Is GOP Part of the Problem?

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As we approach the most important election of our nation’s history, the power struggle between the people and oppressive government becomes clearer and more consequential. While it seems that the 2012 election will be an election of referendums against the current slide into socialism, propelled by the left wing political structure, there is another equally important, struggle going on between the people and the Republican Party, who seems just as interested in seizing power at the expense of the populace. And it’s happening in all levels of government, right under our noses.

During the Republican National Convention, grassroots received the message, loud and clear, that their contribution to the selection process was not welcome. In a power play move, by the GOP, a change in the convention rules was railroaded through the voting process and many retellings of dirty tricks stories accompanied the setting.

According to Freedomworks the changes in rules allow the RNC to circumvent rules adopted at national conventions, giving campaigns unprecedented control in delegate selection and the ability to shape the national platform for self-benefit. Additionally, the president will now have the power to disavow any elected delegates they deem unsuitable or unfit.

Despite lobbying from delegates at the convention, and citizens at home, the establishment GOP pushed through the initiatives in what could only be described as a questionable voting process, reminiscent of tactics used in the caucuses like the “Raucous Caucus” in Missouri.

Moving to the state level, we, here in Missouri, have been struggling with a state wide/national assault on the people’s voice/choice.

Todd Akin went from being the state’s hope for gaining another Republican seat in the senate, and knocking Claire McCaskill off her pro Obamacare perch, to being a national controversy, over one misspoken sentence, in an interview with a local television journalist.

Because Akin wasn’t the establishment choice in the three-way primary, the National GOP immediately launched an organized and fierce attack against him, and pulled all financial support, in an effort to pressure him to drop from the race, so a replacement could be appointed.  Appointed by the GOP, of course. Establishment GOP made if very clear, that those who don’t play by establishment rules aren’t invited to play at all. Reince Priebus punctuated that point at the RNC.

Why the fierce and deliberate attempts to quash Akin’s career and senatorial race? Akin has a history of voting against party on some conservative issues. One of his first votes at a congressman was against GW Bush’s No Child Left Behind.

While Akin is once again gaining support across the state, in recent polling, attacks from establishment Republicans continue. Karl Rove, in another unfortunate misstatement, attacked Akin in a very threatening way. However, when you are establishment GOP, you are given a pass. Rove made a comment suggesting that Akin be murdered, and a reporter picked up the statement. And while he has been roundly admonished by prominent conservative supporters, like Phyllis Schlafly and Mike Huckabee, Rove isn’t receiving nearly the media attention or widespread calls to resign as did Akin. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander in Republican politics, but perhaps karma could be a problem.

If you were thinking Republican politics on local levels are immune to bureaucratic power grabs, guess again. One such assault on the people’s right to direct government is growing in St. Charles County, Missouri.

It would seem County Executive, Steve Ehlmann, is trying to crown himself king. In an unusual but not unheard of move, in Ehlmann’s county there is another attempt to take the voters out of the process and consolidate power and authority, and they are trying to justify it by letting the voters decide.

During the last few County Council meetings, there have been a few initiatives rammed through the process in a swift and grand manner. Ehlmann wants to change the foundation of the St. Charles Charter by changing the law enforcement structure from an elected Sheriff to an appointed Chief of Police.

This wasn’t his idea, however. It was the idea of the current Sheriff, who has worked for the department for the last 30 years. While St. Charles County voters have had no problems electing a sheriff in the past, suddenly, the current sheriff feels politics play too much of a roll in department activity, and the citizens would be better served by a Chief of Police who only answers to the County Executive.

Needless to say, the Deputies don’t like the idea, and neither do a fast growing number of residents in St. Charles County.

The saga doesn’t end there. Ehlmann also wants to acquire oversight of all county employees. Even the ones working under elected office holders. So, tell me again why we would need to elect anyone, in St. Charles County, except Steve Ehlmann if this ballot measure passes?

All of the afore mentioned illustrations of power overreach should not be acceptable to any liberty loving, small government, conservative.  Why would any American consider these actions appropriate behavior from political leadership, leaders to whom they look to stop the socialistic agenda of the left?

All of these actions are coming from Republicans. It’s time, folks, to wake up and pay attention to your elected. We are slipping ever closer into the dark depths of a socialistic, totalitarian existence. It’s happening on every level of government, and unless the citizens, voters and most importantly, conservatives engage, we are looking at a very different future that doesn’t even closely resemble a republic.



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Lisa Payne- Naeger

Missouri PolitiChick Lisa Payne-Naeger is passionate about all things related to influencing the configuration of our culture … family, education, and politics. This homeschooling mom and former school board member is a divorced mother of two teenagers. She has pretty much navigated through every stumbling block possible in her quest to raise and educate her children. Her crusade to make the world a better place for her children has led her to scrutinize, very closely, the directorate that steers society, and then try to change it into a more citizenry friendly nation.

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  1. KR says:

    Good article and very informative, except for: ” the establishment GOP pushed through the initiatives in what could only be described as a questionable voting process, reminiscent of tactics used in the caucuses like the “Raucous Caucus” in Missouri.”
    The St. Charles Caucus was almost taken over by force from the Ron Paul supporters, by stomping their feet and screaming like children not getting the candy they wanted. Thank goodness we had real grassroot conservatives there to try and keep the peace so that everyone’s voice was equally heard.

    Ron Paul group is NOT grassroot, they are radicals who are happy to consume any who disagree, I say this because they attack Tea Party politicians just as much as GOP. So although I agree with the article that GOP has back stabbed Akin, people need to keep in mind that it is the Tea Party fans that is continuing to back him, Ron Paul fans think he needs to step down just as much as GOP does. Who to replace him with is what they disagree on…

    • Culture Vigilante says:

      I would agree with your assessment of the Ron Paul influence at the “raucous caucus”. My take on the RNC debacle is that the “rules atrocity” was directed not only at the Paul supporters but at all grassroots. I also understand that the Paul supporters are sometimes/often times unwavering in their support of him and cannot/will not support any other grassroots/tea party candidates.

      • Carole says:

        You mean all those Paulers who said they were Republicans at the caucus lied to me when they said they would support the party candidate? Why am I not surprised?? Its tough when you have to battle the Dems and your own party, and the Paulers!! If you’re not going to support our candidates, start your own darn party!

    • Corey Stinson says:

      The Ron Paul supporters greatly outnumbered the other caucus participants in St. Charles county. The county committee knew this going in and developed plans to run the meeting in a dictatorial manner outside of Robert’s Rules of Order, and then in fact implemented that plan resulting in a well-deserved protest.

      When the re-convened caucus was ran fairly there was not a problem. Anyone who tries to present any other scenario is being disingenuous to say the least.

      The fact that you cannot see that what Romney’s campaign people arranged at the national convention is EXACTLY what the St. Charles County central committee people arranged for St. Charles county convention tells me everything I need to know about why the Republican party is traveling the one-way road toward doom.

  2. great commentary! we here in missouri have to let the establishment republicans, distinct from conservatives and real republicans who flipped 63 house seats and 7 senate seats in 2010, know that we will not blindly support mitt romney if they do not support todd akin. this is a message that i’ve tried to spread as much as i can; when i’ve been called on it, my position is that 6 more years of mccaskill as senator is just as disastrous as 4 more years of obama. for the first time since i was first able to vote in 1972, i will vote for a democrat for president along with my vote for todd, to send a message to the rinos that they need to compromise with conservatives, not dictate.

    • Carole says:

      Please no, don’t vote for Obama as a protest vote!! If you’re that angry, go 3rd party. The party bosses can’t control Akin, they never could as Lisa pointed out. This is personal for them! Contact state and national RNC and let them know the cash you have to donate this cycle will go to Todd and they’ll never get a dime out of you again. Make sure they understand why, then tell them to shove it where the sun don’t shine!!

  3. Chris says:

    I wish you would have made this Article so I could Post on Twitter. Hard to find good Posts about the Attack on Todd Akin from Republican establishment. I still can not believe the way RNC has handled the whole debacle. I will NOT vote for a GOP stand in if Akin is forced out.

  4. Corey Stinson says:

    The only way to fix the problems you address in this article is to throw the GOP right under the bus until the power-brokers at the top finally get that they don’t have our support unless and until the process is transparent and fair, affords inclusion to and treats all candidates with equal respect, and more importantly – respects the fundamental principles of liberty. Most of these people (GOP) don’t have your best interests in mind anyway. They are arguably not friends of liberty at all, but instead dirtbags out to serve themselves through the political process as they are useless in about every other function of society where the rest of us have learned to live and (attempt to) prosper. Vote principles not party if you want to swim your way out of this quagmire.

  5. Gill O'Teen says:

    I am done with the RINOs. I am not voting for their anointed one this year. I will look long and hard at all their candidates for the lesser spots. If any are not strong supporters of a sane fiscal policy, solidly pro-life with no exceptions, 100% pro OUR Constitution (as amended) and wiling to resist the progressive disease rampant in OUR Country today with every fiber of their being, I will not vote for them. All the RINOs in DC have accomplished these last 2 years is neuter the Tea Party and enable every destructive scheme by the current regime, including diminishing OUR God-given liberties

    I recently completed a questionaire from the Constitution Party (Missouri) which is supposedly designed to help folks find the political party most consistent with their beliefs. It had 23 statements requesting simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ responses. Of those 23, my answers agreed with the Constitution Party 21 times, the Republican Party – 3, the Democratic Party -2 and the Libertarian Party.18. I was startled how similar were the two major party scores. My disagreements with the CP were more of degree than policy.

    Needless to say at this point I am inclined to vote for every CP candidate on this year’s ballot.

  6. Larry Slater says:

    I am so disgusted with the so called party bosses and their arrogance. They have repeatedly attempted to paint the grass root movement as an insignificant group of people who do not know enough about how things work to have a voice. Isn’t that the same thing the left has been telling for years. It is time to wake up and understand that the progressive movement has infltrated the Republican party and we need to identify these people and vote them out of office and take all of their power away. St. Louis County is a great place to start.

  7. Gravelyvoice Jim says:

    EXCELLENT question, Lisa.

    Sorry to say this, but the GOP IS the problem. Does anyone on this post or ANY conservative in the country honestly believe that the behavior of the socialist Democrats can be changed? I say “no”, NEVER. So in order to “fix” this country and restore it to our founding values we must first change the behavior of the REPUBLICAN party. This can only be done if we first hold THEM accountable for their actions that contribute to the problem. Especially in regard to their voting record on critical issues.

    Here’s a recent example that has been swept under the rug not just by the liberal media, but by the conservative media as well as they whistle past the graveyard when Republicans are key contributors to the problem of big government:

    Our Illustrious Republican-led House of
    Representatives voted last week to authorize spending for another 6
    months at the same levels and for the same programs that they have been
    running up the debt and paying for for the past three years. This
    includes programs like Obama Care and Planned Parenthood, as well as aid
    to Barry’s Muslim brother “allies” in Libya and Egypt.

    70 “no” votes from the Republican side of the aisle. Republican “budget hawk” and VP candidate Paul Ryan voted FOR the
    continued spending, as he did for these same CRs throughout 2011 . At least this time there is positive news for Missouri since that instead of being sold down the
    river by our ENTIRE Republican delegation, as happened almost without
    exception last year, our only two sell-outs on this particularvote were Blaine “I never met a
    subsidy I didn’t like” Luetkemeyer and Billy Long. Hartzler, Emerson,
    and Graves seem to have gotten election year religion and voted “no”
    voting FOR the funding all last year – what a difference an election
    year makes!

    didn’t vote, possibly because he’s back here trying to recover his
    senate campaign or maybe his heart isn’t in it any more. In either case
    it’s an improvement from his abysmal record of voting FOR these CRs
    last year and illustrates the point that Congress would do less damage
    if they went to Washington and did NOTHING every year.

    in addition to Bernanke’s flood of (devalued) dollars into the economy
    we also now have another $0.6T of debt to look forward to in the next 6
    months thanks in large part to the “fiscally conservative” Republicans
    in the House.

    The real problem isn’t this PARTICULAR vote, but the series of these votes that started in early 2011 right after the grass-roots elected a majority in the House in 2012 precisely to STOP these shenanigans. Those of us who spent the last two years speaking out about these votes and attempting to hold Missouri’s “most conservative” congressman accountable for his votes on these spending bills throughout last year have been treated like pariahs by others in the conservative movement. Because we sat idly by and passively went along with these Republican votes we are now over $16T in debt, our credit rating has once again been downgraded, and we are STILL funding programs and hostile governments that we oppose. The Republicans in the HOUSE had the ability to stop this after the 2010 mandate election, if only they had the political will to do so at the time. They chose NOT to and many conservatives in the grass-roots chose to turn a blind eye to their votes and give them a pass. The chickens are coming home to roost, and it appears they will be roosting well into next year as a result of this recent vote in the Republican controlled House.

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