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All the mainstream media outlets continuously reported that the film, Innocence of Muslim, was the root cause of all the rioting in the Middle East.  Now we know this wasn’t the case after all and was actually what we assumed it was in the first place-a terrorist attack.

But about that film–here in the United States people have the right to free speech that is protected by The First Amendment.    The First Amendment provides Freedom of speech.  That means we will not like or agree with everything that people say all of the time.   That means the government cannot interfere with speech, no matter how offensive.

I read in that the current administration made a request to YouTube to “suppress the film” back when they were claiming it was the reason for rioting Islamists.  Seriously.

Our current Head of State, who was elected to office to protect the United States Constitution, betrayed all Americans by this request.

Was the film offensive?  Probably.  Yet so are all the other anti-Christian and anti-Semitic expressions that have taken place the last few years.   Piss Christ is a picture of Christ in urine by Andres Serrano, or what about atheist Brian Flemings who tried to say that Jesus Christ is a myth?  Does that mean all Christians are going to blow up Muslim buildings and kill innocent people because they are offended?  In a word, NO!

Despite this movie, book, and picture showing despicable acts they are still covered under the First Amendment.

So, Barack, why are you pandering to the Muslims?

You‘re either showing the Muslims where your loyalties really lie, or you’re missing some backbone (and believe me, I wanted to use a stronger word there…).

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the cause of the rioting was the film.  Was the Muslim behavior warranted in killing innocent Americans and storming American embassies throughout the world?  It was reported that the Muslim Brotherhood requested on September 13th that the video be removed and Barack meekly submitted to their request.  In a statement on the Muslim Brotherhood’s website, “Hurting the feelings of one and a half billion Muslims cannot be tolerated, and… we demand that all those involved in such crimes be urgently brought to trial,”

Wow, so their initial claim was that because their FEELINGS WERE HURT, they (the Libyans) dragged the body of the U.S ambassador through the streets, just as the bodies of other Americans have been drug the streets.  (Remember Somalia 2007?)

Barack, are you really that willing to mollify enemies of America and damn the Constitution?

Muslims throughout the world cheer when Americans are hurt.  They burn our flag and many other detestable acts of violence so somehow I don’t think they “needed” this film to incite such violence.

Interesting that the locals (aka “mobs”) just “happened” to have on hand American and Israeli flags to burn and Islamic flags to fly.  Oh, and let’s not forget the rocket propelled grenades they carried…

Are you going to declare Martial Law, Barack, so you can “protect” us?  Please, do us all a favor and get out of the race.

We, The American People, want a leader who follows the constitution knowing exactly where his “backbone” is, and enough tenacity to help protect this great country without bowing down to our enemies.





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Barbara Cook

Florida PolitiChick Barbara J. Cook (Cookie) is a bodacious, creative conservative desiring to promote conservatism in sunny Florida, and beyond! Run with me into the future on and check some tantalizing recipes out on and just because you can,

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  1. Shears_of_Atropos says:

    OK, Sweetie, I didn’t! [big grin] All better now?

  2. rosemarienoa says:

    ovomit has no “backbone” !!! and it is very evident to the entire world!!!

  3. To Obama, The US Constitution has been nothing but a PITA to him. He has clearly demonstrated his contempt for it time and time again. I don’t know if there is anything sacred to him, the Koran perhaps? His bowing to the arab world and his apologetic tone to them for Ameica’s actions is teetering on treason. The fundamental change he stated was to take place in America upon his innauguration in ’08 is an obscenity one to anyone who values the principles that this country was founded upon and especially to the millions who have given their lives to protect this country. The sooner we are rid of this “Ugly American” the better!

    • perfectlyaged says:

      Gary…I agree with you 100%. America is the laughing stock of the world because of Obama. He is so ignorant in that he thinks he can win favor with the world by bowing to the Arab world and apologizing for the American people while he feels he is lifting himself up in the eyes of the world. Just to show you how illerate Obama is concerning running a government….he made a statement telling the American people they did not need to worry about our $16T debt because of the low interest rates! The amount of interest paid daily is $1.2B…which we have to borrow from China. Obama has only been a community organizer and has never had any business experience and it shows drastically by the statement he made!!!!

    • ginger says:

      he isn;t teetering …he has fallen over.

    • unbridled says:

      Too late, he has already commited treason and has been in direct violation of his oath of office from day one. Please don’t ask for the examples, I don’t care to rehash the disgracefull details. Just look over the past four years. And BTW, he’s just “UGLY”, he’s not an american….

  4. Jillian says:

    A standing ovation to Barbara for an outstanding column!

  5. Colleena11 says:

    Thoughtful article! Bravo Barbara!

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