Gay Agenda or Communist Agenda? (Red Pill or Blue Pill?)

March 28, 2013 at 5:00 am / by

Is anyone seeing the bigger picture of what is going to happen to our churches if pastors are forced to marry homosexuals, when they obviously would be going against God’s Word in doing so? To answer this question, you must first understand that litigious-happy lawyers are now running this country.  So what will happen if any pastor, in an effort to stand with God’s Word, refuses to marry two people who are gay or lesbian?

The answer:  ACLU.

It doesn’t take much to understand that there will be lawsuit upon lawsuit, initiated by the ACLU, trying to force churches out of operation if they do not conform to their wishes regarding the gay agenda.  This is not only going to infringe on the definition of marriage according to the Bible, but it will also open the door to the legalization of everything else under the sun.

The Communists in this country are working triple time to make Christianity irrelevant, just as Obama has been making Congress and the American people irrelevant (due to the number of executive orders). In regards to gay marriage, no one seems to be talking about the fact that there is an even more prevalent problem with keeping the churches alive if gay marriage becomes a federal mandate.  Instead, the main voices we’re hearing are the thuggish not-so-veiled threats screaming “Make marriage legal for everyone or we will put you out of business!”

Picketing ChurchesTell me…if this is indeed not an agenda to shut down the churches of this country, then why aren’t gay people demanding the right to walk into American mosques and ask an Imam to marry them? 

None of this so-called “hatred toward gay people” is coming from Christians.  Instead, the people instigating the hostility and hatred are the people who despise and want to end the institution of traditional, Bible-based marriage—something that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Bottom line:  You cannot change a church into what it is not — or it cannot continue to be a church.

Unfortunately, there is an even bigger agenda involved than just the gays demanding “marriage rights”; it is a Communist agenda where making the churches obsolete is the goal, as they are in many European countries now.

Atlas Shrugged author Ayn Rand once said, The government was set to protect man from criminals and the Constitution was written to protect man from the government.”

Although it is known that Rand was an atheist, she well understood the ramifications of what would occur to our constitutional rights, once the Communists started chipping away at them.

In 2013, the “criminals”, mostly Communists, are within our government and they are annihilating the Constitution, because the Constitution is a Communist’s worst enemy. They know that if the American people can no longer look to God during hard times, that they will be forced to look to the government instead.

What Communists/atheists have never understood is that Christianity, much like Judaism, is not as much a religion as it is a culture — a way of life.  The people of Israel asked God for a set of laws and, with Moses as their leader, God gave them the Ten Commandments to follow. What but for God’s set of laws would we be basing our own laws on, if the Ten Commandments did not exist to begin with?

We are all sinners and God loves us all equally, as we are made in His image. However, there is a line to be drawn when it comes to the government forcing gay marriage upon churches and synagogues.  One of the main reasons the church exists is to set the standard for a majority of Americans, who are heterosexual Judeo-Christians.  Marriage is an institution that has only been mentioned and existed in the Bible and the subject of marriage was never raised in the Constitution. This alone renders it a states’ rights issue, being that if it had been mentioned in the Constitution, only then would it have been considered a federal one. In the Bible, it was solely intended to unite one man with one woman. That being said, the only accomplishment achieved by calling the union of two people who live a homosexual lifestyle “marriage” (rather than a “civil union”), is to trivialize Christianity.

And if anyone denies the precedence that atheism and moral relativism have taken over our society to the point that everyone should be included in everything, why then, did they have to sue to take any reference of God out of the schools (with Obama’s Common Core Curriculum), sued to take the plaques containing the Ten Commandments out of the courtrooms (due to liberal activist judges) and yet are now trying to force churches to stand for gay marriage or lose in the game of “we won”?

So we’ve come to a point where I now ask: Will you take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Written by Lisa Winne-Clark

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  1. Dr Sharon Schuetz says:

    Lisa, this has been one of the big concerns for my husband and I. We have been pastors for many years and have married hundreds of couples.( I’ve actually done most of the weddings, and he’s done most of the funerals.) I could not in good conscience marry a homosexual couple. We are presently not pastoring and haven’t been for the last couple of months, but we still do a lot of weddings anyway. The churches will be in a lot of trouble if this becomes the law. Personally, we can get out of doing it, but not everyone has that luxury.

  2. RevEssie says:

    This is a good article. If I have to I will just stop marrying people. I run an online Bible Institute now anyway since I lost my church to 2 floods. I am just going to focus on it. Too much mess anymore. Good writing!

  3. Jessica Doll says:

    these are just lies, lies and more lies.. we are talking about civil marriage, no church will be forced to perform a gay wedding if this becames law… ssm is already legal in 9 states, and neither as gay couples forcing catholic or evangelical agences to marry them… actually who would like to marry in a place we’re they’re not welcomed?

    you guys need to start thinking about the children who are being raised by gay couples, they are the greatest victims in all this debate…

    ps… sorry if my english isn’t the best but i am french…

    • buckofama2010 says:

      NOT TRUE what you say. This is the FIRST STEP. Once they have this they will DEFINITELY try to get their filth endorsed by churches of shut them down. We are talking a special kind of evil.

  4. Excellent article!! There have been lawsuits in different states already for a few years. Between this issue, obamacare’s abortion mandates and other policies, Christians are and will be under attack from the likes of the American Communist liberty union. Christians need to stand strong. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  5. Mike Ahern says:

    sorry. easy answer here is excommunication. then they are not a member of the church, and cant be married there. any other discussion about lawsuits and such is just silly

  6. One thing these ‘churches’ can do to avoid any on wanted attention by gov’t officials and the ACLU, is to immediately get rid of their 501C3 tax charitable status, and do something so radical it’ll boggle the christians minds. They should actually ‘depend’ on the Lord for everything they need! I know..wild eh, but then they won’t be in a position to be a target on this particular issue. :)

  7. erins1911 says:

    To honor and preserve everyone’s freedom of religion, government needs to get out of the business of sanctioning one kind of commitment over another. I am not a huge fan of Ayn Rand, but I think she’d probably agree with that concept.

  8. Let Justices of the Peace marry Gays. Churches should not have to do this deed. I don’t think Churches can be made to perform Gay marriages.

  9. As usual this is just mindless assumptions and accusations… Me and my bride wouldn’t want to be married in one of your “churches” hey you know one day you guys are going to be looked at just like your predecessors that said interracial marriage is an abomination and against the word of god… And I don’t go to an imam because that isn’t my religion. There are plenty of real churches out there that don’t only preach out of Leviticus where all of us are sinners… They keep reading to where god gave us the 10 commandments because the laws were to strict and no man could abide by them. And I guess he forgot to add the no being a homosexual commandment… Oh wait gods perfect! So it was left out intentionally!! Woah!! Did I just teach you something? Well I do love you, and may the peace of The Lord be with you!

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