed by intruders. Why don’t we ask them now if they are PARANOID?

    ~6000 other reported cases of self defense some of which undoubtedly saved lives.

    NRA-ILA | Armed Citizen

    Screen clipping taken: 12/30/2012 7:50 PM
    Statistics of self defense:

    Based on survey data from a 2000 study published in the Journal
    of Quantitative Criminology,[17] U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves and
    others from crime at least 989,883 times per year.[18]

    Pasted from

  25. blair152 says:

    Guns don’t kill people. Liberals with guns kill people.

  26. kpjlaw says:

    That guy probably has never been mugged or robbed, or had his wife and family attacked. . If so, he might think differently. As far as anyone else, he thinks that they should remain the victims. What a worthless liberal wimp.

  27. AZ BOB says:

    I wonder where the responsibility lies with the murder of 20 children and 7 teachers when those in charge of the USA made a law that a sign on the property will stop gun violence.
    It did not work in another school or a movie theater or the rape and eventual murder on a college campus, but as usual our government blamed it on legal gun holders and accept no responsibility and with there lies and special interest money and they get reelected!!!
    Can anyone out there answer that!!!!!!

  28. Mike the Cowboy says:

    The day I became an illegal gun owner will be the day after my guns are taken away.

  29. hibp says:

    God bless you, Deborah and thank you for telling your sad story. Keep up the fight!

  30. anarchyst says:

    It’s time to reboot the country . . .

  31. anarchyst says:

    It’s not about “guns”, but “control”. Guns have but two enemies–rust and politicians . . . keep your powder dry . . .

  32. slkgej6 says:

    Deborah S. Ayer has stated here, very succinctly, exactly the problem everyone should have with liberals who want to abolish SYG laws. Liberals are FAR more worried about the lives of the criminals than they are the victims. To them, it’s just not “sporting” or “fair” that someone who attacks you could lose their life for that act. They also believe that no one should be allowed to defend property with deadly force.

    I would love to see some of these ludicrous bleeding hearts physically demonstrate for us exactly how they would compassionately fight off a determined attacker. And if they dared to lift a finger to fight off said attacker, those espousing such vacuous, viciously idiotic ideals should be made to suffer long prison sentences, especially if they dared to stand up to someone of color.

    After all, what was the criminal’s motivation? He might have grown up without proper potty training or not enough love, so how can we be so condemning as to judge him? Perhaps if he had been given more as a child they wouldn’t be doing such things, so killing them as a consequence of attacking another person is wrong, right? It should be the responsibility of the VICTIM to preserve this poor baby’s life, even though only a complete moron could claim that they didn’t know that they could die for viciously attacking another person.

    I am beyond sick of liberals who continually campaign against true victims. If SYG results in more gun deaths, then so be it. Frankly, the moment that someone attempts to commit an act of violence on another person, they need to understand that there could be deadly consequences. If more aggressors are dying in unprovoked attacks on the innocent, that’s really too bad.

    Those who end up on the wrong end of the barrel of a gun in such situations CHOOSE their own demise, and deservedly so. Their families don’t deserve the pain of their deaths, but neither do their victims deserve any bit of what they are more than willing to dish. There are too many liberal campaigners out there who repeatedly demonstrate that they are far more interested in the fates of a criminal attacker than they are their victims. They consistently use the minutely small percentage of cases in which someone provokes a situation in which the use of a gun becomes necessary. But these laws do not protect these actions, and they KNOW it.

    Yet, what do we consistently hear? Firearm deaths will skyrocket. That is a gross exaggeration, but they never bother looking at the situations of those who have killed with guns. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the shootings were justified by the actions of the attacker. An attacker who is wounded or loses a life in such encounters certainly will increase the number of deaths from firearms. So what? Since when is it the responsibility of a victim to protect the life of a violent criminal? Because that is exactly what these people are trying to effect.

    I will NEVER understand the reasoning of liberals, but I certainly wish that someone would teach them the valuable lessons they seem unable or unwilling to comprehend about such situations. Perhaps if they were to experience a good old fashioned “beat down” and robbery, or any of the other violent crimes becoming so commonplace now, they would learn to feel some measure of compassion for the people victimized by thugs who have, through their own choices and actions, made their lives worthless in every sense of the word. I doubt it, though. There’s very little that ever manages to change the mind of a committed liberal. Certainly not fact and certainly not reality.

    Liberalism cannot exist without victims. Fine. But, for once, I’d like to see them choose the RIGHT victims. At the moment that a thug decides to attack an innocent, I do not remotely care what caused the criminal to arrive at that point. By then, the only thing that matters is my life, the lives of my family and the protection of those around me. The choice of a thug to react to their own victimization with thuggery against innocents is just that…a choice.

  33. Idaho Bob says:

    Thank you for your article. I was raised in southeast PA to be a liberal. The first time I voted I was a registered dem, but I voted for Ronald Reagan. I really didn’t understand the difference between R & D back then. Today, I realize there really is no difference. I am a conservative independent and thank you for your defense of our right to protect ourselves. Stand your ground or give it up are the choices we have. It seems that those in control want us to give it up, I’m with you and want to keep it.

  34. cardmaster1 says:

    Bravo for you, Deborah!! My condolences on the horrible loss of your Aunt. A terrible way to go. We need many more people such as yourself to stand up to the mindless liberals who Refuse to accept Facts and continue to persue their “feel good” attempts to disarm Law Abiding citizens and Ignore the FACT that criminals will Never abide by the law!
    Keep up the fight. I am one citizen who is solidly behind you! God bless!

  35. shrgngatlas says:

    It was never about “illegal” guns. His horror Bloomberg is involved with that and we all know he hates the idea of anyone but elitists like himself to have guns around. Well, I’m glad he was so successful at making money and running for mayor, but that doesn’t help me protect my family one iota. My 12 guage loaded with 00 buck does that job just fine, thank you.

  36. Former USN says:

    Sister Veteran, my heart is heavy for your tragic loss all those years ago, yet buoyed by your spirit and courage. Keep up the good fight, enjoy your family, and know that there are many like-minded citizens on your 6. Thank you for your written words of wisdom. Thank you for your service. Thank you for coming to Texas. If you get a chance, drop me a tweet @FormerUSN, and I will certainly follow. Best wishes.

  37. elmcqueen3 says:

    Heck…Half the Mayors who signed up for Bloombergs Mayors against guns…Have been found quilty of misdeamenors to enclude felonies…What a bunch of hypocrites!

  38. John says:

    I am very sorry for your loss Deborah, It is a shame we people can not reverse time because I know the intruder would have been shot.
    Thankyou for also fighting for our rights as firearms owners. It is surprising yet a blessing that you were a conservative growing up in a liberal home, you obviously saw right from wrong.

  39. B-rad says:

    I wonder if I challenged Mr. Glaze to a Texas cage match and I had an ax handle, would he want his bare fists or the option of a gun?

  40. Retired LEO in Florida says:

    You go Deborah, and remember when you only have seconds for a cop to respond, they are only minutes away. Defend yourself and live to see tomorrow. With this kind of thinking by the liberals, it should not take long for us to become the majority again.
    Hottest job in the coming years should be that of a Funeral Director in a Liberal Neighborhood.

  41. Brian Bertha says:

    Mark Glaze a PAID liar doing what his boss tells him to do. You know that short Napoleonic Uber rich fascist soon to be ex Mayor but still a billionaire Bloomey

  42. jmark80 says:

    Wonderful piece. I am sorry for your loss, but am grateful that you are using it to fuel your fight on the right side of this issue.

  43. Anticommunist Rightous says:

    If she only had a gun on her… RIP. Sorry for your loss. People like you should shout out loud the stories like this… here in the Communist state of CT we are being bombed with Sandy Hook articles almost every single day! Change the law because a mental psychopath has not followed any laws at all. Only idiots (Democrats) can come up with nonsense like that!

  44. ves says:

    They need to do a survey asking how many people have had family members, friends or coworkers murdered or raped???
    The numbers will be very high … you will be surprised at how many of us have been personally touched by these monsters more than once!!

  45. Zoomie72 says:

    Well said, madame.

  46. me says:

    You can bet these ultra wealthy controllers of people have security people around themselves and in their homes at all times and will never feel what this persons family went thru. their security needs to be taken away as a trial run to let them know what it is like. All these people controllers know is running people. they do not care about the consequences of their actions. they deserve the same as the ones thy control. Their wealth and power will prevent that.

  47. keyesforpres says:

    I’m so sorry about your Aunt. So heart wrenching.

  48. shan hannum says:

    i sent this to cnn,usa today,nbc,etc… trying to get this kind of news out to the americans who feel asleep and have not woke up,we have an muslim in office who is trying to take all our freedoms away

  49. Eric Haulenbeek says:

    A great article Deborah. I am very sorry for the brutal loss you and your family have had ti live through, and yet I’m thankful that out of your pain you have become an articulate mouthpiece for hundreds, no, the millions of proud Americans who stand with you in a pledge to honor the words and the spirit of our forefathers in the US Constitution which they left us. A guide and a promise to aid in the governance of an anti-American gun-grabbing left who seems to care very little for the lives of a peace loving people and their desire to protect themselves and their families from a scourge of criminality that’s taken over in so many neighborhoods throughout this country. God bless you Deborah. We stand with you… and we’re ready to fight for the absolute right we have to own and bear firearms. Isn’t it sad that we actually have to fight to retain this right. It shows everyone just how little tolerance certain groups of people have for both the rule of law and the Constitution that we hold so dearly.

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