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Ann-Marie Murrell is the original PolitiChick anchor and is the CEO/Editor-in-Chief of, which was nominated at CPAC 2013 as the “People’s Choice Blogger of the Year”. In 2013, Ann-Marie recei… More

Our PolitiChick friend and international speaker/author Nick Adams, is continually lauding all-things-American.  I had the pleasure of working with Nick when we were both Key Note speakers at a rally in Dallas, Texas.  One thing I learned from that:  NEVER follow Nick Adams as a Key Note Speaker.  Other than that, he and I have been great friends ever since.

The main thing I respect about Nick is that he loves our country like nobody’s business.

This past weekend Nick wrote on his Facebook page about the violent Islamic protests happening in his home country, Australia.  We at wish more of our American leaders would use Nick’s exact words in defending America against all of her transgressors:

“I am stunned.

Not that I should be.  I’ve been predicting and speaking about this stuff for years. But to see it in my city; the most beautiful city in the world- iconic Sydney- to see hundreds of Muslims violently protesting heading toward the US Consulate, and holding banners saying “We love Osama” and “Behead all that insult the prophet” beggars belief.

[This was] an unannounced protest and police have been taken to hospital.  Even women hitting people; children holding placards. A mass text message sent out calling on Muslims to defend Mohammed. People hiding their faces.  Innocent civilians shopping in the city on a beautiful spring afternoon feeling threatened and uncomfortable.

This is Australia. Message to those protesting: Get the hell out of my country, you bastards. Take your crap back to where you came from. We don’t need it and we don’t want it in Australia. We’re a Western nation and you’re here because our country and our culture, much of which is due to our Christian heritage, is better than yours.

If you don’t think it is, leave!”

Please watch Nick Adams talk about America’s exceptionalism at a recent rally in Texas:



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Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell is the original PolitiChick anchor and is the CEO/Editor-in-Chief of, which was nominated at CPAC 2013 as the “People’s Choice Blogger of the Year”. In 2013, Ann-Marie received Front Page Magazine’s Glazov Gang Ronald Reagan Award. Ann-Marie writes for dozens of respected Conservative websites including TownHall, Daily Caller, Front Page Magazine, The Blaze and more. Ann-Marie is often a guest speaker at rallies across the US and is a frequent guest on radio and TV shows, including a 2013 appearance on the Dr. Phil Show in which she represented the conservative viewpoint. She has been featured on dozens of radio and television shows, including Fox News, BlazeTV, the Dennis Prager Show, the Janine Turner Show and she is a regular commentator and guest host on One America’s Rick Amato Show, Front Page Magazine’s Glazov Gang and the Mark Isler Show on 870/The Answer. Ann-Marie is one of the go-to conservative reporters in Los Angeles and has covered multiple political events throughout the United States. Ann-Marie has conducted hundreds of interviews with conservative leaders including Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Lt. Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and she was one of the last reporters to interview the late Andrew Breitbart. Ann-Marie speaks at various Conservative rallies and 2nd Amendment events across the country, from California to Texas and many cities in between, and was the exclusive reporter for the David Horowitz Freedom Center West Coast retreat. You can find Ann-Marie Murrell on Facebook and Twitter (@PolitichickAM). (@PolitichickAM).

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