Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Ashley Judd

November 23, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

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Get ready, Kentucky real estate agents.

Ashley Judd, actress, activist, and darling of the Democratic Party may be handing you a huge commission check for finding just the right home for her campaign against Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014. But, doesn’t she claim residency in Tennessee? No problem. With a net worth of 22 million dollars, she can certainly afford another residence.

Judd, an ardent supporter of President Obama, was an at-large delegate at the National Democratic Convention for the state of Tennessee. According to Judd, her familial roots in the Democratic Party run deep.  She explained her deep loyalty by stating:

“The party platform is one of a social justice, gospel and faith. It became my party based on a sense of equality and fairness, hard work and advocating for people living at and below the poverty line and helping them strive toward our fabled middle class.”

BAHAHAHAHA (Oops, couldn’t help it…but isn’t this the same party that denied any mention of God in the party platform three times? Or, are we talking about another gospel?)

When asked during the DNC about a run for Congress, Judd said the following:

“…And my deepest desire is to be useful. I want to help serve my fellows. And I may be doing that to the best of my capacity, my God given gifts in the sort of career I’ve had within the space I’m already operating in,” she said.

“Or it may be time to look at possibly running for office, and so what I do is I reach out – I have strong female to female alliances, and I listen to you and you make it normal.”

BAHAHAHAHA!  (I can’t help it, she is a SAINT!)

Of course, those in attendance at that time assumed she would be running as a Tennessee resident. Nope.

As recently as November 12, Judd sidestepped a question (imagine that) when asked if she would consider running against McConnell by answering:

“I cherish Kentucky, heart and soul, and while I’m very honored by the consideration, we have just finished an election, so let’s focus on coming together to keep moving America’s families, and especially our kids, forward.”

No one is disputing the light she has shone on women’s rights and health issues, but really? This, from a woman who displayed an obscene gesture at the DNC as she discussed Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” statement?  A woman who made a disgusting video mocking Rick Santorum’s abortion stance? A woman who became so angry over comments concerning her appearance that she lashed out against her critics with a tirade about… patriarchy?

“I choose to address [this now] because the conversation was pointedly nasty, gendered, and misogynistic and embodies what all girls and women in our culture, to a greater or lesser degree, endure every day, in ways both outrageous and subtle. The assault on our body image, the hypersexualization of girls and women and subsequent degradation of our sexuality as we walk through the decades, and the general incessant objectification is what this conversation allegedly about my face is really about. …

That women are joining in the ongoing disassembling of my appearance is salient. Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate. It privileges, inter alia, the interests of boys and men over the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of girls and women. It is subtle, insidious, and never more dangerous than when women passionately deny that they themselves are engaging in it. This abnormal obsession with women’s faces and bodies has become so normal that we (I include myself at times—I absolutely fall for it still) have internalized patriarchy almost seamlessly. We are unable at times to identify ourselves as our own denigrating abusers, or as abusing other girls and women.

A case in point is that this conversation was initially promulgated largely by women; a sad and disturbing fact. That they are professional friends of mine, and know my character and values, is an additional betrayal.”

BAHAHAHAHA! (Did I mention she has a master’s degree from Harvard so she likes to throw around big words?)

Her feelings on “hypersexualization”  and “internalized patriarchy” would be understandable if she had not made her millions in movies and displaying her face and body on countless photo-shopped magazine covers.  At least she included a caveat that she “still falls for it”.  As Douglas Ernst points out in his hilarious blog on Ms Judd’s hypocrisy,  “If you make a deal with the Devil, you’re going to get burned.”

So, break out the welcome wagon, Senator McConnell. Ashley Judd may be your new next-door neighbor. Not that you’re worried.





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Lydia Goodman

Mississippi PolitiChick Lydia Goodman uses her passion for writing to speak out against progressive policies that threaten to erode our personal rights, freedoms, and traditions. Lydia has written numerous articles on world human rights issues, in an effort to focus attention on the atrocities perpetuated against people of faith. Lydia has conducted exclusive interviews with Israeli author Lela Gilbert, activist and lead singer of KANSAS John Elefonte, Todd Daniels of International Christian Concern, and Bob Fu of China Aid, among other notable subjects. Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum wrote, “I applaud you for your efforts” regarding Lydia’s investigative reporting of changes made within The Daughters of the America Revolution organization. Lydia has been featured as a commentator on the Rick Amato Show, the Dr. Gina Show, the David Webb Show on Sirius XM, and The Real Side with Joe Messina.

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  1. dawn says:

    She already has a place here in KY. and she could probably house a whole bunch of those people she is reaching out to on the VERY large piece of land.

    • ginger says:

      How about she supports the freeloaders she espouses?? and pay for everyone’s birth control and open up her large homes to the homeless, unwashed masses??? it is easy for people like her to spew their “politically correct” garbage…now put it into practice at her own comfort and expense.

  2. BobM001 says:

    Just ANOTHER dilbert HOLLYWOOD ACTOR that thinks their opinions matter. Hey Ashley, why don’t you and Dario, MOVE TO GB and take Obozo with you! “The party platform is one of a social justice, gospel and faith.” AYSM? The same party that BOOOED when the mention of GOD was voted into their “platform”. A “masters degree” in “public administration” eh? That teach you how to TAX AND SPEND? Me thinks you’d be a better fit for “Mexifornia”.

  3. dubster says:

    Just keep her out of tennessee, please. Don’t think kentucky will welcome er either.

  4. Ron Obvious says:

    In case you guys haven’t been paying attention… old Mitch is a RINO! He is all but promising to do anything and everything Obama and the Progressives want to do. He support Amnesty in the 1st round, and say he will support it again. He is ready to agree to tax hike on “the rich”, and that just for starters. Mitch has lost his ‘conservative’ spirit and is only interested in doing whatever it takes to keep himself in office. When a politician starts thinking that way, he/she needs to be retired. If Mitch wants to keep the R in that seat in the senate, he should retire and the GOP needs to find a REAL Conservative, who is willing to fight the good fight, much the way Rand Paul has been doing! If an idiot like Al Frankin can get elected don’t discount Ms. Judd’s bid!!! Tea Party people are growing more and more weary of Mitch McConnell’s left leanings by the day, and by 2014, he will be very ripe for defeat, cause if the Tea Party votes against him he can’t hope to win in 2014!

    • nobodysfool says:

      Well stated. Mitch McConnell needs to be GONE from the Senate!!! If no real conservative is available, what would be wrong with moving one in, as Ms. Dudd apparently plans to do, following the footsteps of her lesbian leader, Hillary Clinton. We must start believing our own message and we MUST find strong candidates who believe and will STAND UP FOR our platform, NOT apologize for it. Stop apologizing for having money!! Unless they came by it illegally, let them tell the public, “Yes, I’m rich, I worked for it, and I want you to be rich too, I do not want you to continue to live in poverty as the democRATS do!” Until that happens, the so-called conservative (RINO) will continue to lose and America will continue her decline into the abyss.

  5. I find her words boring, sort of like her “acting”.

  6. Charles Ross says:

    She is very disingenuous in her comments about God, faith, and gospel. She is a new age spiritist which denies the majority of scripture so don’t be fooled. This is no Christian speaking by any stretch of ones imagination.

    • b24gunr says:

      If she’s a Christian, I’m a rocket scientist. I’ve been a Christian since stating my faith in Christ when I was 12 (79 years ago) and know how a true Christian acts. I can’t see how one could support a party that accepts abortion and same-sex marriage. I grew up in a Democratic family and voted primarily for Democrats until that party became pro-choice. It has done nothing but go down hill ever since.

  7. Regicat says:

    Another misinformed sex slave for Prez Evil!!! May she rot!!!!

  8. Appears that the Democrats are now going to try to chip away at the Bible Belt. I hope that Senator McConnell will have the good sense to step down in time to allow the Kentucky GOP to field a young and vigorous candidate.

  9. 2012 Watcher says:

    Perhaps if her intellect was able to interpret the Scriptures she would find that social justice belongs to God, his Ten Commandments leads the human race in social justice, and charity was the directive for lending a helping hand, not BIG government. The Scripture also tells us our body is the temple of our Spiritual being, so we are to honor it with respect – not hypersexualization. Well said, she is about to get burned as a Dimocrat.

  10. jeannyR says:

    I should hope Kentucky has grown up enough to not vote for her. And you Republicans need to rise up a candidate that will win over her, and win over Mitch.

  11. giley1 says:

    Here comes another Hollywood elite that thinks she has all of the answers to our messed up, upsidedown country that is on the verge of imploding. She is but another Obama zombie. While we need new blood in Washington, we do not need another hardline liberal to further our andancement towards Socialism/Marxism. I think the our country is still going through the hangover of having to listen to Obama and his dictatorial message for another 4 years.

  12. mesaman says:

    Ashley Judd needs to wear a T-shirt with the slogan “If only these were brains” across her chest.

  13. HappyCustomerDQ says:

    What a pompous woman… if she and all the other do-gooders want to add meaning to their lives, why not befriend a lonely elderly person, or tutor little ones in reading and math? Why must do-gooders always have power?

  14. Rich Knoch says:

    Ashley must have been at a different DNC than the one broadcasted on TV.
    They displayed many levels of immorality . . . . anti-taxpayer rights, anti-faith, anti-American, BUT pro-infanticide, pro-free-contraceptives and pro-anti-American!
    What Ashley Saw:
    “The party platform is one of a social justice, gospel and faith. It became my party based on a sense of equality and fairness, hard work and advocating for people living at and below the poverty line and helping them strive toward our fabled middle class.”

    Democrats . . . . thy name is hypocrisy!

  15. Destiny says:

    Mitch McConnell is a joke. Just about anyone would be an upgrade.

  16. Heaven's Messenger says:

    Like most hollywood pie faces, she hasn’t got a chance in hell of getting into Congress. While I appreciate her movie career, that is not who Ashley Judd is personally. The fact that she’s got her powdered nose up the DNC’s behind is really pathetic. Come on, she’s admitting she’s a SOCIALIST and will serve to continue that agenda. Don’t be fooled by her pretty face or her movie career. It is just a facade to cover up the flaws in her personal life.

  17. Ted Smith says:

    Ashley Judd for US Senator? What a joke!
    Comparing Judd to Ronald Reagan? What an insult!

    Ronald Reagan was a successful actor, President of the Screen Actors Guild, Democrat who wised up and became a Republican, pro-abortion who saw the light and became pro-life, two term Governor of California, successful speech maker and commentator for General Electric, and two term President of the United States.

    Ashley Judd is a pro-abortion, anti-death penalty activist actress and she is being seriously considered by state wide Kentucky Democrats as a suitable candidate for the US Senate.

    Any wonder why Democrats in Kentucky lose so many federal elections? They are nuts!

  18. Cutenu2 says:

    Who wrote her script? Did she actually say anything? And what in the world did she do to her face?

  19. She’s an idiot… And I hate when I’m watching my Kentucky Wildcats play basketball, and that Disconnected Fruitbat pops up on my TV.

  20. Did she use the same plastic surgeon as Kenny Rogers?

    • nobodysfool says:

      BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, that’s exactly what happened!!! Kenny has that look of perpetual surprise, and she has the perpetual look of stupidity!!

  21. maryannela says:

    She is a fake, she doesn’t children, yet she talks about what their needs are or should be. Here is a woman that won’t do anything to upset HER applecart, but she sure is good in misrepresenting the real women of this country who are in the trenches with their kids, aren’t worth millions and yet, don’t have the time or inclination to whine about it. She should shut her pieface.

  22. DonJ says:

    I have been following the Judd’s careers for 20 years at least from when her mom Naomi visited Hawaii. They have always been religious people. I like Politichicks, but not Lydia Goodman. She is in my opinion (and her’s) is an ignorant (no college, might not have even finished high school), backwater, illiterate, stupid woman. Oh, did I mention judgmental and hypocritical? (all her words)

    Since most all of the Dem’s are bad, (most of the GOP are Socialists too) it’s nice to see one that is against mountain top mining and the way the Tennessee mountains and surrounding area are being destroyed with 24 hour bombing. The Judd’s are good people. Much better than the flip-flopping Senator McConnell or the deceiving Goodman.

    I hope Ashley becomes Libertarian for her Senate run in 2014. The Dem’s and GOP are both falling by the wayside.

  23. Ed in Florida says:

    Ashley has been one of my favorite movie stars. But, now I will avoid all movies she stars in. Get lost Ashley!

  24. undunder says:

    Ashley Judd is a hypocrite and a nasty one at that. A lady she is not. Ladies don’t pose nude in my opinion. Maybe she feels she need to return to KY since she’d have a hard time getting elected here in Tennessee. I have as much faith in her faith as I do obama’s “Christian” faith islam style. Wonder how she explains the fact that the democrats have been keeping the poor poor for the better half of the past 100 years. They’ve controlled the government for much of that time period. The education has all but been totally in democrat hands and looks how that’s turned out. Wonder how she explains the Union thuggery that the democrats so whole hardily support and court. Wonder how she explains how Hollywood exploits women and women’s sexuality. Patriarchy – she clearly need to consult a dictionary. Ashely Judd is the ultimate drama queen. So no, I would not vote for her. Not that I am that fond of the current republican leadership. The are gutless self serving big government guys just like those in the democratic party.

  25. kb says:

    Botox and facelift much, Ashley?

  26. rezlimey says:

    I can’t resist this one. There’s no way her Scottish-born, Italian-bloodlined race car driving husband will be able to help her reach the finish line.

  27. beelp says:

    McConnell is just another boting Washington eletist. He needs to GO. The country needs more real conservatives, not RINOS like this b.s. artist. Take Boehner with him. No wonder the stupid Repubs are going away at a rapid pace.

  28. EHeassler_USNRet says:

    Would this be the same Ashley Judd that was arrested in L.A./Hollywood for shoplifting? Convicted?? I don’t know the woman, don’t even know what movies she’s been in, but I somehow suspect that her Hollywood background isn’t going to play well when giving morality speeches in the Bible Belt. Except for in the big cities where most of the butt sitting, hands out, Democrat constituents live and vote often.

    • Joseph Gorka says:

      No, it is not. Ashley Ciminella Franchitti not only is a very successful actor (stage and screen), she is an author and a much followed activist (Twitter, Facebook, her own website(s).Her “background” is from Kentucky. She graduated from the University of Kentucky before graduating with a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Kentucky is NOT the good ole’ boy hillbilly State that it once was. Automakers are heavily invested there. McConnell has never done well in Eastern Kentucky (coal country)(Appalachia). McConnell (who is worth $45 million), only does well in Louisville (horse racing)(millionaires).

  29. Joseph Gorka says:

    ASHLEY TYLER CIMINELLA FRANCHITTI (never was Judd, that is a stage name), was born in California, but raised in Kentucky, graduated from the University of Kentucky and has maintained a home in Kentucky for years. Mitchell McConnell was born in Alabama. Ashley Franchitti is a born-again Christian. Ashley is an accomplished author as well as an accomplished actor (stage and screen). She maintains her own website(s), is followed by thousands on Twitter and Facebook. Ashley Franchitti has a Master degree in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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