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October 25, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

The GLOVES ARE OFF, folks.  The reason the 2016 movie was so successful is because it was almost entirely using Barack Obama’s own words–narrating in his own voice.  THESE ARE HIS WORDS–HIS PROMISES.  He lied.


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  1. Bob Marshall says:

    Bush lied about iraq but that didn’t stop the death of 500,000 Iraqi children and another one million Iraqi citizens by the U.S. The majority of Americans backed Bush knowing it was based on lies by Bush and his administration. Henry Kissinger was right when he stated, “America buys war like children gobble candy.” The corporate controlled news media sells it and most Americans buy it. Every war America has been involved in started with the corporate controlled news media. Iran will be no different.

    • monacall says:

      r u really sure he lied. oh because the media told u he did. ok tell me how did Syria get their weapons of mass destruction? why did the Iraq’s people keep us out for so long to inspect their having weapons of mass destruction. we have no clue if they did. but it begs one to ask how did Syria get their weapons of mass destruction. this goes right along with bengazhi, what was the ambassador doing there? buying arms? to give to who? questions question’s we will never know the answers to.

  2. He clearly used the wrong word, It should be “Increased” not decreased. And I still have not seen the transparency like all of his sealed records. I wonder what is in those records??? Additionally where SHOVEL READY JOB that he.promised??? If you find them let me know…

  3. Beth White says:

    We are faced with an enemy that lies brazenly. They lie openly and through distortion and by omission. They rewrite the past and ridicule those who call them on it. They get their cronies to put on “fact checker” badges and verify their lies. It is a new world that we are in ans to survive we must learn to build a clear view of the world while filtering out the lies.

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