Are GOP Bosses Trying to Throw Away Control of the Senate?

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With just a couple of weeks left before Election Day, the polls are burning up the Internet and news media. As we face the most important election in our nation’s history, it’s important to look at the election process, understand how we got to such a precarious place, with our liberty hanging in the balance, and question the agendas that have guided us down a path, from government by the people, to near socialistic ruin.

Over the last two centuries, the people have let go of their power over government and government has taken full advantage to assume governance over the people. The party system has betrayed its original purposes, of representing people and ideals, and become vehicles for snatching power from those they represent.

Most of us have figured out, by now, that the party system is severely broken and the emergence of the Tea Party would punctuate that premise.  But perhaps, there is no better example of the upside down and corrupted party system than in Missouri, where we watch the misadventure of the senatorial race between Claire McCaskill and Todd Akin.

By mid August, Akin had won a contentious 3-way primary, and the Missouri Senate race was, easily, an attainable seat for Republicans. He was 10 points up in the polls and it looked like Claire was headed for retirement, before his ill-fated “legitimate rape” misstatements made during a local television interview. Within literally hours of the interview airing on local television, the Republican machine had mounted a well organized and comprehensive campaign to force him out of the race so they could replace him with one of their, hand picked, own. Akin refused to step down, as the people duly elected him.

As polls plummeted, Akin worked to make amends for his error, but it didn’t take long for the people of Missouri to recognize the handy work of the Republican political machine, and their efforts to destroy Akin, who had a record in Congress of not always following party directives. Akin’s poll numbers have slowly climbed out of the trenches, and while some have him ahead or even with McCaskill, the latest Rasmussen poll has him seriously behind 51-43%. Remember, this is one of the country’s most winnable senate seats. So why is this race so close?

And, perhaps it’s because Akin won’t play nice, is why we see Republican Party bosses throwing a temper tantrum and withholding critical campaign money. While many establishment Republicans, who initially abandoned him, have jumped back on the Akin train, there is still a general shunning by top leadership. Reince Priebus promised there would be no money going to Akin because of his lack of compliance to drop out of the race. And to date, the Akin campaign has confirmed that there has been no financial support from the RNC or the NRSC (National Republican Senate Committee).

Money drives campaigns. Advertising dollars are critical during the last weeks/days before an election and Claire McCaskill clearly has the advantage with out the support of the National Republican Party. Understanding this very basic premise makes you wonder if the Republican Party, based on their refusal to lend support, really wants to win this senate seat in Missouri.

While Akin has raised more than $1 million dollars in small donations since August, the latest filings with the Federal Election Commission have him nearly $1.6 million dollars behind Claire McCaskill in cash on hand, with $553,410, at the end of September. Claire has out raised Akin by nearly $11 million dollars and is spending that money on campaign advertising to malign her opponent in the last hours before Election Day and she has more than $2million cash on hand as of the end of September. As independent and swing voters make their decisions for whom to vote, does it really help the Republican Party to have last images/messages they see/hear coming from the democrat?

Even with the obstacles of the last several weeks, the race is close and questions remain. Do Republicans send Todd and the rest of the unwashed masses a strong message by letting him crash and burn for not playing by Party rules? If Akin loses because he never receives Party support and funding, and it compromises control of the senate as well as representation of Missourians, will Missourians, or the nation, ever look the same way at the Republican Party again? If Akin wins without their support, does it invalidate the efficacy of the Republican Party? Republican Party bosses have dug themselves into a deep hole that can only get deeper if Akin loses this race.

The party system has abandoned the people as it has abandoned Todd Akin. It is clear from this latest turn of events that the Republican Party hasn’t placed the welfare of its disciples over its interest for power and control. Send a message back to the Republican Party. Tell them you expect them to support the interests of the people if they ever expect the people to support them.

Contact the Republican National Committee and the National Republican Senate Committee and tell them defeat Claire McCaskill by supporting Todd Akin. Tell them that the people set the agenda for government, not the other way around.


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Lisa Payne- Naeger

Missouri PolitiChick Lisa Payne-Naeger is passionate about all things related to influencing the configuration of our culture … family, education, and politics. This homeschooling mom and former school board member is a divorced mother of two teenagers. She has pretty much navigated through every stumbling block possible in her quest to raise and educate her children. Her crusade to make the world a better place for her children has led her to scrutinize, very closely, the directorate that steers society, and then try to change it into a more citizenry friendly nation.

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  1. Lainie Sloane says:

    Go get ‘em, Lisa! Informative and well-written article. All true Conservatives are growing tired of the GOP establishment, including Reince Priebus.

  2. HowardLast says:

    GOP does not stand for God Owful Party for nothing. I see the handiwork of Karl Rove here. After all he was responsible for getting Barry elected with his half ass advice to Dubya. Remember Medicare Part D, incandescent light bulb ban, No Child Left Behind, etc. Then there was Tom Delay breaking (oops twisting) arms to get Medicare Part D approved. Also the Republican Leadership (still an oxymoron) in the House going along with the continuing budget resolution instead of shutting the government down. Or Boehner saying no one reads the platform. I guess we can always vote Whig Party. What they became irrelevant and no longer exist.

  3. This is one of the main reasons we ALL have to stay vigilant long after these elections. It took DECADES to get to this place in history where socialism could prevail in this country. Gotta turn this ship around.

  4. conservatives have agreed to support romney now because of the urgency to get rid of obama. we (or at least i) do it because i expect the establishment to support conservatives when we win primaries, not pick up their money and go home when someone strays from their preferred scripts or beats one of them (castle in delaware, for example) or makes a misstatement. the establishment should have learned something from 2010: they could not have flipped the house and senate seats we did, without tea partiers, conservatives and center-right democrats. i am not optimistic about the establishment going forward (sorry, barack) because i believe they will take the credit for our electoral success on novemeber 6. i just say all this in the hope that we don’t just assume they’ll come around easily to conservative principles, and the hope that we will punish the establishment when they stray.

    • mcbee555 says:

      The Tea Party has emerged as a vital part of the Republican Party. We will not be excluded from the process in order to perpetuate the death grip hold by the “Old Guard.” Some of them will last, but they’re being replaced by all forms of attrition.
      It’ll be a better, more motivated, and aggressive Republican Party. Think positive, folks….our best days are ahead. We haven’t been hijacked by Socialists, the Democrats have! We’re in pretty good shape!

  5. mcbee555 says:

    I have donated to the RNC, I figured it was necessary to help certain Republicans to win over the Senate. However, the RNC disappointed because it wasn’t willing to “go to the mat” for Tea Party Republicans like Todd Akin for Senate and Michele Bachmann for Congress, to name a few. Regardless of the verbal faux pas made by Rep. Akin, we need that MO Senate seat. I consider Michele Bachmann a fighter in the House, we need her there, she’s a Tea Partier. Those two received little to no financial help from the RNC. I hope my small donations helped Michele, for Todd Akin I’ve donated to Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund. There’s still time to help elect the Conservatives on DeMint’s list of great candidates. Please go to Senate Conservative Fund on the ‘Net and see the good people we need elected to the Senate. Donations of any size are a big help, time is running out. Thanks!

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