Bizarre Bedfellows

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Have you ever wondered what connects the different groups in the Democratic Party?  What is the common thread that unites them to fight for the liberal cause?  I have pondered this a lot lately.

When thinking about feminists, they want reproductive and equality rights for women, but yet they do not cheer on the accomplishments of conservative women.  They don’t come to the rescue of a conservative woman either when she’s been exploited in the media.  If the feminists were truly for the advancement of women, wouldn’t she cheer on any woman, conservative or liberal?  Feminists also stand arm in arm with Muslims with their support for the liberal agenda, which treat women as second-class citizens.

Muslims not only view women as second-class citizens, but they want to advance their religion in hopes to convert all nations to Sharia Law.  This includes the United States.  Additionally, Muslims do not approve of gay marriage or homosexuality.  The homosexual lifestyle is diametrically opposed to the Muslim belief system.  Of the seven countries, which impose the death penalty for homosexuality, all are Muslim.

The homosexuals gravitate to the liberal agenda hoping to rewrite the societal marriage laws that have existed for over 6,000 years, and I might add, have worked well for a basis for societal order.  Yet these same gay leaders do not see eye to eye with black leaders, who believe that gay rights groups are insensitive to racial concerns.  The blacks often resent the gay movement’s use of civil rights language to make the case for same-sex marriage.

Then you have African Americans who vote and support the Democrat Party.  Why?  One of their favorite leaders, Martin Luther King, Jr., was a Republican.  The president who freed the slaves was a Republican.  The major champions of the civil rights legislation in Congress were all Republicans.  The Democrat Party has effectively ruined the African American family, where 73% of new African American babies are born into homes without a father each year, according to Business Insider.  The Democratic Party has essentially replaced the father in the African American home with the government.

Labor unions do not always have the same goals as the Democrat Party, yet they are bedfellows.  The teacher strike in Chicago is a great example.  It came about due to the Democrat-based government in Chicago who wants to impose a set of standards for the teachers there.  The teacher’s labor union is opposed to this, so a strike ensued, which affected over 40,000 kids from going to class.

Jews have typically voted Democrat and one has to ask, “Why?”  During the Democrat National Convention the first week of September 2012, a crowd of “boos” was overwhelming when it was decided by vote that they would recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.  It’s obvious to most that the Democrat’s Leadership is not friends of the Jews, yet Jews still support them.  How do Jews support liberal ideology, which is also bent on the destruction of its very country?  Should I also mention the thousands of years of wars between Jews and Muslims?

Some liberal Christians, either on the Protestant or Catholic side, have been staunch supporters of the Democrat Party.  Yet how do these Christians co-exist with Muslims, being one of the main religious groups who are persecuting and martyring other Christians around the world?  How will these Christians remain in a party that is now taking away the freedom of religion by doing such things as forcing Catholic companies to provide health insurance that pays for abortions?

Muslims don’t value women and hate homosexuals, the Democrats oppress the African American family, the feminist goal is in direct opposition to the Muslim views of women, Labor Unions and Democrats have different goals, and Jews and Israel are diametrically against each other.  The liberal Christians, if they are honest about their faith, will have serious problems with the feminists’ support of abortion, the replacing of the father in the African American family with the government, and the hatred of Muslims.  These different groups of people are polar opposites on many issues.  They appear to be bizarre bedfellows.  So, what unites them?

Their hatred for conservatives unites them.  These groups hate conservatives, and Christians, so much that they will unite together to defeat them no matter the cost.   This is a truth is overlooked by the Republican establishment, who views elections as just another thing we have in America every few years and is often satisfied to remain in a minority class of power.  I have seen in some years Republicans have not put forth their “A” game in clearly setting forth a conservative alternative to the liberal Democrat agenda.  The establishment continually tries to be liked by the mainstream media, a stealth group of people who are hell-bent on destroying the Republican Party or at least neutering its power.

One lesson conservatives must learn is the highest enemy for a liberal Democrat is not Al-Qaeda, Muslim Extremists, Communists, or Fascists.  The biggest enemy to a liberal is the conservative agenda.  That is the only way all of these bizarre bedfellows of the Democrat Party—big labor, the media, feminists, Muslims, liberal Christians, Jews, African Americans, and homosexuals—come to be united.  They stand as one against their sworn archenemy, the conservative.

It is incumbent upon the conservative movement to continue to place a message about its core values in front of the American people.  Values of faith, family, self-reliance, open opportunities, limited government, and freedom must be articulated in everything from our speeches to actual policy and laws.  The message should ring loud and clear, because it is the thing the liberals fear the most.

Our message hits at the core of a man or woman.  Every one longs to be free, to make their own decisions and chart their own course, and to have the opportunity to succeed or fail on their own.  The liberals fear this the most because when the average American understands it, there is no way that they will vote liberal.  It does not matter what amount of governmental goodies are being used to bribe the public, people will choose freedom because that is at the core of all of us as opposed to selecting safety and bondage.

Do the various liberal groups, often being diametrically opposed to each other, really looking at the cost of bedding together?  Are conservatives who compromise their message, or remain silent, realizing they are falling into the liberal plan of neutralizing and thus jumping into bed with the rest of the liberal agenda?  Finally, if the Republican Party is ever silenced, which liberal group gets to put forward their agenda ahead of everyone else?  It will be too late then for freedom and liberty for everyone will only be a distant memory.



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Angela K. Love

Angela K. Love is the State Director of PolitiChicks, South Dakota. She is a full-time student in her senior year at Columbia College pursuing Bachelor degrees in Business Administration in both Management and Finance. For over five years, she has worked as a licensed Commercial Real Estate agent in the state of Colorado, has owned her own real estate company, and has been a managing partner at Phang, LLC, a home-based business specializing in Commercial Underwriting. Angela was an Assistant Producer for "The Dr. Gina Show" and continues working with her as an Assistant producer for Dr. Gina's YouTube Channel."

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  1. PBCliberal says:

    Those “marriage laws that have existed for 6,000 years” favor polygamy and view the wife as the property of the husband, often purchased from the wife’s father as a teenager. It seems you only view change that you personally oppose as being change.

  2. Lulu Bell says:

    I have also given this a lot of thought lately.
    Watching the polls hold so tightly, while the state of our Union is
    deteriorating, it often has me sitting in stunned shocked silence.

    How it is possible that this incumbent, who has had nothing a complete failure of a term, could possibly be doing so well in the polls?

    I am convinced these voters must be committed to their party out of pure unadulterated selfishness. It seems to be the sad result of the “Get an award just for showing up,” or the “I didn’t ask to be born so it’s not my responsibility to take care of myself” generation.

    These different clashing groups are not standing together. Not by a long shot. They
    are standing apart, singularly focused on what moves them closer to their
    personal goals.

    Feminists are not concerned about Islamic women being held down in the Middle East
    because it doesn’t effect them personally. They don’t care about women being treated as property “over there” as long as they are saving $9 a month on birth control and as long as they can continue to call abortions a “health issue.”

    Muslims who vote democratic don’t worry about clashing against the Jewish, against
    homosexuals, or against women because they hope to eventually push through
    Sharia, which will immediately silence all those groups.

    Jewish voters don’t care about how their party is sitting silently trying to negotiate
    with terrorists as Iran laughs and continues to develop a nuclear weapon with
    the sole purpose of wiping out their brothers and sisters in Israel. Their attitude is “As long as it doesn’t effect me personally, who cares what happens in Israel.”

    Homosexuals are not worried about Muslim countries that dole out the death penalty over sexual preferences because they cannot see past their own desires to be able to
    marry whomever they choose. They might decide to worry about those pesky Islamic laws that hang gays and lesbians later… maybe after they are legally married or something.

    Black Democrat voters are more concerned about keeping their free cell phones to
    concern themselves about Martin Luther Jr. being a Republican. They absolutely don’t care that it was their own party who fought hard to keep them enslaved. When the Democrats failed to maintain slavery at the hands of the Republican party – their own people forced them into social slavery.

    Atheists aren’t worried about being in the same party as Liberal Christians because they realize that anyone who puts their wants and needs above what God wants and
    needs negates their Christianity.

    None of these groups seem to care that they are being lied to, as long as they think their vote will help promote their selfish wish lists.

  3. A very thoughtful and provocative op ed Angela. Thank you for putting your thoughts into words for the rest of us.

  4. Angela, a sensitive subject well said!

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