Dreams From My Father—Huh, what??

October 27, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

OK I finally finished reading Barack Obama’s 1996 book, Dreams From My Father.  It took me two months to finish it and frankly, I ended up perplexed and need someone to guide me before I literally explode!

First…. how did we ever even begin discussing Obama—much less elect him president—before actually looking into his background?

Multiple people raised this guy and although his father—the star of the book—was highly educated, he basically was never around.  His grandfather, Obama Sr., married several women, became an alcoholic, and died in an alcohol-related car crash.

I had to read several chapters over and over—not only because they were long and tedious (sometimes 20+ pages) but also because it was difficult trying to keep up with which relative belonged to whom and where Obama fit into the picture.  All of the men in the family had several wives and several children and when one woman died, a brother took over for the sibling.  Many of the women were beaten and treated as second-rate citizens, although in the book Barack seems to especially love his sister (from another mother) Auma.   Obama’s grandfather was well respected in the tribal community (and I think we can’t overlook the word ‘tribal’ because President Obama’s ancestry literally came from a tribal African community).

Only when Barack went to see his father’s grave did he meet all of his brothers, each from different mothers.

In Dreams From My Father, Obama seemed to have no idea that he would someday become president of the United States; it’s almost as if he simply got caught up in something and then went along with whatever people told him to do.

I think every American should read Dreams From My Father.  Again, it astonishes me how we ever elected a man whose background wasn’t looked into.  Not that his life was terrible …it was not.  But to have come from such a strange, complex family with multiple fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters—can you imagine if Mitt Romney had this type of history?

What is wrong with our country?  I am truly at a loss!



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  1. “Again, it astonishes me how we ever elected a man whose background wasn’t looked into. ” — that says it all!

  2. Wolfman says:

    Obama’s father was a pimp just like him

  3. Chris Rankin says:

    An anarchist doesn’t need anarchy when he’s elected President…

  4. Donna Casas says:

    He seemed to be pushed along by the people who saw his so-called “star” power. The MSM got caught up in it as well and has protected him from the beginning. He is a fraud and never should have become president.
    I sensed from the beginning when he was first introduced as a candidate that he was a danger to this country and I was right.

  5. joe says:

    osambo is a joke

  6. Barbara says:

    I agree with you Patti. Anybody else would have been looked at upside down and inside and out. The money behind Obama that wanted him in probably coerced and threatened or promised outlandish rewards for ignoring the real facts and getting this guy in the office. Needless to say it has been for their own gains. One world government. Obama is just a pitiful puppet carrying out the whims of others who are out to destroy this country. Its obvious that Obama does not care for the American people and is not working to make things better for the poor or the middle class people. He is only out to attack the rich and to reduce them down to the ranks of the rest of us. He cares not for the price of gas, (he does not drive), He cares not for jobs, (he does not work), He cares not for our military, (did not serve our country), He cares not for our dependence on energy from other countries, (he doesn’t have to pay for his gas and electric bills) and He cares not for Health care (as President he is set for live with pensions, security, the best health care for him and his family and no worries when he does leave the office. It is frustrating that nothing can or has been done to oust this man who is obviously not qualified to be president of this great Nation. I would think that there should be some fail-safe measures put into our Constitution by our fore fathers to prevent this happening short of another revolutionary war.

  7. Monique says:

    “His grandfather, Obama Sr., married several women, became an alcoholic, and died in an alcohol-related car crash.”

    That was the President’s father, not grandfather, who died in a car crash. But the telling thing is that Obama allows his family to live in poverty, does not assist them with schooling, medical or housing. If you were a millionaire, would you allow your family to be poverty-stricken?

  8. Keith Breedlove says:

    Why is it that EVERYONE seems to forget a major reason Obama was elected? It was Bush-fatigue. Add to that the historical significance of the first black president. Because of this, and his Hopey-Changey message and no one held the press to account for not vetting him. Bush-II got hammered just before his election because of an ancient DUI. before that who was it, Mondale, that had problems because someone found out that he’d been treated for depression or some other psychological reason. Yet Obama got a total pass. No questions of the MSM because of his long-term membership in a racist church, his personal ties to an unrepentant urban terrorist couple, his refusal to release any records that are commonly available (birth certificate, school transcripts, etc.), and after the election, packing his administration and its surrogates with Communists, Maoists and other radicals. Of course, Obama’s answer to all this could be “What? You didn’t read my books?” Well, in 10 days we can set things right.

    • Barbara says:

      Keith, It wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of Fox News that tried desperately to bring to the forefront all of the negative in Obama’s background. Unfortunately the News Media, (newspapers and TV coverage) who evidently have been bought out, have ignored everything anti Obama. Our country has been sold out by our own people who have benefited their lives by living in the best country in the world. I wonder how successful they would have become living in Iraq, Libya, Pakistan etc. I wonder if one day they will come to their senses and say “What the hell have we done?”. They certainly haven’t fulfilled their promises to report the news in a fair and balanced manner, looking out for the truth and protecting our liberties. They have failed miserably and it will catch up with them one day (if that even matters to them at this point). The American people are no dummies and we don’t forget and all our military men who have given their all will not have died in vain because we will fight to defend our country, and with God’s help we will come out on top. Praise God..

  9. Alicia says:

    How did we elect him? THE MEDIA. The left-wing Liberal Media. An all-out campaign to shut them all up and shut them all down is what is really needed. They are the main culprits in the election of and propping up of this joker called our president.

  10. Alicia says:

    How they ( the left-wing Liberal media) can sleep at night knowing that they’ve been party to the blatant attempts to destroy this country is mind boggling!

  11. How did Obama ever become President? (1) The “mainstream” media, which has the same socialist/progressive mindset, built up his “star” image and covered up his Chicago thuggery tactics and the fact that he had been a lifelong socialist who thought that America was the reason for all the poverty and other ills of the world; (2) The schools are incubators for socialism; (3) Political correctness; (4) Wrongly labeling people as racist if they pointed out that he was anti-American, unqualified, unChristian, anti-free enterprise, and had a circle of close friends who were crooks, criminals, terrorists, and Leninists; (5) Untold sums of campaign money poured in from George Soros, Hollywood cokeheads, and foreign countries (particularly the Arab countries and marxist regimes: (6) Rampant election fraud committed by ACORN and other groups; (7) Congress refused to check out his background; (8) He got 95% of the black vote; much of the Hispanic vote, the female vote, the votes of the18-24 year olds, and all the illegals’ votes — along with the votes of so many adults who were so proud to cast votes to elect our first black President that they didn’t bother to look into his character, moral fiber, or “transforming America” agenda.

    There are more, but these are some of the reasons. I hope we’re not all so stupid as to make the same horrible mistake twice.

  12. says:

    I can’t believe even democrats would vote for him over what he did to Medicare. He took 7.5 Trillian dollars out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare. In Obamacare if you have to go to the hospital within three months after you have been dismissed there is a panel that has to ok it. Seniors 70 and over are in trouble. They decide where you are worth it or not. Oh by he way democrats what if this is your mother or grandmother? I think Obama is a dangerous president. I think he is also a liar. If I was the mother of the Navy Seals that was killed I would try my best to sue them. Obama couldn’t even look the mothers in the eye. She said he looked over her shoulder. How could he tell the american people it was a video?????? Are you kidding me? When you stand before God how will you answer when God ask you why you voted for someone who made sin legal. Sin is Sin I don’t care which party you belong to. i think he is a Socialist. Remember what he said to the leader of Russia.

  13. says:

    Oh by the way Look what we owe China. They own us.

  14. Bob Marshall says:

    That is what is wrong in America today. Not enough informed people about our president, our government, their domestic and foreign policies or even the candidates today. It is no wonder G. Edward griffin said, ” If America is to remain free it citizens must become far more politically educated than they are at present.”With all the books, publications,and sites of information available there was no excuse for anyone being ignorant in 2008 and there is none now. it should have not taken a movie, 2016 to wake up so many. most of this information and facts were available before Obama became president. The late President James A. Garfield: ” Now, more than ever, the people are responsible for the character of their congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption.” Would that not go for the president as well?

  15. Maureen, it was Obama’s father that, as a Muslim, married and had children with several women…at the same time. He was the alcoholic and communist, etc. Just a slight correction. I read that book pre-election. I tried to share it with my daughters and was quickly cut short with this phrase, “Mother, you are such a racist.” Gosh, it’s lonely out here. Maybe that’s why I spend so much time with people of my own mind on FB and on sites like this. Thank you for the article.

  16. Bill from Laos says:

    Soros and his global cohorts found Obama to be the perfect idiot for their diabolical scheme of destroying the American system. [Some] of the American people gave him a pass to try to prove that race was no longer an issue – and negrophilia and guilt were also part of their formula. However, what the socialists/communists didn’t figure into their plan was the free spirit of America’s Patriots, and there are many of us as they will find out on November 6th. It would be a grave mistake to push us and confront us as our enemies found out. The anger has been restored to America, and we are ready to roll.

  17. Lainie Sloane, CA PoltiChick says:

    To quote you, “…it’s almost as if he simply got caught up in something and then went along with whatever people told him to do.” I agree, and now I can’t determine whether he loves his job as much as he loves himself or that the puppet wants out.” Thank you, Maureen — great job!.

  18. John V. Rigdon says:

    Maureen. The last line is the TRULY perplexing question. I know the answer. U.S. Citizens have grown(to quote,unfortunately, a Japanese phrase) “LAZY”. If it is not in a blood and gore movie that is filled with spots of sex and rock-N-Roll, they allow the Lame stream Propaganda Machine to tell them what they should know and believe. It is SO sad. Now that you read William Ayers book, you need to read : Dreams From My Real Father.(Joel Gilbert).

    When I watched 2016:Obama’s America, I was filled with questions. I did find out enough to be very concerned. Great work. Never anything BUT from the Politichicks. Keep fighting the hard fight.

  19. mickey says:

    How/Who helped put this ILLEGAL/MUSLIM/O’BAMA, into an office he had no right to be in? Was it the Unions, and a combo of his rich overseas cronies, big business, etc? Well all of you unpatriotics that call America home, I hope all you socialistic bastards choke on the day that Mitt takes the oath.

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