NEW Evidence of Voter Fraud Uncovered by James O’Keefe

October 12, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released two videos yesterday that clearly show paid Organizing for America and DNC staffers conspiring to commit voter fraud by enabling voters to vote multiple times in multiple states.

An undercover reporter visited the Houston, Texas Headquarters of Organizing for America last month, told Regional Field Director Stephanie Caballero that she was registered in both Texas and Florida, and expressed her desire to vote in both states in order to help re-elect the President.  Her announcement was met with laughter, encouragement, and an offer to help. The footage later reveals multiple Democrat voter registration sites encouraging voters to vote more than once.

A second video exposes multiple other incidents, all involving a clear conspiracy by Organizing for America to commit voter fraud.

An additional “teaser” piece was released exposing a worker in the Colorado Springs Headquarters of Organizing for America coaching an undercover reporter on how to avoid registering Republicans.

Franklin Center’s Tabitha Hale provided this insight specifying the illegality of Organizing for America’s actions (speaking to the TX issue in particular):

“Federally, 42 USC § 1973gg is the strongest as it penalizes attempts to deprive residents of a fair election through false voter registration forms.  42 USC 1973i(c) is your other strong bet.  There are more (like the antiquated 18 USC 597), but these 1973gg and 1973i(c) are your strongest federal options.

Remember, policing election integrity occurs first at the state level, then goes up to the federal level.  Under Texas law, pay attention to Section 273.001 of the Texas Election Code.  It provides that if two or more registered voters present affidavits alleging criminal conduct in connection with the election to the county prosecutor, he shall investigate the matter.  If the conduct concerns activities beyond one county, the state attorney general may be properly involved.  And Texas imposes duties upon state registrars to ensure that voter registration forms are complete and true — see Tex. Elec. Code 15.021, 15.112, 15.051(a).  Texas election law also permits voting contests to occur when there is evidence of fraud or mistake in connection with the administration of an election (e.g. registering false voters).  See Tex. Elec. Code 221.003″

These videos are two of a series that have been released this year by Project Veritas, in an effort to expose the Obama campaign for what is believed to be a consistent, widespread effort to commit voter fraud.

Watchdog.Org provides further insight on the illegality of voter fraud nationwide:

VA: Obama workers enable double voting across state lines

FL: Swing-state magnet for fraudulent double voting

OH: Obama voter fraud in TX would be felony in Ohio

MT: McCulloch denies voter fraud’s existence, but absentees could be exploited

According to the Daily Caller, the House Judiciary Chairman suggests Obama should fire the staffers involved in facilitating voter fraud.

What actions will be taken, if any, remains to be seen.  Be vigilant, folks. With a media that resides wholeheartedly in the back pocket of the Obama campaign, it’s up to vigilant voters and honest citizen reporters to do the job, and expose fraud when we see it.

Written by Tami Nantz

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