Is Boston Becoming Benghazi?

April 24, 2013 at 9:00 pm / by

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Things are getting very interesting with the Boston marathon terrorist attack.  Information has been given out to the media and to the public, then retracted, scrubbed, denied, and reworded.  So what gives?  It is starting to stink like three-day-old garbage.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Not long after the bombing on Monday April 15th, people were trying to find answers as to who was responsible.  Of course the lamestream media speculated that it was a “disgruntled white man”, “it was related to tax day” or other such nonsense.  A report was finally broken by CNN that the authorities had a suspect in custody, he was at the hospital and was a “dark skinned” individual.  It was further reported that it was a Saudi national being detained and a search was being made of his home.

As quickly as this story broke, it was denied.  All of a sudden this person was no longer a suspect and the information given out by the media was incorrect.  At around the same time another story broke that spun our heads in the opposite direction.  While the authorities were trying to find the Boston bombers, two envelopes laced with Ricin had been sent to a Mississippi Senator and also to Barak Obama.  The Saudi story was dropped like a rock.

On April 17th, Barak Obama has an unscheduled meeting with the Saudi foreign minister at the White House.  John Kerry had a meeting with him the day before locking out the media who had been told it would be open to them.  Press conferences in Boston had been scheduled and then abruptly cancelled with no explanation.

Then on April 18th, terrorism expert, Steve Emerson broke the news that the Saudi national who had been under suspicion was scheduled to be deported on Tuesday due to national security concerns.   He had been involved with terrorist activities and had three B-10’s because he violated national security.  When Janet Napolitano was asked about this, she denied it and said that there was no deportation issued and that they had the wrong person.  Really?  All of the paperwork matched up. Same name, same address, same birth date and alien number.  Are the Saudis pulling our strings?

The authorities then released video and freeze frame images of two men that they deemed suspects.  No one at that time knew their names and the police and FBI asked the public for help in identifying them.  After a period of time the two men were identified as Tamerlam Tzarnaev and Dzhokhar Tzarnaev, brothers from Chechnya, by that time it was three days later.

As we have subsequently learned, Tamerlam had been flagged by the FBI because of a warning from a foreign nation.  They were told that he was an Islamic extremist and should be investigated.  Apparently he was, on a number of occasions but then somehow the ball was dropped.  No one red-flagged him when he went back to Russia for a six-month stay and no one knew when he returned to the US.  We still cannot find out what he was doing in Russia for those six months.  How about a phone call to the Russians who sent out the alarm in the first place???

The younger brother applied for citizenship and it was granted on September 11, of 2012.  His brother was denied.

How is it possible that the FBI did not recognize these guys the minute they saw the video?  They had interviewed Tamerlan and the family and they had been warned about him.  It wasn’t until the shoot-out and car-jacking that their identities were revealed!  You would think that once the bombing occurred someone would have said, “Hey, we interviewed that guy, he’s tagged as an Islamic extremist.”  But, no, it took four days.

Now with the younger brother Dzhokhar in custody, the White House was quick to make sure that he got his Miranda rights and was NOT to be tried as an enemy combatant.  There was not enough time to even find out if he and his brother had ties to terrorist groups foreign or domestic.  He has the right to remain silent.

So now here we are.  No answers as to who they were connected to.  The media has bought the spin from the White House that they “worked alone” and that is the mantra that they will feed us.  The Saudi situation has been quickly swept under the rug with no explanation as to where that guy even is and whether or not he was involved in the attack.

It is also pretty odd that the man who was arrested for sending the envelopes of Ricin was released today.  Was that just a diversion to make us take our eyes off of the Saudi?

Am I imagining too much here or is this turning into another Benghazi situation?  Will we be lied to again?  Will information and answers be withheld until the next crisis comes along and we push this to the back burner?  How many unfinished stories do we have now?  Fast and furious, Benghazi, Boston?

Will we ever get answers?

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Morgan Brittany

PolitiChick anchor Morgan Brittany has been a film, television and stage actress for over 50 years. You can find Morgan on Facebook and Twitter: @MorganBrittany4 and her fan page

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  1. NYGino says:

    Two of the defining hallmarks of this administration are opaqueness and diversions and the reason these tactics are so successful is because of the aiding and abetting of the Criminally Negligent media. Every time there is a dereliction of duty, unintended consequences brought about by failed policy or actions clearly not in the interests of our economy, national security or national identity in general, something else pops up to divert the public’s attention from it.

    Nothing ever gets resolved and no one is ever held accountable. With all the huffing and puffing of the Darrell Issa led hearings what has been accomplished? With the exception of a low level bureaucrat here or there who has been held responsible?

    It is no wonder that, to anybody paying attention and not afflicted with apathy, the words and actions of Obama and his minions, are met with skepticism and disbelief.

  2. Phanhammer says:

    Diversionary tactics indeed. Despite best efforts, the Administration can’t fully catch up real time with social media sites such as Twitter. Hence inacting the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Sharing of information must be controlled to fit the narrative (i.e, it must be a white male domestic terrorist since the attack nears the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing). We see the backtracking and cover ups as they happen. No wonder more and more citizens obtain their news from alternative sources.

  3. Carmelo Junior says:

    Please do not nominate a boring or moderate white man in 2016 against possible Hillary Clinton. GOP send a HISTORIC CONSERVATIVE to beat the Democrats in 2016! Nikki Haley anyone?

    • danashome says:

      please do not nominate a boring or moderate coloured man or woman in 2016. jeez carmelo- racist much?

    • Carmelo, I see what you are trying to say! Nikki Haley is a good woman, and a fine governor, but, she wouldn’t last ten minutes in that maelstrom of election dog-eat-dog—she’s just goo good a person!

  4. bob s says:

    they are trying to get it swept under the covers and go on to something else..that was the ricin deal…….. the FBI is under the thumb of the white house, so you can bet they will try to hide the muslim connection… until those in congress wake up and see that obumma is trying to destroy our country and get him impeached, we are heading down the path that won’t end until we have an armed revolution again here in our country.. the population against the dictators in power…

  5. Dale Hopson says:

    “The lamestream media speculated that it was a “disgruntled white man”…”

    I watched & read the news and NEVER, EVER heard that!

  6. James Maxwell says:

    We’ve already seen obama bowing to and kissing the right of the King of Saudi Arabia.
    It makes you wonder did he get a phone call at 3AM to help out a “royal” who was
    in Boston and under suspicion? So much information is flowing out across the
    Internet that you wonder what is true and what is a conspiracy theory form others.
    After looking at the pictures it is hard to tell but the resemblance is very close considering
    the grainess of the pictures. Close enough the haul him in and keep him from leaving
    the country until such time as all suspicion has been erased. We have see far to many
    terrorist flowing out of Saudi Arabia to take chances that this could become another
    Bin Laden who attacked our nation.

  7. 276c says:

    kind of sums up the conclusion I came to

  8. gene613 says:

    Wit and our country a President who manipulates the sequestrationcreated to impose the greatest negative impact on the people he is supposed to be serving,for his political purposes;who tried to mask by lying about TWO terrorist attacks on Americans (in addition to BenGhazi,with a media blackout on the fact that one week later our Chief of Security in Yemen was murdered-not to mention the murder of 13 soldiers-wounding dozens more-calling it “workplace violence,”although the murderer,terrorist,who was a follower of and had communication with the American born Muslim cleric living and killed in Yemen by Obama)),who totally misrepresented Obamacare,which,according to DEMOCRAT Max Baucus threatens to become the legislation that ultimately bankrupts and destroys our medical services industry and our country;who also masks a real unemployment record of over 15% by eliminating 10 million people who have stopped looking for work(a number that does NOT include those who may have retired),How much more will be necessary before an actual fiscal collapse?

  9. marineh2ominer says:

    We will never get answers as long as the progressives are in control , nor does it matter whether we are talking about the administration or the press . ” The Ugly American ” was a book about Americans in foreign countries I believe , Now we need a new book about Americans , It should be called ” The stupid Americans ” and it should be about Americans at home in this country .

  10. hiskid1964 says:

    time to contact the dem congressmen there is not enough lipstick in the world for this pig

  11. Why is it that each and every time a muslim gets into trouble, or the authorities want to find out a few things about certain muslims, those individuals either are protected by the sheltering aura of the white house occupants, or, somehow, they are no longer where they can be interviewed? Why was the surviving Boston Bomber given Miranda Rights, when he had given up those rights when he committed his heinous crime?

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