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November 28, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

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California PolitiChick "Anita Gunn" is a closeted conservative working the entertainment business. Anita started at a major talent agency, assisting a well-known music agent, and is now a VP at a major… More

(“Anita Gunn” is our resident Hollywood Insider PolitiChick.  Anita works in the entertainment industry and gives us inside scoops, offering her unique perspective as to what it’s like being a Closeted Conservative in Hollywood.  Anita has changed her name–and her constantly changing photos–to protect the innocent–meaning herself and/or her career…  Editor)

Ever wonder why liberals in Hollywood can speak so freely about politics, but when conservatives dare to even put a conservative bumper sticker on their cars, they risk being ridiculed, ostracized and possibly losing work? Aren’t liberals supposed to be the “tolerant” ones—the defenders of the First Amendment? It turns out that “free speech” is meant only for those who agree with liberals. And that, in a nutshell, is why conservatives stay in the closet.

No doubt it’s been rough for all conservatives these past few weeks after the election, but most especially for those of us who work in Hollywood and are closeted. The celebrations, the gloating, the thanking of God (mostly by atheists) and the declarations that “conservatism is dead” were enough to drive any right-winger to drink at the office (discreetly, of course).

How the heck did this happen? Is it possible that the media, along with the propagandist celebrities, really did help President Obama win in a mostly center right country, notwithstanding an 8% unemployment rate and $16 trillion in debt? Did those dopey celebrity endorsements actually work? Did the faux war on women really resonate? Thanks to the giant mainstream media Obama-loving machine, they most certainly did.

Michael Walsh of the National Review wrote: “Four years from now the attenuation of the MSM will be even farther advanced than it is today, which means that the Republicans should immediately begin constructing their own media operation, one that exists independently of the series of the teetering black monoliths that line Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue near Rockefeller Center.” He went on to say, “The only way to beat the media is to replace the media — and if you don’t think the media won this election for Obama, you’re delusional.”

And what about the Benghazi scandal? Why did President Obama come out unscathed during the election?

Andrew Klavan wrote in The City: “Major news outlets, like ABC, NBC, CBS, and the still influential New York Times have now become so ideologically corrupt that they are engaging in the sort of Nixonian cover-ups they once prided themselves on exposing. Their studied creation of non-scandal scandals and non-gaffe gaffes on the right and their active suppression of such true scandals as Fast and Furious and Benghazi on the left amount to journalistic malpractice on behalf of the state.”  Klavan added, “The late Andrew Breitbart understood the depth and extent of the problem better than the cooler establishment heads who wrinkled their noses at him.  He declared a guerrilla war on the media in the name of truth. ”

The reality is that Democrats have a terrible message but are great messengers while Republicans have a great message but are terrible messengers.  “Smaller government and self-reliance” should have been a much easier sell than a bloated, nanny-state Federal government apparatus replete with unsustainable entitlements. But somehow the media effectively made Obama look like Santa Claus while making Romney look like Scrooge.

Unfortunately, we’re now stuck with President Obama and his endless teleprompter speeches (have the remote handy so you can hit the mute button instantly), ObamaCare, higher taxes for all, more “investments” in the administration’s favorite corporate “charities,” more draconian regulations, a more unstable Middle East and, most damaging of all, the possibility of more activist justices like Justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan being appointed to the Supreme Court. While it’s true that President Obama will most likely be replacing liberal justices, these new justices will be younger, more activist and can stick around for another 30 or 40 years.  Undoubtedly they’ll start by dismantling the Second Amendment. (Please stay healthy Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas!)

But can we Hollywood conservatives fight the media behemoth in the future? The answer is yes, but only if we are willing to come out of the closet and get busy. After all, who better to create a new media apparatus than those of us who actually work in the entertainment industry, as we are well versed in the tricks of the trade? Many of us were liberal at one point, so we know how “they” think. Plus we’re just as creative, talented and “cool” as they are (if not more so). We’ve got the goods!

With the mid-term elections in two years and the 2016 election on the horizon, we Hollywood conservatives can be a voice to be reckoned with.

Publicist Angie Meyer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column: “For the first time in a long time, conservatives in Hollywood are resisting the bullying from the left. They are ready to speak their minds.”

Lindsay Lohan and Stacy Dash surprisingly came out in support of Mitt Romney, joining an “out and proud” group of GOP-leaning Hollywood players like Scott Baio, Jon Voight, Clint Eastwood, Jerry Bruckheimer, Kelsey Grammer, Adam Sandler, Gary Sinise, Patricia Heaton, Bruce Willis, Gene Simmons, Stephen Baldwin, Joe Perry, James Caan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to name more than a few.

If you can’t come out of the closet because it’s too risky, just do what I do – have an alias! “Anita Gunn” is speaking out more than ever. Recently, a follower on Twitter tweeted: “Stay mad Anita … it is only our passion that drives change.”

Love of country should outweigh complacency. And, there is safety in numbers.



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Anita Gunn

California PolitiChick "Anita Gunn" is a closeted conservative working the entertainment business. Anita started at a major talent agency, assisting a well-known music agent, and is now a VP at a major movie studio. Anita grew up in a very liberal Jewish home, and bought the Utopian dream of a one world government and social justice for all. Anita did her best to "save the planet," pontificating about how the evil Republicans and greedy corporations were destroying the earth. 9/11 shook Anita's foundation and everything that she believed. By the time Obama burst into the scene in 2007, Anita was morphing into a conservative. “Of course, coming out of the closet as a conservative in the entertainment industry is pretty much career suicide,” she says, so in 2011, the name "Anita Gunn" was born. Anita has done commentary about the culture war on such radio shows as the “Dr. Gina Show,” “Real Side with Joe Messina” and “Socialism is not an Option” on Blog Talk Radio. Anita started a secret conservative Facebook group which has 1000 active members, and is part of another secret group of artists who behind such videos as “Cruz Against the Machine.” There are still some remnants from Anita’s liberal days, “including the love of Astrology and wearing platforms and bellbottoms”--and yet signs of her conservative switch can be seen by her ever-present gun necklace. Anita says her goal is to “help rebrand and hip up the conservative movement to include more artists, musicians, actors, gays and minorities and young people.” Anita's belief is that if she saw the light, there are others who would also embrace the conservative movement, if only just shown the way. Follow Anita Gunn on Twitter @AnitaGunn1.

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  1. WayneB says:

    Has anyone considered conglomerating in order to create more conservative-leaning productions? Finding a venue might be difficult, but I’m sure there would be something available.

    • Anita Gunn says:

      Wayne, it’s a great idea but we need funding. We need a “George Soros.”

    • Lainie Sloane, CA PoltiChick says:

      Hallmark Channel runs movies by Larry Levinson that are Conservative and moral. Some Christians have released films of biblical stories with success, although perhaps not Blockbuster success. Sony Pictures has a Christian production arm, or did, and Corben Bernsen recently released (on DVDs) the movie, 25 Hill about the history of the soap box derby. It’s well done with a heart-warming message. We have a friend in New York who does the P.R. for Sony’s films (and Corbin’s films), but I can’t remember the name of Sony’s alternative outreach. I haven’t been in that industry for several years. Anita Gunn can most likely answer your question better than I can.

  2. Jack Martin says:

    Truthfully there not only needs to be a new media, but a new conservative Hollywood or movie and film industry. This is where the well to do conservatives would wisely spend their money if they would back the likes of Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammar etc and let them produce shows, and movies that would re envigorate Americans to the truth of this great nation. Great article, please keep writing, and we will keep praying for you.

  3. lclintsp says:

    You forgot Nick Searcy!!!

  4. Richard says:

    Look up the definition of “Psychological Warfare Operations”. You wil see the Marxist Media coverage described there. The American media was infiltrated and bought out long ago. Creating an entirely new media is the only answer. By the way, unemployment is not 8%, that is a government / media lie. The real unemployment rate is at least 15%, probably 20% and the inflation rate is actually at least 8%. Just look at your grocery bills over the last year.

    • Anita Gunn says:

      You’re right. Real UE is much higher than the reported 8%. The media and academia has been hijacked by the progressives. Makes our work that much harder. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. America now has more new legal and illegal immigrants that changed the demographics of America who voted for King Obama and his progressive social justice agenda. Now it is not what you can do for your country, now it is what my country can do for me. King Obamas Big Government Control and Tax will now destroy America, the republican party, replace the Supreme Court with liberals and lesbians and anything else that stands in his way to his change America.

    I am sure glad I am not the only one that feels this way about King Obama and his plans for a new America. I just hope to God I am not around to see it.
    Aol,Huff Post,Facebook and other progressive networks will not post this comment

    • Anita Gunn says:

      Thanks for your thoughts. All we can do is keep fighting the cultural left. This is what Andrew Breitbart devoted his life to doing and we all must pick up the torch.

  6. Juliet says:

    Great article! Here I am an actress/writer in Hollywood. I hung my Romney sign from the flag pole. I proudly drove around with my Romney*Ryan sticker on my little blue Scion. My liberal neighbors have kindly kept their traitorous mouths shut. Gosh, how I wanted to wear my red, white, and blue T-shirt to an audition! Of course, I did not. After all, logos on t-shirts are not “commercially acceptable” in the audition room. I did wear it as I walked on Sunset & Vine. I am still alive! If the gays can have Gay Pride parades, why can’t conservatives have Responsible Conservatism parades? Red, white, and blue floats; the Marine Corps color guard; Clint Eastwood in the first convertible?

  7. awkingsley says:

    With the exception of Ron Paul and Rick Perry, all of the Republican candidates had major flaws, enumerated here as divorced, thrice-married, lying lobbyist, and lying “flip flopper”. When Republicans stop running RINOs and politicians who have bad character, they can win elections. Many voters are now on to the game of playing the “Christian Card” to win elections. Candidates who loudly proclaim their Christianity have major flaws to overcome: Bush – alcoholism, Santorum – lying lobbyist, Gingrich – thrice-married, Romney – lying flip flopper, Gary Johnson – divorced. My granny always insisted, “Christian is a Christian does”. Republicans need to get on the wagon, and leave the bad character behind when they select their slate, if they want to celebrate the day after the elections instead of crying as so many report.

    Screaming about and trying to legislate against social issues is a Communist inspired game designed to undermine the Christian Church and destroy our country. Pro-Lifers need to realize that the only way to solve their over 30 year dilemma is to quietly vote for a Libertarian-Republican of good character who carries a message of freedom and Constitutionalism and will not allow the Federal Government to pay for immorality or the
    consequences of vice. Libertarian-Republicans will not allow the Federal Government to continue paying for immorality – the promotion of vice and the consequences of vice, but Evangelical Christians certainly will because they just want to scream about and legislate against social issues, and they make sure those issues are always in the voters faces instead of promoting sound fiscal and economic policy and a return to State’s Rights. Constitutionalism would end Federal Government promotion of immorality by refusing to pay for it. You would be amazed at how fast the social issues will disappear, if you elect a Libertarian-Republican president. Good Luck to other Evangelicals still chasing those unicorns! Evangelical Christians need to move into the light, and stop chasing unicorns!

    • clintbird says:

      But coke snorting, grass smoking, bathhouse going progressives are alright for the office of the presidency?

      • awkingsley says:

        You don’t win against cocaine snorting, grass smoking, bathhouse Progressives by running candidates against them with character flaws of their own. Then voters are faced with a choice between “evil” and “evil”. That is why voters stayed away from the polls: They wanted a clear choice. And, by the way, Romney was also a Globalist Corporatist Progressive and Santorum was a “Big” Government Statist – virtually the same thing.

  8. artist says:

    This is spot on…and it’s not just Hollywood. I am an illustrator and the Progressive HiveMind has taken nearly virtual control over artistic expression. I am fortunate that I am now working with a Conservative company on a series of projects because since 2008 it has become increasing dangerous to ones professional advancement to express ones opinions if they are not in lockstep adulation. Now that we are about to have the sequel, the pressure to conform is only stronger. I find it ironic since I, too, was once a Leftie, pre Obama, a Hillary supporter. I was greatly inspired by David Mamet to come out of the Conservative closet but it is dangerous and one will be blacklisted. “McCarthyism” lives, now perpetrated by those who mouth meaningless words about “fairness” and “equality”. The hypocrisy is stunning and really sad.

    • Anita Gunn says:

      Great points. It is dangerous to come out of the closet for many of us. I’ve got my toe out for now, but still using an aka when I write.

  9. SolHachuel says:

    So glad to discover your blog. The recent Presidential election is so depressing. Though I do not work in the Industry, my college educated friends, libtards everywhere, are rejoicing about Obama’s win, and I feel sick. I’ve declined invitations from people I used to socialize with and stick to those whose politics are conservative. You are a good writer, “Anita.”

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