Are Obama’s Children Worth More than Mine?

January 29, 2013 at 5:00 am / by

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Georgia PolitiChick Abigail Adams is the proud daughter of a WWII foot soldier who served on the front lines in France and Germany. Because of her father, she was reared and steeped in patriotism. She… More

Let’s stand and salute the NRA for their recent ad stating that Obama is an elitist hypocrite for allowing his own children– but not out children– to be protected by trained agents armed with guns.  Unlike the GOP, the NRA does not back down from anybody; they stand and deliver.  They are on the frontline, taking all of the heat, and I am proud to say that I am an NRA member.

Paul Waldman of The Prospect wrote a biting article that is full of mockery and derision in which he criticizes the NRA ad.

“NRA leadership is a bunch of crazy people,” he writes, adding sarcastically, “What an elitist, that Barack Obama, thinking he’s somehow above ordinary people…all of us should act as though we exist in the same security situation as the president of the United States.”

Don’t insult my intelligence, Paul. We are not asking the Secret Service to accompany us 24/7; however, adequate protection of all our children in no way reduces the protection of his children.  So what’s up with denying us what we need to assure the safety of our children?

Mr. Waldman goes on to needlessly disparage all of us who are every day, hard-working Americans by making light of “just the assistant regional manager of a widget company” who needlessly arms himself to the teeth in anticipation of a “terrorist commando strike force.”

If Mr. Waldman’s absurdity isn’t enough, consider blogger Matt Yglesias’ insulting statement that Obama’s kids are worth more to the country than are our children.  Perhaps Mr. Yglesias needs to brush up on the Declaration of Independence, which tells us all men are created equal.

In America, we are not born into a caste system nor do we have royalty. We are simply born Americans with the freedom and liberty given to us by God our Creator to seek our dreams and to endeavor to become all that our heart desires.  Each of us gets one vote and my vote carries as much weight as does President Obama’s vote, and my grandchildren’s votes will be as important to this nation as his children’s votes will be.

All of us agree that the Office of the President is worthy of respect, and we want our President and his family to be protected.  Our President and his family require a different level of protection, but while that level may need to be elevated, their value as human beings is not.

So now, Waldman and Yglesias, make a pot of coffee, sit down and spend an afternoon with the Declaration of Independence; I promise that it will be an eye- opening experience for both of you.






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Abigail Adams

Georgia PolitiChick Abigail Adams is the proud daughter of a WWII foot soldier who served on the front lines in France and Germany. Because of her father, she was reared and steeped in patriotism. She is a true southern woman who lives in the foothills of beautiful North Georgia and works as a homemaker.

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  1. Babsan says:

    Of course they are Elitist’s kids!

  2. Rabelrouser says:

    At some point in time, the American people have to come to the distinct realization that there are now two classes in this nation. Those who hold the power, the ruling class; and the rest, the serfs and slaves whose lives are dedicated to supporting the ruling class. This would be true for a greater percentage of those elected, sans a small handful who still support the Republic as servants of the Constitution.
    They control us, they rule over us through threat and imtimidation of punishment by the badge and the gun. Theirs is nothing more than an existance of self importance as we are their plaything, their bread and butter. An elected monarchy if you will.
    They no longer listen to the people, but make up more rules, laws, and controlling regulations to extend their power. They have economically strangled the average person so that he no longer has the ability to advance or succeed, just survive meagerly.
    Do you accept this type of daily control? Is being an economic slave and contributing serf to their lifestyle pleasant to you? Are you just willing to submit and obey, just to hope to eat again today? Are your God given ( Inalienable) Rights, Freedoms and libertys no longer important to you. Have they brainwashed you into the belief that they are smarter, and more powerful than you and you dont stand a chance? Are you the pheasant they want you to be?
    As I look at most, and talk to many, I would seem to think so. The American Dream is dead, gone and buried. No longer self acheiving for a future of prosperity and legacy, but subserviant to the whims of a few. The only conclusion I can draw is: America, at least what it once was, is dead. The death of a thousand papercuts of laws, rules and regulations imposed by the ruling class we have elected and chosen to be our Lords and Masters; and as always, for our own good.
    But as for me, I refuse to submit and obey. I have drawn my line and will do what I must when that line will soon be crossed; knowing full well that it may cost me my very life, but I consider Inalienable Rights, Libertys and Freedom to be more than worth it. Do You?

    • psutopgun says:

      I got your back. The line is drawn.

    • Abigail Adams says:

      thank you, rabelrouser; obviously I agree w/ your position. Death by a thousand paper cuts, as you said….. Yes…. that is what happens when Conservatives are busy at work and attending to our own business and our families. We have no interest in nosing in other people’s business, and so they are able to quite easily slip more than the camel’s nose under the tent. Another problem is Congressmen who compromise on Constitutional issues, just a little here and a lot there. It’s not too late; we can regain America, but it will take diligence, and ACTION BY ALL OF US.

      • Rabelrouser says:

        Abigail, Given the present, and past actions of our elected monarchy, both in the lower houses and in the executive offices; we continue to see an incrimential “shreding” of the Constitution / Bill of Rights. This is being acheived by a massive papering over of legislative “laws” that ignore the Constituton, a thousand paper cuts.
        This I would say is intentional in nature, due to the intent of those “laws” that create a subserviant position of the citizen.
        The basis of these “laws” is contractual law or the Uniform Commercial Code, as it is rightfully known. By this means the citizens are being intimidated into an obligation under Federal dictates; no longer Free Individuals.
        However now we (the nation / citizens) are at a point inwhich their voice is not the deciding factor; but rather an ideaological mind set of those who hold office and the power thereof; Rule of Law, be damned!
        Given this present condition, the citizenry will soon find itself “impressed / forced” into a situation where they have no Rights, and Liberty is but a fond memory; as the last stalwart of Freedom, the personal ability to self defense aganist a controlling governments tyranny is taken away by the mechanisms of law. Always for the soulful purpose of “safety and security”. What is good for the peoples sake, as defined by those who have and control the power structure;but not shared equally by the law makers.
        That said, their actions always belie their words, as witinessed by their arming themselves with protection against what?: us? That would indicate a knowledge on their part of the growing discontent of the general citizenry to the downward spiral of their daily conditions; or of more severe action to come that force’s total control over the general citizenery by force of arms, by threat and even death.The “we are more important than you are” ideal of a tyrannical power structure.
        Are we then to be content with just providing for their lifestye and comfort, as long as we are “given our daily loaf of bread and inaine entertainment”?
        As for me, I will not be a serf /economic slave to their dictates and control by force, intimidation and punishment. I would rather die a Freeman in defense of those inalienable Rights than be subserviant to men for their pleasure and power.
        My “king” does not sit in the white house; but rather on a White Throne and it is from Him alone that I have been given my Rights, Freedom and Liberty; that no man will take from me.

  3. Jerry Reames says:

    hell no less than mine

  4. Dempseycoleman says:

    This just shows to go you these people mad at the NRA as people
    like to say was taken out of Context. This time IT really hapened.
    And they get their Drawers in a not.
    goes to show you I say it backwards sometimes on porpus.

  5. James Maxwell says:

    It is funny sometime how a mindless moronic media will twist, turn and deistort what is said
    when they have no valid arguments. They seem to think that they are above the fray
    when, in fact, they are the cause of it because of thier lack of integerity. This appears
    to be the case of them attacking the NRA once again. Why should my children and
    any ones childre be unprotected and the elitist politicos haveing armed guards surrounding
    them and their families 24/7 even when they are in school and our children being
    left unprotected? The US Constitution gurantees me the right to keep and bear arms
    under the 2nd Amendment to protect myself, my family and others from tyrants, and
    our enemies both foreign and domestic.

    • Abigail Adams says:

      That is right; we do have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. And our right to bear arms does not limit us to how much ammo we can purchase or how many rounds our clip holds. Contact your county Sheriff and make sure that he is willing to protect you from any encroachment of your 2nd Amendment rights. I am sure that you know that the list is growing of Sheriffs who have made the vow that the 2nd Amendment will be upheld in their county.

  6. Kent2012 says:

    not in china

    • Abigail Adams says:

      You are correct about that….. but remember when o said during 2008 Summer Olympics something to the effect that America needed to be more like China bec they are so advanced…. nice buildings…. great public transportation, etc. Rem that?

  7. Angel548 says:

    I keep hearing all kinds of suggestions about how we can keep children safe when they are in school. At the Sidwell School in Washington, DC, Sasha and Malia Obama have protection provided by the Secret Service. The school also has a Security Staff of 11 and actually has a job opening posted online.

    I don’t know if people heard NBC’s David Gregory’s vicious attack on NRA President Wayne LaPierre concerning security guards at school. I found Mr. Gregory’s diatribe very strange indeed because his children actually attend the Sidwell school.

    If you dismiss this by saying, “Of course they have armed guards, they get Secret Service protection,” then you’ve missed the larger point.

    The larger point is that this is standard operating procedure for the school. And this is the reason people like NBC’s David Gregory send their kids to Sidwell, they know their kids will be protected from the carnage that befell kids at a school where armed guards weren’t used. The children sit under the protection guns afford, while the children of regular Americans do not.

    All children are precious in God’s eyes, whether it be in school or in the wombs of their mothers. We need to do everything we can to protect this special gift from God.

  8. Dustin says:

    Gee if Barack was such a nice upstanding guy his kids wouldnt need 24/7 protection now would they? What a sad way for a child to grow up. I honestly feel sorry for his kids. They are not to blame for the sins of their father & mother.

  9. Dustin says:

    The only salvation for our children now is one Bring God back into the scene. Two turn off the TV and hold unholywood accountable for the filth and violence they teach ore children daily. Three teach each child how to use and respect firearms.

    • I don’t think the TV or Hollywood should be held accountable. The parents should be. Rappers do not allow your child to grow up with the views that killing is OK, The parents do. By not spending time or teaching the child. Personal Accountability is the problem here. Stop blaming everyone else. The biggest influence in a child life is the parents. The electronic baby sitters job to mold your child into an adult. Nor it should it teach your child values.

      • Dustin says:

        Here is my reasoning behind holding Hollywood accountable. And yes I agree 100% that Parents are the sole responsibility in the rearing of their children. Im not a dolt. And no it does NOT take a village to raise a child, it takes two solid parents with a firm moral foundation. Now that we are clear on that I will enlighten you on my opinion of why Hollywood should be held accountable. Most movies portray extreme gun violence and idiots running amok waving pistols and rifles with no respect for firearm safety yet the very same actors spout their anti gun/ Conservatives are bad propaganda. Second they portray the flesh and sex and whatever feels good do it over moral responsibility. So since society will not turn off the TV my feeling is that the hollywood monkeys should stick to what they do best. Entertain then shut up like good monkeys. The rating system is all wrong.R or PG today would be X 30 years ago and thats OK? Sex Violence and lack of Chivalry and you think there should be no accountability? Then we have teachers in schools who no longer educate rather they indoctrinate and try to turn kids against their parents. Discipline is no longer acceptable lest you be accused of child abuse. Discipline problems are fixed with psychotropic medications. Believe it or not My children were not allowed to listen to rap music in my home. Guess what I could tell right away when they were listening behind my back. How? Their attitude turned bad. I had strict rules in my home. My Daughter is now a Marine, my other daughter is manager of a fast food restaurant, my youngest son is a contract laborer and my oldest son is learning a trade skill. So yes I agree accountability starts at home with a good set of parents. As for the rest they are outnumbering the well grounded. Dis arming American citizens is not the answer. Thank you for allowing me to share with you Daniel.

        • Great replay, I agree with a lot you said. However you made my argument. You tough your children their morals. You controlled their views. You took the time in their lives that have made them how they are today.

          In many of the cases with weapons and child, parents are not taking the time with their kids. In fact adult are having children at young ages. before they fully understand life themselves. Many of these young parent do not have support systems and It is becoming a norm to be a single parent.

          Children are influences by so much these days that you really do not know where or what is interacting with them. I think Hollywood is just the easiest to blame. Many of these parent will never know what their children are doing or where their mind is at because they are never home to guide their children in the right direction.

          Your environment can influence you but as the parent your teaching are the core values in which your child builds upon.

          I understand guns don’t kill people by themselves however if they are the major tool shouldn’t there be strong laws em placed or better restrictions.

          Thanks for the response and I like your argument

          • Dustin says:

            Daniel we have in my opinion strong enough laws in place. All the laws in the world will not influence the criminal element either way. The worst thing that can happen is to un arm the non criminal element. If any law should be implemented it should be to have training and certification. Stronger punishment for murderers. I believe making Prison less of a club med would help curb the desire to commit felonies as a whole. Daniel I am enjoying our conversations and I appreciate the fact that having differences we can have a civilized conversation. Take care Daniel.

          • Dustin, I agree with your points and wish they would be implemented

            - Prison less of a club med:

            I fully agree. But I think we need a better deterrent before these people hit prison or someone to un-institutionalize career criminals. I don’t have an answer or a subjection on how to fix the issues. In any case housing inmates are expensive and their a lot of people in jail for crime they may not have committed.

            -Stronger punishment for murderers:
            I agree however we have to fix our judicial system. There so many show that prove people are being incarcerated because of incorrect witness, plead bargains, weak lawyers, biases and just plan bad police work. There is a show on TV now called vindicated It’s amazing how many people have died in jail just to be vindicated after they have died and the criminal has live out his/her life.

            -training and certification:
            I think every gun owner should have training and certification. This Idea go back to the stronger laws I am asking for. You should not be able to by a weapon with out proof you have this training by approve sources Furthermore the training and certs should be paid for by the individual and not the government.

            To add you your points and mine, we need to be firm in prosecuting the laws already made and stiffer penalties for those that do not adhere. I also think record of weapons owner need to be kept.

            I am not asking to get rid of all the weapons just enforce the laws and hold people accountable for there actions.

            I like having someone with an opposing views to talk with. You allow me to challenge my beliefs and check them for validation.

        • Abigail Adams says:

          Good grief; thank you, Dustin.

          To Daniel: It is up to parents to Set the Standard and it definitely begins in our own home. One’s home is the only place where one can have everything as they wish: music, tv, entertainment, One prefers played at the volume One wishes; books that One approves of; the choice of no profanity or other types of disrespectful talk; guests that One desires; food that One wishes to prepare and serve, etc. Will we shield our children from objectionable music, tv, movies, profanity, etc? Of course not! but shielding is not the goal. The goal here is Setting the Standard for our children to choose to strive to meet for themselves. As parents, we did not hide the enticements and entanglements of the world from our children; to the contrary, we told our children all that is out there in the world, and by setting the example ourselves, we taught them to desire what is Good.

          Let’s look at 2 words: discrimination and prejudice. To discriminate is to choose carefully based on evidence and reason; prejudice is to make a judgment merely based in feeling but without evidence. We taught our children that discrimination is a required life skill, but prejudice must never be. If they learn to discriminate, they will choose friends and role models wisely by the merits of the friend. But they will not make a judgment about a person they do not know anything about. You can imagine that Hollywood types and most of the sports world do not even make our list.

          Take a step back, Daniel, and look at what you see going on in America. Look at history; the governments totally ruled and made servants of the citizens where the people were not allowed to protect themselves. Also look at the places where these shootings take place: it is gun-free zones! No, Daniel; we will not give up our guns.

  10. Monica646 says:

    People like the Obama’s make me sick. Really. They are no better than anyone else. They may need more protection but thanks to our lawmakers all of our children are going to need more protection. I doubt that it ever occurred to anyone when I was in school that we would possibly need someone with a gun to watch over school children. We really had freedom in the fifties and sixties. I feel the same as Rabelrouser. I never paid much attention to what was going on while I was raising my children and have been so shocked as to how much things have changed. These educated idiots that are in charge of our country have not done a good job at all.

    • Abigail Adams says:

      While there is some apathy on our side, I don’t think that’s the problem. I view it as just what you said…”while I was raising my children.” Your attention was on your family. The Libs love poking around in everybody else’s business and that’s how they always know what is going on. They have their fingers in everybody else’s pie. And while we are busy attending to our own business, the libs are busy legislating everybody else about things that are none of their business. Well, we now must get as out front and be as loud as they are. Just as obnoxious and pushy; the libs must be shoved back and defeated. There is no other way. That’s how we are going to get our nation back.

  11. lokiswife says:

    If the Republican party had the spine and guts the NRA has, we wouldn’t be in this monstrous financial and moral mess now. After four years of Obama and his radical agenda, they still didn’t have the guts to stand up against the fraud and corruption in the 2012 election. It didn’t help that they stuck to the “Mr. Nice Guy” campaigning when they were dealing with Chicago thug-style campaigning on the other side…

    • Abigail Adams says:

      I admire and support the NRA with my money and with my words. Wayne LaPierre has more intelligence and courage in his fingernail than David Gregory will ever have if he borrows a brain. Whether you are a gun owner or not, realize that this about property ownership, this particular issue happens to be gun ownership. Please consider supporting the NRA; they protect all Americans, not just gun owners.

  12. Tomtom says:

    These jackasses that are running the country make laws for us peasants but exclude themselves. Do they think we are STUPID????????

    • Smeethow says:

      Yes they do. They know a little over half of us were on election day.

      • Abigail Adams says:

        Absolutely correct. It has been said that those who vote for a living outnumber those who work for a living. We can thank gov’t/ public no-education system and the MSM. The gov’t no-ed system “educated” the MSM; the MSM circled the wagons and hurled o into office.

  13. marineh2ominer says:

    Even more to the point , Obamass is not more important than MY children .

  14. mrbp says:

    I hope all the idiots that voted for this pompous ass and his minions wake up some day and find out they don’t matter either. The congress is a collection of 535 enablers for this tyrant in the white house. WE need to purge congress at the next election. The problem is the states like mine, Cal. and new york as well as a few others have to many illegals voting. they want a hand out, not a hand up. If we had any legislators in Sac, with some guts, we could draft a bill that would withhold any fed. tax money that is to be sent to WDC. Dick Mountjoy tried to get a bill passed when he was in Sac. I guess there were to many libs. in sac to allow that.

    • You do know that there are a group of Reps that have held up any legislation that was drop in front of them, just because that do not want to cooperate. All i am saying is it’s not just the Dems, Reps have blame if not more. What need to happen is some type of check and balance why the politicians refuse to play ball. I would even go for a channel dedicated to actually give full factual information on what is going on and why instead of just opinions and half facts.

      • Dustin says:

        Obama promised complete transparency on CSPAN. Remember? But who the hell watches CSPAN?

      • Abigail Adams says:

        We are not going to get any kind of real truth and factual reporting with the current ppl in power. We need to get rid of the old-time politicians and replace with true Conservatives– and there ARE some ready to step up. Rather than term limits, I have preferred the power of the vote; however, I see that the voting population is basically uneducated even about basic 3rd grade economics, and so term limits w/o grandfathering in any of the current ones in Congress is what we need now.

  15. LJ says:

    Lets be real, no his kids are not worth more then my kids, however his kids are at more risk due to their father occupation. So yes they rate the protection.

    • Abigail Adams says:

      Of course; that’s why I said that the LEVEL of protection for his children is higher than for ours; however the VALUE as human beings is the same for his children as for mine.

  16. Native Texan says:

    Yoy got to love the level of rhetoric to which the knee-jerk liberals rise when they attempt to vilify those with whom they have a problem in philosphy. I personallyhave not armed myself and my home because of an inordiante fear of a gang of terriosts coming to maim and murder. I have done so because many of my fellow citizens are low life do nothing people who prey on others in their mindless pursuit of personal pleasure.
    No the president’s, nor any other father’s child, is more important nor worth more to society than mine and he and I both have to protect them to the best of our ability. What I object to is his desire to restrict my ability, in any manner, to provide that protection should it ever be needed.

  17. I gave a few of you point for great arguments, however I really think the author and many others that have commented have missed a few important facts.

    1. Obama is not the only Politician that has armed guards for his children. Pleases let’s stop the OBAMA is the only president/politician to have guards for his children. Thanks NRA, FOX and Abigail for keeping the target on our presidents children.

    2. Obama is the @$%$@$%@ President. If anyone should have guards for their kid it should be him. For a number of reason. Let see, Someone ransoming his kids, Government security, Terrorist groups, people that just hate him. There are so many reasons why Obama and his family need protection, as any other president do. If you want to take away his protect you need to take all the politicians protect away as well.

    3. If you had armed guards on your kids, you would not have gotten as much press or hate as Obama has. Just from your reaction is a big reason for him to have guards for his children.

    4. Hes the #%&^#% President, I want my children to be as protect as his but lets face I am not an Icon, a public target, or the Leader of the greats country in free world.

    • Abigail Adams says:

      Daniel, you have missed my point, perhaps intentionally. Your #1: My article did not state that ONLY the President’s children are protected; all prudent parents do whatever is necessary to keep their families safe.
      Your #2: I have no problem whatsoever w/ the President and his entire family being protected; in fact, I’m very much in favor of that. My issue is: Why can’t our children be protected also in the way that we the parents deem best? All people deserve to protect themselves and their families— not just the President. It isn’t as though either his OR ours can be protected.
      Your #3: Ridiculous of you to think that he is hated bec his children are protected; that’s absurd. What I hate are his policies and his disdain for America and capitalism.
      As for your point #5, I am not the President, but I still protect my children.

      • Abigail,

        First thanks for responding, for my points I was arguing to you and the some of the other statements people have made towards your article. I am glad you clarified your article to me, however if you read the statements of some of your followers. I think you will see why I wrote my statement the way I did.

        To your statement #2, I am not sure what you deem is the best way to protect your children and I am in no position to tell you how to raise or protect your children. I want my children to be protected as well.

        If the way to protect your kids is to allow a lot more weapons on the street without laws to protect everyone or laws to enforce with stricter penalties. i have a problem. Today there was two more shooting one on playground. leaving one kid dead and another in a hospital. Then a school shooting leaving parents waiting to see their children for hours, then child gun men we arrested and now there is a guy holding a kid hostage at gun point because he was about to get arrested for pointing his weapon at people. reports don’t even know if the parents were contacted.Who know what this guy is doing to that poor child.

        People are mad at the President that is trying to fix an evolving issue while the crazies walk around shooting our children. No only are people blaming Obama they are putting his children in harms way.

        I have read the second amendment and I believe we should have the right to bear arms but to what extent? Weapons are becoming an huge issue. Parent think it’s there right to place my children in danger because they can’t lock up their weapons, discipline their children or get their kids the help they need. It’s not enough I have to worry about the criminals but now I have to worry about the “law abiding citizen’s child as well”

        Your statement #3, “he being hated because his children are protected”. Read the comments under your article.
        “Even more to the point , Obamass is not more important than MY children”
        “Of course they are Elitist’s kids!”
        “These jackasses that are running the country make laws for us peasants but exclude themselves. Do they think we are STUPID????????”

        We all want our children protected. Many of us do it in different ways. For me Obama is not the issues. It’s the “law abiding citizen that are above the law”. The one that leave there weapons laying around so their kids can take them to school to shoot their bullies. Parents that do not install compassion in their children to understand every life is valuable. The people that take second amendment at add their own version, then call others wrong when they do the same thing. I understand the wording is vague and both side of the weapons argument are right in their interpretation. If both sides are right which side is going to protect my child the most. I don’t believe the people practicing for the wild west will have my interest in mind.

        • Abigail Adams says:

          Daniel, you are all over the place; it’s hard to address your issues, but because you appear to be sincerely interested, let me try.

          Paragraph #3: Let’s keep it real, Daniel; certainly you know better than to think that anybody’s idea of keeping our kids safe is to allow guns on the street w/o adequate penalties. We have more than enough laws; MURDER is against the law now. Guns are not a problem; murder and murders are, just as CARS are not a problem, but drunk drivers are.

          Let’s also establish that we live in a fallen world full of sin and evil; we do not have the power or ability to rid ourselves of those things. Therefore, we are always at risk and always in some amount of danger. And so let’s refrain from legislating on the basis of the least likely things and go for the most likely. No matter what the law, there is always a way for a person to kill at a school, on the street, or at home; ok, so let’s be aware of that and put procedures in place to defend if we need to.

          Paragraph #4: We are not “mad” at the President for trying to fix an evolving problem; we are on guard against the President for trying to abolish and override our 2nd Amendment rights— and yes, he certainly does want to do that. Nobody is putting a target on his children’s backs; where do you get such an idea? Nobody is talking about harming his children, nor do we have any desire to. Enough of that subject. good grief.

          Obama certainly IS an elitist. He told businesses that they can’t go to Nevada and such places for big conventions and rewards for employees, he has told America’s citizens that we can’t eat what we want to and keep our houses at the temperatures we desire, he tells us what and when we can drive, he stops the oil pipeline from coming through thereby preventing many jobs and lowering price of gas, he rams obamacare down our throats against our will, he rules against the will of the people…. and I could list many more things. And then obama and his family go on vacation after vacation at our expense!!! Do you realize that he spent more on his last Hawaii vacation than all of the royalty in England spend in a year traveling between their different homes? Yes, he is an elitist.

          The 2nd Amendment is not vague; it is clear. What you are inferring as vague is merely the fact that it does not place limits on citizens. The 2nd Amendment was written for the purpose of the citizenry protecting itself from a tyrannical government.

          Nobody is “gearing up for the wild west” :) Spend a little time researching statistics on gun-free zones vs places where people are permitted to be armed. You will see that these wild killing sprees happen in gun-free zones and that armed people prevent crimes. Don’t take my word for it; look for yourself right on the internet.
          Daniel, plz write back if you like; thank you for your interest.

          • I have to give you credit. You are defending your views and writing back to many of the people commenting. You have my respect. Many authors cannot do that. With that I am going to try and shorting my statements and not address everything. Instead I want to pose an older question I had on this site.

            “Maybe you all can help me out on this gun issues, I believe in
            what the both Rep and Dem have to say. Not so much the tea party that has nothing to do with my question. Here is my issue:

            The Rep: are saying that It’s wrong to control, minimize, or regulate weapons. That the government is oppressing freedoms.

            The Dem: are saying control, minimize, or regulate the best course of action to protected everyone.

            The Us constitutions Amendment II says:
            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

            By reading what I just stated above, I think the government is within its rights to regulate weapons in the united states. Here is the reasoning why I think they can.
            The Constitution says: you have the right to bear arms, but not what type of weapon, the number of weapons, or even the type of ammo for that weapon. This is the vagueness I spoke of before.

            Second, If laws are in placed to keep honest people honest and those honest people decide they are above the law and do not follow the rules. Does the government have an obligation to protect the remaining honest people? Isn’t this reason we pay politicians?

            That’s just my thought however if anyone has something different and can justify why the government is wrong in protect its citizens, please uncover my eyes”

          • Abigail Adams says:

            Daniel, I am glad to correspond with you bec you do appear to listen, even though you think you are on an opposing side from me :)

            First, I believe that your VANTAGE POINT is the problem. You are looking at the issue from “what rights does gov’t have?” But in America, PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHTS. It is OUR government; WE control government. In all of world history, America is the first self-governing nation :) OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. Remember those words? Under the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution, the powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states or the people. SO– the things that you feel are unclear or left out fall to the people NOT the federal government. Does that make sense to you? Therefore, any part of 2nd Amendment (or any other law) that is not SPECIFICALLY GRANTED TO GOVERNMENT goes to states and people. And so, the gov’t has NO right to decide which guns we can and cannot own, how many we can own, how much ammo and what kind we can have, and how many rounds our clips hold.

            OK now issue #2: The issue of honest people going nuts and rising above the law: Again, I believe that your vantage point, your perspective is the problem. You have your eye on honest people rising above the law. That can happen, but really— is that the problem w/ violence in America? No, Daniel. The trouble makers are thugs, criminals, and lawless people who care nothing for the law. We want to DEFEND ourselves; we have no interest in going on offense.
            Have you ever looked at statistics about how many crimes are prevented by gun owners? Have you ever looked at where these atrocities are committed? It’s gun-free zones!
            Daniel, I am happy to respond to you and answer your questions as long as you are interested in corresponding with me. If you don’t hear from me immediately, don’t despair; there are times when I can’t reply immediately.
            Keep your comments and questions coming; let’s educate you about our wonderful Founding Documents :)

          • Abigail, On C-Span at 3:15 2/16/2013 the Washington journal. SEN. Chris Murphy Said what I have been stating for a long time now. “The First and Second amendments are not absolute, Both have limitations. You have the right to bear arms but CIVs should not have have access to military grade weapons or 100 round clips. The second amendment has conditions

          • Abigail Adams says:

            Hello Daniel, that is Sen Murphy’s OPINION and his interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. So what? Everybody has an opinion; Sen Murphy’s opinion is no more important than mine or anybody else’s. SO– let’s get back to what the 2nd Amendment actually says: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Most Americans do not own cannons; we gun owners know what we need, so we are wasting our time discussing that. And I know numerous Army Veterans who chose to purchase for themselves weapons like or similar to the ones they used in war; so what? that is their right. As for a clip that holds 100 rounds– Yes, Daniel, there are times when such a thing would be needed, such as when a man chose to cross a picket line and work during a union strike. That man would need to protect his family and himself from an angry mob, if necessary. Or in the event of a food shortage or a home invasion. Daniel, there are numerous reasons why a person would need a clip that holds a large number of rounds. Remember that the 2nd Amendment was written so that the people could protect themselves from a government gone awry– and that IS our right. Take a look at this 2 min video and tell me what you think, please.

            It is our RIGHT to bear arms; WE decide what weapons we need. Nobody has the right to decide what I need or what you need to defend ourselves; nobody has the right to decide what or how much I eat; nobody has the right to decide what or when I drive, etc.
            Get my drift?
            Daniel, thank you for sticking with this; let me know what you think after you view the video.

        • Dustin says:

          Daniel I believe wholeheartedly the none of us here would physically hurt Obama or his Children. I believe the point is that given the problems with society that all children in schools need protection, not just his or any other icons. The idea is special treatment for a few over the rest that we are angered about. Also to use what is natural to my native tongue, “guns do not kill people,people do”. What we are miffed about is this administrations nanyism, totalitarianism, and lack of regard for the constitution and bill of rights. Obama flaunts his I am God stance with complete abandon. Our founding fathers fought and died against everything the Obama administration represents. It started with Rome, spilled over to France, adopted by England, and is now becoming the death knell of the greatest country in the world. But hey if we read our Bibles we would know this was going to happen anyway. That still doesnt mean I wish to stand by like the rest of the sheeple and take it.

  18. Abigail Adams says:

    Here you are; our kids need and deserve protection, and here’s the evidence that it works!!

  19. Abigail Adams says:

    The issue is not Obama and his children; that is another huge sideliner that the Lefties have introduced to lead us down a rabbit trail. Well I am not going to follow their trail to nowhere. This is about FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. PROPERTY RIGHTS. The 2nd Amendment and other founding documents are clear: The citizens (militia) are permitted to own firearms, ammo, and to be armed at all times if we wish, and the purpose is for defending against a tyrannical govt. There are no limitations on the kind or amount of firearms we may own, nor how much ammo or how many rounds our clips may hold. Also, the 10th Amendment states clearly that all rights not specifically granted to govt shall go to states and people. And so– ENOUGH of this. We will stay armed. We will not give up our firearms.

    Now regarding property rights: Our right to ownership is our #1 most foundational right; it is the right upon which all other exist. We have no freedom of speech w/o property ownership bec we have no place to speak. No right to free press bec we have no place to print. No right to gather bec we have no place to gather. See what I mean?

    There is no ambiguity in the 2nd Amendment; it is clear, and it is broad. The 10th Amendment picks right up and fills in the blanks.

  20. opey says:

    of course they are, they belong to the elitist class

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