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November 22, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

About Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell is the original PolitiChick anchor and is the CEO/Editor-in-Chief of, which was nominated at CPAC 2013 as the “People’s Choice Blogger of the Year”. In 2013, Ann-Marie recei… More

Unknowingly, I became a political activist on November 22, 1966.

My father was my hero.  He was a preacher, teacher and performed in almost every musical and play at the El Paso Community Theater.  Everywhere he went, I begged to tag along with him and I remember as if it was yesterday sitting on the edge of a stage watching him rehearse Man of La Mancha, singing ‘To Dream the Impossible Dream’ or playing “Father Macaffee” in Bye, Bye Birdie.

On November 21, 1966 my sister & I were planning to go with our father to a school function but at the last minute my sister got sick and both of us weren’t allowed to go.  I was furious and before he walked out the door I made damn sure my father knew just how angry I was at him—and yes, I told him I hated him.

On November 22 my mother woke me up very early that morning to tell me my father had been killed in a car wreck.

In that instant, I had to learn the difference between life and death and what a period at the end of a sentence really means.

So when Barack Obama took office and starting destroying the country that I loved so much, the little dormant activist inside of me started screaming in my head, “DO SOMETHING!  Don’t let her go without a fight!  Don’t live with one more regret that you didn’t do or say everything you could possibly have done and said to save her!”

I learned at a very early age that no matter how seemingly infallible something might seem—no matter how strong, how secure– it can all be gone in an instant. If we could take a time machine back to ancient Rome and tell them their entire Empire would eventually fall and that someday tourists would visit the ruins of their great monuments and coliseums, they would have laughed in our faces and called us conspiracy theorists.

Losing the election was a major blow but we certainly didn’t get where we are overnight and it did not begin with Barack Obama.

It took decades to get to the point in history where two thugs could intimidate and threaten voters with billy clubs and instead of being punished, they were released with zero consequences.  And if you questioned that, you were called a racist.

It took decades to get to the point where innocent Americans are standing in airports with their arms in the air like criminals in something called a “Rapiscan” machine being publicly (albeit virtually) strip searched.  The reason is because our government doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of the woman standing behind you wearing a burkha who might be a real terrorist.  And if you questioned this, you were called “religiously intolerant”.

And it took decades to get to the point where a small group of people who believe in nothing told all of us who do believe in something to take down our crosses and dismantle our Nativity scenes because it “insulted their eyesight”. And when we questioned that, we were called “ignorant” and “backwards” and “unenlightened”.

Well folks, I don’t’ know about you but I’ll never again simply look down at my hands or bury my head in the sand when these things happen–and it’s past time for all of us to look those BASTARDS straight in the eyes and say NO MORE!  NOT EVER AGAIN!  NOT ON MY WATCH!

The good news is that the other side is definitely starting to hear us.  CNN and all of the other non-Fox News networks are literally falling apart before our very eyes.  They are freaking out because Americans have finally figured out that the mainstream “news” is (and has probably always been) the most one-sided, biased and unfair organization since the Gestapo.  “Journalists” are officially considered despicable to most Conservatives and will never be blindly trusted again.  The ‘alphabet networks’ are very much like the National Enquirer—there’s maybe a thread of truth in what they tell you, but the rest of the story is either hidden or completely made up.  (We’re watching you, mainstream media, and we’re mad.)

I believe in prayer like nobody’s business; we all need to double up on prayer especially in the days/weeks/months ahead.  However I believe in prayer with action and when I was a little girl I memorized a poem (author unknown) that I think says it all:

Sitting still and wishing
Makes no person great;
The Good Lord sends the fishing
But you must dig the bait.





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Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell is the original PolitiChick anchor and is the CEO/Editor-in-Chief of, which was nominated at CPAC 2013 as the “People’s Choice Blogger of the Year”. In 2013, Ann-Marie received Front Page Magazine’s Glazov Gang Ronald Reagan Award. Ann-Marie writes for dozens of respected Conservative websites including TownHall, Daily Caller, Front Page Magazine, The Blaze and more. Ann-Marie is often a guest speaker at rallies across the US and is a frequent guest on radio and TV shows, including a 2013 appearance on the Dr. Phil Show in which she represented the conservative viewpoint. She has been featured on dozens of radio and television shows, including Fox News, BlazeTV, the Dennis Prager Show, the Janine Turner Show and she is a regular commentator and guest host on One America’s Rick Amato Show, Front Page Magazine’s Glazov Gang and the Mark Isler Show on 870/The Answer. Ann-Marie is one of the go-to conservative reporters in Los Angeles and has covered multiple political events throughout the United States. Ann-Marie has conducted hundreds of interviews with conservative leaders including Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Lt. Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and she was one of the last reporters to interview the late Andrew Breitbart. Ann-Marie speaks at various Conservative rallies and 2nd Amendment events across the country, from California to Texas and many cities in between, and was the exclusive reporter for the David Horowitz Freedom Center West Coast retreat. You can find Ann-Marie Murrell on Facebook and Twitter (@PolitichickAM). (@PolitichickAM).

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  1. Kansas farmer says:

    Keep up the good work. Our country is worth the fight.

  2. Fred Campbell says:


    God bless you and PolitiChicks. You are a “light unto our pathway”.

  3. leefromok says:

    That phrase is something most parents hear at some point.
    As a father I can guarantee you that he knew you didn’t mean it and that he knew that you loved him.
    It didn’t affect his love for you either!

    • Thank you Lee–I certainly hope he’s proud. I have a wonderful step-father, someone I hate to even call “step” because he’s been the greatest father I could’ve had. But November 22 is (and will always be) a day of reflection for me. God bless you.

  4. Onprps.joe says:

    Keep up the good work. We need to move the country back to being governed in conjunction with the limitations the Constitution places on the Federal Government.

  5. catnip24 says:

    a true patriot. anne-marie murrell should start going on shows like special report, o’reilly, hannity, greta and the entire fox line up. she’d make a great guest. she’s intelligent, gets right to the point, writes from the heart, and there is no ambiguity in what she says. plus she’s a stone cold fox. for the younger generation that means she’s gorgeous.

  6. Tom Lehner says:

    Ann-Marie; first and foremost this is one of your best writing. The story of your dad, I don’t know if you are aware but I can relate to that and how it impacted you.

    I started getting interested in politics when Obama as contender became a sure fact in 2007/08 but it was people LIKE you and YOU IN PERSON that inspired me to become a political activist and write and post and inform people. Before you I was mad at all the atheists trying to take away what is dear to us, mad at liberals trying to force their lifestyle on me but always lived my life on my own. THANK YOU MY FRIEND AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK – our Country is in distress but it is people like YOU that make me believe we still have a future and it is YOU that assures me and makes me look forward to 2014 and 2016 LET US CONTINUE THE FIGHT if I could choose only one person to fight for America it would be YOU – BLESSING AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING BECAUSE knowing you I am specially thank and grateful for

    • Oh Tom, thank YOU for being such a great friend to me over the years! You’ve constantly inspired me to keep going; and while you were away from “Facebook World” you were missed more thank you know. God bless you!!

  7. We hear you loud and clear Ann-Marie. We are your warriors in this battle within the Divided States of Amerika.

  8. Jack Martin says:

    Not sure how you ever resolved the telling your dad you hated him and then having him die shortly after but just a good encouragement. For the most part the ” I hate you” technique works almost exclusively on moms. Dads were wired by God to smile and go right past that one. Add to that, he was a pastor. So Im sure he smiled at his little girl and loved her everywhere as much as he ever did before. But I am glad for the lesson it taught you on the brevity of life. Every generation has a charge to pass on the truths of God and with that as Americans the spirit and heart of our founders. Everytime we go silent and as Ann Marie said put our head in the sand, the next generation suffers for it. There are no more Americas to sail to and settle so its here we must make our stand. At the risk of sounding over the top I would rather die a free man, so that my children would know freedom, than live a slave and leave them that legacy. Not sure who it was said it but this was a tremendous article. God bless.

  9. 7loubro_4 says:

    Another great one, Ann-Marie. I hope that your November 22nd was a good Thanksgiving day, though surely memorable for sadder reasons. You are doing what others should have been doing all along.Love the photo, too.

  10. Jeff Lindquist says:

    Certainly a heart wrenching story about your father. But thankfully you are still with us today. The downfall of the US was a planned strategy that took many decades to accomplish, So restoring our great republic won’t happen overnight but with patriotic warriors like you the fight for liberty is making a comeback.

  11. Great article boss lady! God Bless you! :)

  12. Lainie Sloane, CA PoltiChick says:

    Ann-Marie, your story touched my heart as I’m sure it has others who have read it and will continue to touch those who will read it. Early on, God put a special bond between you and your father. Your excellent writing brought to mind a song possibly your daddy sang to you, “You’re the end of the rainbow. You’re my pot of gold. You’re the Easter bunny to have and to hold. You’re sugar and spice and everything nice. You are Daddy’s little girl.”

  13. Jane Faries Garcia says:

    If I don’t stand up, who will ? One thing I think would make a huge difference if we could somehow get all Christian scientists to get together and very publically proclaim how science is simply the discovery of how God has done things … that evolution has been totally discredited by modern science as an acceptable theory of anything … and no one has ever proven the Bible wrong … etc. etc. … maybe, just maybe, if we bring God back into our national culture and give Him the respect He deserves, we might save our beloved country. Does anybody have the connections necessary to accomplish this ??

  14. Cool pic of your Dad — my Dad had shades and hats like that, That was Dean Martin cool. God bless ya Ann-Marie…. You are a patriot warrior—and I’ll stand and fight with you any day.

  15. Joan says:

    Ann Marie, I adore your spirit. You are a powerful force I am proud to be your friend. I stand with you and this cause. To make America strong again, here at home and abroad. Americans have lost their rudder, the moral compass of principles. Instead many follow as only sheep can- asking no questions, accepting lies. Saying the Emperor has clothes when in fact he is clearly naked. What a pit Americans have fallen into when they adopt the attitude of the GODless, who apologize for American values. Those sheep then allow the foundation of those values to be chipped away, until there is no America and no GOD in America. I promise to help get America and its citizens back onto a righteous course.

  16. b24gunr says:

    A great article that ends with a paragraph that special chord in me: prayer with action. I’m a 91-year-old WW2 vet who never dreamed he’d see his country in such sad shape as it is now, especially not one that would re-elect a man with such a miserable record in his first term.

    • Gunr–My Pop helped Patton break up the Bulge in 44. He died two years ago. I have to say he would have died on Election Night this year had he not; and I thank God for taking him home two years ago instead. You are the salt of the earth, and the rest of us owe you more than we can ever repay. God blessed me with a grandchild almost nine months ago. She is the only reason I have to keep up the fight.

    • B24, THANK YOU for your service to our country—I agree, all us Conservatives are trying to make sense of this election but it’s very difficult. And yes, prayer with action the answer. God bless you.

  17. Ann-Marie, your professionalism lights a spark in all of us. Thank you! God Bless!

  18. Evie says:

    Well said, Ann-Marie!!! Thank you for sharing your personal story about your “hero” and for fighting for truth and I stand with. God bless you for all you do!!!

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