Bill Moyers: A Whopper of a Hypocrite

April 5, 2013 at 5:00 am / by

Uber-liberal and Occupy Wall Street activist Bill Moyers recently delivered a sharp slap down against the United States on his “Moyers & Company” TV program proclaiming that the Pledge of Allegiance is not only a lie but “a whopper of a lie.”

“We coax it (the Pledge of Allegiance) from the mouths of babes for the same reason our politicians wear those flag pin in their lapels; it makes the hypocrisy go down easier,” he said.

According to Moyers, “Justice for all is a mouth wash” for a slew of former U.S. Presidents for the dastardly deeds they have committed against humanity.

Some of these dastardly deeds include the sequestration and attempts by Congress to reduce the debt.

Moyers was actually able to say with a straight face that the U.S. is “trampling on the less fortunate.” Someone ought let him know that Obama has created the largest sense of entitlement in the country since FDR and by doing so, has created the largest debt in American history.

“Justice for all,” he said, is hypocrisy in a society where billions of dollars are squandered for war and rich corporations pay zero in taxes while the poor go undefended.

If any one is a hypocrite, it’s Bill Moyers, who has taxpayers to thank for his job at taxpayer-funded PBS. As a matter of fact, a big chunk of Moyers’ career has been at the taxpayers’ expense from his days with the Johnson administration and his extensive involvement with public television,

There’s no doubt about it. Bill Moyers is a whopper of a hypocrite.

Written by LaDonna Hale Curzon

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  1. Is that creature still around,flapping his lip of self pity? Hey,Moyers…Cuba Calls,pack up and leave…not that you would last long…

  2. gwedem5995 says:

    Why didn’t Moyers chastise Obama because he was the one who created the sequester.
    The rest of his puppets just voted for it. Does anyone actually listen to him?

  3. cordeg says:

    Yeah, the president’s friends over at GM managed to go through a government-managed bankruptcy and have a $45B tax credit survive the trip — unheard of in any private-sector bankruptcy, so that even though they posted a “whopper” of a profit this past year they not only paid “zero in taxes”, but still have billions in credits left over to ensure they pay nothing for years to come. Perhaps I missed the speech where Moyers attacked President Obama for his hypocrisy in giving tax breaks to big corporations rather than paying their “fair share”. Yeah, that must have been what happened — I just missed that speech. Anyone have a link to it? Anyone? Anyone?…

  4. NotRedYet says:

    Bill Moyers is a blood sucking leach.

  5. sjmom says:

    Everyting about the Left is hypocrisy because as Rush has said if they were to speak the truth nobody would ever vote for them. Their every word is based on a lie.

  6. Tim McCarthy says:

    Mothers is heard by less than 10% of America.

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